Chelsea and Real Madrid each get a taste of their own medicine

Chelsea and Real Madrid each get a taste of their own medicine

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Chelsea and Real Madrid each get a taste of their own medicine



If you are a fan of seeing the rich and powerful take a tumble every now and then, you had to love Monday.

On a day when Chelsea was outspent, and Real Madrid was forced to give up one of its best players for a pile of cash, things just seemed right with the world.

Yes, Roman Abramovich was out-spent by somebody even more rich, but the new owners at Manchester City haven’t been around long enough for folks to hate. Abramovich certainly has been and fans from Manchester to London were laughing at the Blues as they watched Robinho head to Manchester City just days after Robinho Chelsea jerseys had gone on sale and Blues fans were penciling the Brazilian into their already loaded lineup.

The irony surrounding Robinho’s departure from Real Madrid was even more hilarious.

You might recall Ramon Calderon, Real Madrid’s arrogant president, going on and on about Cristiano Ronaldo and about how no team can or should keep an unhappy player. While Manchester United and Ronaldo didn’t seem to listen to those comments, Robinho certainly did and the emotional star decided that he didn’t like his future with the club being toyed with and asked for his release.

Suddenly Real Madrid, who was linked to so many moves, including a potential record-breaking bid for Ronaldo, have not only failed to land any superstars this summer (Rafael Van Der Vaart is a good player but not a world-best talent) but the club has also lost a very important player in Robinho. With Robinho gone, Wesley Sneidjer out with a knee injury and no new impact signings besides Van Der Vaart, Real Madrid suddenly looks to have taken a step back.

It is poll time. Which of these incidents brought you more joy?

What did you think of these incidents? Did you laugh at Chelsea? Did you get joy from imagining Roman Abramovich throwing a phone through a TV when he heard he was outbid by Manchester City? Did you think you would ever see the day when Real Madrid would be forced to sell one of its best players?

Share your thoughts below.

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