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D.C. United at San Jose Earthquakes: Your Running Commentary

D.C. United is in California tonight to try and stop the hottest team in MLS, the San Jose Earthquakes.

With the Red Bulls loss tonight, D.C. can move three points ahead for fourth place in the East while the Earthquakes are looking to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot in the West.

If you will be watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. DC really has been hurt with injuries and callups.

    The players missing for the SJ game practically represent the starting lineup if you have been following DC this year.

    This includes: Emilio, Moreno, Peralta, Fred, Olsen and Namoff. In addition, Vide since he joined the team has almost locked up a spot if DC plays 5 in the middle.

    Noone is whinning about this but the point is being made that don’t judge United’s potential for and in the playoffs based on the team that played San Jose. The reality is that that lineup wouldn’t come close to the the following team:






    The first 4 off the bench would be:

    Olsen, Quaranta, Vide and Burch

    That is a pretty good team and certainly capable of contending for the Cup.

  2. Haig, who’s blaming someone else for DC’s loss? Seems to me that everyone is saying that DC isn’t deep enough. I agree. How is that blaming anyone but DC? So, basically, you’re just having a who-can-whine-more argument with your self about how NYRB is more afflicted. Awesome.

    On a brighter note, DC really misses Moreno when he’s gone. As much as Quaranta has improved, there is definitely something missing when Moreno is not on the field. Not to mention Olsen. Gallardo had a tough night, too, although it’s great to see him back and playing again. That should certainly help DC challenge in the East down the stretch.

  3. Haig, I’m not a United fan–don’t view the critique of a post based upon your erroneous perception of who someone is. I’m a Red Bulls fan.

    I’m just calling it as I see it. Of course one should count Olsen as missing, he was expected to start just as Reyna was counted to start (and who I’m sure you were counting when you mentioned how our team was missing 7 players).

    Anyway, the point isn’t about sympathy or excuses. It’s that United was playing people like Zahur and Cordeiro (and then playing guys who couldn’t go 90 because they’ve just returned from injury–like Gallardo and Doe) and when they have, say 8 or 9 of their preferred 11 than they’re a tough team.

    I also made the point that TFC was in a world of hurt with their callup situation.

    And then I thought I made an interesting point about how maybe NE is really taking a nose dive–that maybe Joe Public was more about how they’re playing and less about tanking that series.

    But all you do is speculate I root for United. Don’t be so quick to give a kneejerk post only because you mis-identify the poster.

  4. Jeff Carroll, genius. One of the “nine” missing players, along with scrubs like Mediate and Vide. And claiming that Wells was a meaningful absence, when he wouldn’t have seen the field anyhow, is a joke.

    DC was down three real starters (Olsen doesn’t count, because he has been out for the year, except for a twenty minute joke of an appearance).

    DC fans make every excuse and refuse to give other teams credit when they lose. But their call-ups and injuries are no worse than most teams, and better than some.

    Always excuses from DC fans. Y’all should be ashamed. And you in particular should be ashamed, not knowing that Jeff Carroll plays for your team… but then again, maybe that proves what a crap player he is, that not even DC fans recognize his name, and it’s pathetic to cite his absence as a reason for losing.

  5. Haig, I think you contradicted yourself about 7 times in that poorly written, redundant statement. Next time, please write something we can understand (try using English, I hear it’s growing very popular throughout the world), so that I can critique it, because you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Brian Carroll plays for Columbus, Mediate is hurt, and Joe Vide is too now.

    And 9 players is still 2 more than 7. So I’m sorry that your team was missing 7 players in the first 2 months, but now TFC fans have actual concern because they are attempting to make the playoffs.

    And United isn’t very good? Ok. We’ll see down the stretch I guess. But I hope you eat those words, and maybe stop shitting them out in the future.

  6. John, give me a break with the “nine missing players” excuse.

    Really, there are four actually meaningful absences: Emilio, Moreno, Peralta, and Fred.

    Wells is out of the picture, hurt or not, and then you’ve got part-timers who have been in and out all year, like Mediate, Carroll, and Joe Vide.

    Namoff is out with yellow cards– whose fault is that?

    More importantly, DC did not have to participate in the Superliga. Those games caused a pile-up in the late season, so a missed game here and there has more impact.

    Toronto was missing how many players yesterday? In May, NY was missing seven starters at one point, due to injuries and call-ups.

    But DC’s fans, with four players out, start up with the excuses. You’re a shameless bunch. Every single game you lose is someone else’s fault. Never mind that Olsen is the equivalent at this point of Claudio Reyna, and never mind that many people, including me, told you that Gallardo has spent most of the last three seasons hurt.

    Your team isn’t very good, or very deep, and that’s nobody’s responsibility but DC’s. Stop making excuses.

  7. 1. United had 9 players out for various reasons and had to use 3 players coming off injury who were not match fit and unable to play 90 minutes. If that team every gets reasonably healthy, that could be rough for the rest of the league. Haig, I don’t think it makes sense to compare them to the Red Bulls–JCO just didn’t acquire any depth at the start of the season so when 2 players went down, the team had no-one to turn to.

    2. Toronto–ugh–that’s some stinky cheese–being depleted as well.

    3. I think the larger issue is that a couple of teams are going to play 48-51 games this season (Houston, United, Revs) and that ultimately places them at a competitive disadvantage in the league to the teams that aren’t in CCC, SuperLiga and bowed out early in the USOC.

    4. I think a lot of people concluded that the Revs just didn’t take the Champions League seriously and that explains the loss to Joe Public. What this loss to Columbus (which you’d figure NE really cared about–it’s about homefield advantage for the playoffs) shows is that for a combination of reasons, NE is really stinking it up right now. The East is going to be a truly brutal race for #2, #3, #4, #5 and the respective order. Figure KC and Toronto are in freefall and can’t recover. But the rest of the East–it’s all a dogfight because right now, NE doesn’t look like they’re capable of keeping the #2 spot given the way they’re playing. A team that gets hot (Red Bulls? Chicago?) could end up #2.

  8. Same Jose has become a very fun team to watch with the additions of Huckerby and Alvarez. It also helps them that they don’t have anyone who gets called up for national team duty, which has killed a several other teams in the league.

  9. Beckster, you’ve got to be kidding me. Toronto had to have their front office scout and a couple local minor leaguers play today. And every team in the league has gone through this. NY was missing lots of its team early in the year. Fact of the matter is, injuries happen, and DC isn’t very good (though they beat a minor league team to win a cup after playing every single game in the competition at home– not impressed).

    And SJ is a a decent team, don’t forget that.

  10. There are a couple of players on DC that I have never heard of. Where did they come from? This has got to be the most depleted team around – and they look like they haven’t played together very much. Ugh….this isn’t going to be pretty.

  11. Wow. Already I can tell we’ve lost this game. Francis Doe is slow and does not have much talent. Dyacenko needs to go play in USL-2. The back 4 looks lost. Quaranta’s still feeling the effects of his injury. Frankly, I don’t think United should have let Bolivia have Jaime tonight. We need a striker.


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