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D.C. United at FC Dallas: Your Running Commentary


D.C. United is in Texas today to take on FC Dallas in a battle of teams on the fring of the playoff race (3pm, Telefutura).

D.C. has lost its grip on a playoff spot, at least temporarily, and can regain that hold with a win today against the Hoops, who can pull within a point of the playoffs with a victory today. A tie would push D.C. into a three-way tie with Colorado and Real Salt Lake for the final two playoff spots (all three teams have spilt victories against each other, making tie-breakers very interesting if these teams do wind up tied).

Can D.C. stop its recent slide? Can Jeff Cunningham stay hot for the Hoops? If you are watching today’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. $55 million. That is what those football lines represents.

    Considering the quality that PHP is as a complex, esp. compared to DSGP and TP, if the most you can bring to complain about at PHP are football lines on the field for a few games, take that weak sauce somewhere else.

    (Now, if you want to complain about the attendance….. that is a different story.)

  2. Casey played a good game, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Casey does not deserve to be even mentioned for the USMNT.

    If Cooper doesnt get a look……come on!

    BTW the lines on the field were complete garbage. They could have atleast made a better effort to get the lines off the field if the pointy ball game was thurs-friday.

  3. I haven’t seen all of this weeks goals in the MLS, but the ones I have seen are fantastic.

    I don’t know which 5 MLS will choose for the top 5. Wolf, Wynne, Casey x2, Mbuta, Cooper, Marshal, and Morales all deserve consideration.

    And I don’t know when Ives gives up on reading a thread, but I owe him an apologize for criticizing his suggestion a while ago that Casey could be considered for the National Team. He played great this weekend. In the hat trick compilation on mlsnet, the header he made to try to get the ball to a teammate in the box was as impressive as all of the goals, extremely tenacious play.

  4. After all the Easterners bashing the West all season, it looks like things are turning the other way. The West is 6-2-2 against the East in the last 10 inter-conference games. And it is entirely possible that, in fact, 5 western teams and only 3 eastern teams could make it to the playoffs.

  5. The reason the league pushes soccer-specific stadiums is so they can make money off of concerts, tractor pulls, X Games, high school football games, etc. Events that spectators actually pay money for and attend.

  6. As far as the football lines, even though this is a soccer specific stadium it was paid for partially by the City and the School District who also use the facility for high school football. It might look bad, but at least the local tax payers didn’t get screwed and get some benefit.

  7. Calling people idiots for expressing an opinion is a bit much. That said, the defending was so bad on the Cooper goal, I actually laughed out loud. I believe I hear the death bell on DC United’s playoff chances.

  8. I agree that I can’t stand how teams put football lines in soccer specific stadiums

    And to the other guy, let’s not call people idoits

  9. This whole DC team has gone from bad to worst. I don’t care if they have won the Open Cup or not the team is crap. They look lost on offense and defense and the coach must take the fall for it. He appears to be a nice guy and all but Soehn just appears way over his head with these guys. DC is a good example of the need for highly experienced coaching in this league.

  10. If Cichero got suspended two game for leading with his elbow, Moreno’s deliberate, pre-meditated thrown elbow should merit FOUR games. But I expect MLS will suspend him for two games, because the league applies its rules consistently and fairly, right?

    Actually, Moreno has been so crap this year, DC are better off without him.

  11. I have to say that it is RIDICULOUS and a complete DISRESPECT to the game that football lines are visible at Pizza Hut Park in Dallas.

    Why is the league pushing to build soccer-specific stadiums if they then allow football teams to play those stadiums and draw football lines on the field? It’s a disgrace to soccer fans and looks terrible on the field. Not the first time I’ve seen this happen, I believe Columbus has done it as well. VERY upsetting.

  12. I’m an idiot because the keeper didn’t command his area?

    Those three defenders all had their back to the ball, traveling in the same direction as the ball and the ball BOUNCED right in front of the keeper, the only defender facing the play.

    I’ll be the first to say I’m no keeper coach, but all Crayton had to do was scream “KEEPER” and jump and bring down the ball.

    Did the defense screw the pooch on this too? Sure. But that was Crayton’s from start to finish and he blew it. The keeper runs the defense and in that case he didn’t.

    Also, why bring Big Soccer’s penchant for name calling here? I’ve never called any other fan on a soccer board any derogatory name. Why do you?

  13. Nathanhj, you are an idoit. There were three defenders who could’ve cleared it.

    Also, I’m watching the Dallas area feed. And the commentators are retarded, and so is the side line reporter. The side line reporter used the world ultra in a half time interview. I’m not even going to start with the comemtators.


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