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Where will you be watching USA-Netherlands?


If you are planning on watching the USA-Netherlands Olympic match and don’t want to watch it alone, don’t you worry. U.S. Soccer is planning watch parties in several major markets so you won’t have to be alone on a Sunday morning screaming at your television.

U.S. Soccer is hosting viewing parties at Nevada Smith’s in New York City, The Globe in Chicago and Summer’s Grill and Sports Bar in Washington D.C. (well, actually Arlington, Virginia). So if you live near any of these three establishments, it might be worth your while to join your fellow U.S. national team fans as they cheer on the USA against the Netherlands (7:55am Eastern time kickoff).

For those of you who can’t make it to those parties, remember that you can watch the action on the NBC Olympic website, which has live streaming video as well as my live running commentary.

So let me ask you, where will you be watching USA vs. Netherlands on Sunday?


  1. 7:40am wake up roll over turn on tv (it will already be on USA)

    7:55am once fully awake stumble out of bed to watch in HD in living room


    9am-celebrate because my boys are moving onto the next round after an amazing upset of the Dutch…or plot out new Peter Nowak jokes and wonder why we can’t score damn goals

  2. I’m almost positive the USA network is part of any cable or dish basic backage. You should be able to see the game no problem.

  3. On the train watching on my laptop en route from D.C….Probably will be a big D.C. United turnout at the Red Bulls beatdown! D.C. will be “running a Bacelona” on Red Bulls on Sunday!

  4. 7AM-USA v Holland


    10AM-ManU v Portsmouth (Community Shield)

    5PM-RedBulls v DC United

    What a freakin Sunday!!

  5. I actually think this one’s going to be on the USA network, not MSNBC, which is good, since that’s the only network I’ll be able to see in HD.

  6. Hey Patrick lets start are own place here in LA, Let’s call it Just Soccer Bar & I know patrick I’m with you there is not places that I know that will show the game, unless is S. America, Concacaf Elima. or The Mexican League.

  7. @Isaac –

    You must not have the right package or don’t look at the guide since I’ve got Dish & will be watching the game. Not only is it going to be on MSNBC, I’m going to be watching the game in HD on the NBC Olympic Soccer Channel 098 – same as I’m watching every other match.

  8. I will have to tape it as I will be playing in a charity tournament (American Cancer Society) at Giants Stadium and I have to be there before 8am

  9. On my computer, In my living room. Dish network isnt going to be showing Olympic soccer. other than the final i believe since i dont think it’ll clash with anything else thats more interesting.unless they pull a world cup 2006 and show cup stacking in stead.

  10. At home in Berkeley, unless my wife somehow manages to come up with a clever way for the cable to mysteriously go out, forcing me to wait for a reasonable hour to catch it.

  11. …at 7:55am on sunday – from my couch trying to convince my wife that drinking a beer that early is ‘normal’ since local time it’s ‘late night’.


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