Will an MLS team take a chance on Ljungberg?

Will an MLS team take a chance on Ljungberg?

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Will an MLS team take a chance on Ljungberg?



Freddie Ljungberg is looking for work.

Well, not really looking, more like weighing options after accepting a $16 million payoff to walk away from West Ham. One of those options is allegedly with MLS.

I say allegedly because foreign player agents have started a trend of including MLS in rumors about their players in order to create an artificial market for their players. You say an MLS team is ready to through David Beckham money at your client, thus creating a market.

So here’s the question if we’re playing along: What team or teams in MLS would take a chance on Ljungberg? And by "take a chance" I don’t mean to make it sound like he’s coming in on a minimum salary deal. He would obviously cost a mint for some team to acquire. So who would really be willing to pay that price? More importantly, would Ljungberg be worth a designated player slot?

Ljungberg isn’t likely to struggle to find work. He has already been linked to clubs like AS Roma, and there’s always underwear modeling.

What do you think? Would you want your MLS team to make a run at Ljungberg? Do you think he is worthy of a DP slot? Was West Ham foolish to let Ljungberg go? Do you wish you had a job that would pay you $16 million to leave? (Yes, I know, we all do)

Share your thoughts below.

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