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Columbus Crew at Toronto FC: Your Running Commentary


The first-place Columbus Crew is in Canada today to take on Toronto FC. If you are watching the match today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play, in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. The last 15 minutes should’ve been another CLB goal. You gotta think that somehow Schelotto would’ve found a way to break someone thru for a goal. As it is, they’re still 3 points clear of the rest of the league. Who thought that coming into the season?!

  2. Games in the rain on turf are always tough and unpredictable. I thought it was an entertaining affair. Gaven seems to have his confidence back and playing well. Rogers looked very strong on left side and really had his way with Wynne.

    Good to see Noonan get a nice goal and Toronto’s goal was pretty.

  3. also curious to see whether we resign Ruiz and if we do at what salary (think hes capable of good, 2 games is hardly a measure of his skill)

  4. Columbus owned the game from the 40 something minute they scored. Was pretty frustrating.

    Enjoyed Bobby Roberts or whatever his name is throwing a cup of beer back at our section.

    Pretty excited about the potential of Rosenlund (although he played what? 5 minutes?), still has showed promise in other games (provided we ignore his finishing)

  5. Good hard fought game by both teams. TFC had some great chances especially Hunter Freeman (twice). Toronto should have had a penalty shot when Ruiz was taken down in the box though.

  6. Crew announcers suck. A marvelous blend of the obvious, the ridiculous, and the just plain stupid. What is it with American soccer (and sports in general) announcers and their fear of dead air?

  7. Ives I know you hyped Julius James a lot in the pre-season, but watching him today, he’s not ready to start in MLS. Makes too many stupid challenges and is slow positionally.

    He still needs to develop.


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