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Evening ticker: Rapids trade Herculez to KC, Barrett signs new TFC deal and Nery goes missing


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One team is in desperate need of some offensive help while the other team might just be raising the white flag.

That’s one way to look at the Colorado Rapids trading of forward Herculez Gomez to Kansas City for allocation money and draft picks (4th rounder and 1st round supplemental in ’09).

The Wizards will be hoping Gomez can kick-start an offense that has produced an Eastern Conference-low 23 goals this season, including six goals in the past five matches.

Here are some other stories to round out your day:

Barrett inks new deal with TFC

Toronto FC forward Chad Barrett has signed a new deal with TFC. The former Chicago Fire forward was in the final year of his contract before signing an extension. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Barrett has scored two goals for Toronto since coming over as part of the trade that sent Brian McBride’s allocation rights to Chicago.

Where is Nery Castillo?

If you’re walking down the street and you see someone who looks like Nery Castillo you might want to ask, because the Mexican national team is looking for him. Castillo hasn’t been seen since his proposed move from Manchester City to Spanish side Real Betis fell apart at the end of the transfer window. Could we be seeing a meltdown from one of Mexico’s best attacking players? It hasn’t exactly been the best 2008 for him after his breakout 2007 year.

Curbishley resigns as West Ham manager

Maybe losing to the MLS All-Star team was too much to handle.

Okay, so maybe that had nothing to do with it but what we do know is that Alan Curbishley has resigned as West Ham manager, making him the first EPL manager to fall this season.


What do you think of these stories? Think Gomez can boost the Wizards enough to get them back in the playoff race? Think Barrett is crazy to sign a new deal rather than test the European market, or is TFC crazy to sign him to a long-term deal? Where do you think Nery Castillo is? And who is your pick to be the new West Ham boss?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Christain,

    Holden, Adu, and Maestroni were born elsewhere and came up through the US system. Just like Nery rightly should have played for Uruguay.

    Leondro, Franco, Zinha, Vuoso went to MEx as ADULTS and were naturalized for the SOLE purpose of playing for Mex whereas Holden, Maestroni, and Adu had no clue they would be proffesional soccer players when they were naturalized and came here because the US is a great country.

    In either case Mexico will have more naturalized players in uniform for Sat qualifier than the US who i believe wont have any.

    Is that really progress for Mex? Mex uses more naturalized plyers than before where the opposite is true for the US. Being of Mex descent im embarrassed Mex has to resort to such tactics.

    So get your head out your culo and take a siesta pill.

  2. With regards for what Nick said, when you trade a player of known decent quality for draft picks of obviously unknown quality the deal always looks better in the short run for the team that got the player. We won’t know which team came out ahead for another couple of years, but if Herc scores more than two goals for KC this season, then Nick’s probably right.

    That said, while in Denver Herculez never looked like the player that broke out for LA a few years ago, though I couldn’t justify his lack of recent playing time. I’m not sure that he can be considered a “proven goalscorer” when he’s scored fewer than five goals in the trailing 12 months, and as for his “international” credentials, he didn’t seem to demonstrate that he belonged in that environment.

    When I saw Herc on the field for the Rapids he always seemed to fall down or lose possession too easily, though his ability to play both forward and midfield was helpful. I haven’t been terribly impressed with Jacob Peterson, maybe Tom McManus or Omar Cummings can contribute to what Conor Casey seems to be doing all by himself up top. Anyway, the Rapids are far too dysfunctional to attribute too much importance to Herculez going away. This club needs some leadership, some health and some goals (not to mention easier public transportation to the stadium).

  3. @Christian

    This blog speaks “with an American voice” — which allows us free rein to have a little fun at the expense of El Tri and its players. If you’re going to keep getting your panties in a bunch about it, then maybe you should go post on a Mexican blog somewhere.

  4. Kansas certainly got the best deal with the Herculez Gomez trade. The Rapids, who may be putting up the white flag, treated Herc badly his year. For those of you who say he is inonsistent, how could he not be when given so few chances this year? We have traded a proven goalscorer with international experience for some draft picks. And it won’t be Jacob Peterson starting up front in his place. A bad move in what is becoming a very bad season.

  5. Martha;

    Let me remind you that Nery turned down BOTH Uruguay and Greece so get your facts straight.

    Secondly, all of Adu, Feilhaber, Holden and Mastroeni are “naturalized” Americans, bet you didn’t know that, did ya?

    get your head out of your ass.

  6. Roberto said on 9/3…

    I love the guy don’t get me wrong… But can we have a no kenny cooper day? Just for once? Its getting annoying. So tomorrow everyone ; do not even mention his name… Its the no KC day!!!!


    It’s going to be tough with his game being on ESPN2 tonight! 😛

  7. @Alejandro Ruiz

    The FIRE will not receive anything for Barrett signing however they will not have to give anything else up now. The FIRE would have had to compensate TFC if Barrett did not resign in the form of allocation money or draft picks.

    Thank you TFC

  8. Nery was shell shocked in England and is now like a deer in headlights. Hes always been a headcase which is why his real country didnt want him.

    Plus he probably feels guilty about pulling a Benedict Rossi on Uruguay and playing with a bunch of naturalized Brazilians and Argentinans also known as Mexico.

    Glad Barrett signed with KFC now I can stop waking up in a cold sweat nightmare where KFC traded him back to Chicago for some deep dish pizza.

  9. Chad Barrett great signing for TFC. Decent MLS striker and no one wants him on the national team. More players that don’t get called up for national team duty is what TFC needs.

  10. I found Nery Castillo: he’s in ads all over Mexico City. What do I win?

    Glad Barrett signed with TFC. What happened to Will Johnson coming to MLS?

  11. I love the guy don’t get me wrong… But can we have a no kenny cooper day? Just for once? Its getting annoying. So tomorrow everyone ; do not even mention his name… Its the no KC day!!!!

  12. Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate KC Wizards fans…your old rainbow logo has been replaced by the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder for worst logo in professional sports history!

  13. Barrett’s signing by TFC? Who saw his missed breakaway on Sat? If you’re in Toronto you’d better get used to it. OK, he’s in his early 20s and can grow. Maybe he would get looks from Euro squads, but he seems content in MLS for the moment – or else he wouldn’t have signed an extension. Could be he’s waiting for Cooper, Donovan and Twellman to get out of dodge so that he has a clear shot at the golden boot; that’s when he’ll really work on his finishing. Not.

  14. I think the Barrett deal is good for everyone. Eurpoe may have paid better but he would have been wit ha low-level club that probably would not offer much more than TFC. In TFC he is with a great fan base and I think he will get the playing time to further develop into a quality striker. I am higher on him than most he just needs to learn patience and to finish better.

  15. nery right now is technically a shaktar player. i never understood why he signed there (chalked it up to money or something more nefarious with agents). for what he did in greece i thought that if he would leave it wouldve been to a team/league that represents a clear step up

  16. then me & nery will rent a private jet filled with VIP escorts with all the money he made at Man C. And with the help of D Garber’s contacts

  17. what has Nery accomplished?

    Well, let’s see here: Helped lead Mexico to a 3rd place finish at Copa America ’07. Helped Mexico reach the final of the 07 Gold Cup. Scored over 30 goals for Olympiacos and won the league every year he was there except for one. Named to best XI for last year’s Copa America.

    hmmm not bad huh, Carlos?

    ohh and Ives, Eriksson had stated that Nery would only be called up IF his move to Betis was finalized, it wasn’t so he headed back to Manchester and is set to hold talks with Hughes tomorrow.

    Nery isn’t missing, he’s trying to get his club situation sorted out, hence why he’s not in Mexico with the national team.

  18. So is Nery still on Man City’s books?

    I thought Shakhtar had to dissolve the loan deal with Citeh before the loan to Betis could happen.

  19. Kingsnake,

    yes and no. Clearly BG is in favor of a continenal European set up, where the managers manage and the Techincal directors (Gianluca Nani) select the players.

    The way Curbs was treated was abhorable, but I think this is best for West Ham’s future, regardless.

    I think whomever the coach is they will be European, someone used to the structure over there.

    I’d love Slaven Bilic, but don’t see that happening unfortunately…


  20. Curbishley resigned because the suits were interfering in personnel decisions. (not that we should expect Agoos to fall on the same sword anytime soon …)

  21. Nice deal for KC. They get a decent player for next to nothing. Herculez isn’t a starting forward in this league, but he’s a good backup who can play both forward and midfield. He can get hot and score goals in bunches, but lacks the consistantcy.

  22. Barretts alright, still needs a bit of training that i think our boys can provide (especially if Ruiz and Dichio stick around, suspect Dichio might be headed for coaching with all those head injuries). Sometimes (as mentioned numerous times by chicago fans) misses some obvious shots but its something he can fix and work with. Curious to find out what hes getting paid to really give an opinion


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