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Greetings from Chicago


Good afternoon all. I’m coming to you from the Windy City. Chicago is one of the best cities in the country to visit and I will be here this weekend for the Chicago Fire-New York Red Bulls game. I will be looking to take in some of the sights here, and will also be meeting up with resident soccer guru Luis Arroyave and also paying a visit to the fabled Globe Soccer Bar.

I will be posting This Weekend’s Soccer on TV shortly, as well as another portion of the most recent Q&A as well as a few other posts on MLS and international topics so stay tuned.

For now, here is a poll question for those of you who are Red Bulls and Fire fans:

And for those of you who aren’t Red Bulls or Fire fans, what games will you be taking in during this jam-packed soccer weekend?


  1. p.s. and umm… maybe the weather channel! Wed.*s Miami Herald Metro section had a great after practice pic, of the USA boys on ice, in huge plastic garbage cans w/ lids…Guzan, Dempsey, Howard, and w/ Gooch, the only one showing off his nike skivies! Theres a joke in there somewhere…hope they dont play like trash!

  2. watching rbny vs fire. NOT watching US until BB pulls his head out of his rear and puts a decently progressive squad on the field.

    btw- i’m pouring some out for my homies at TFC. tough break with the schedule. mls management is a beyotch.

  3. Yep, ditto on the race at richmond, go Jr., Redbulls, go JCO and JPA, Gators vs scUM, go Gators, and USA on galavision, vamos Cuba, J.K.!…all at same time…have remote, will surf! So thats racing, futebol, football, and futbol…oops forgot calcio.

  4. Hey folks, I’ll be hitting the Globe tonight after 9pm so say hello if you come through. Also, thanks for the tips on places to eat. I’ll be picking one of them for lunch tomorrow.

  5. My plan is to watch the first 30 min of the USA-Cuba match, at which point I’ll switch over to the NY-Chicago match because by that time the US will have run up the score on Cuba by quite a bit and the match will effectively be over (well that’s what I’m hoping for anyway).

  6. I’ll be watching US-Cuba and not giving a rats patootie about RBNY-Fire… that, and happy there’s something to take my mind of the disaster that is Newcastle United.

    GO CREW!

  7. It looks like the Globe will be showing a replay of the US. vs Cuba game at 11pm. Some of the NY/NJ crew will be there after we see the RB vs Fire at Toyota Park.

  8. Your going to the Globe? That’s only 10 minutes from me, I owe you at least one beer for all the enjoyment your blog has brought me at work through the year!!

  9. Oh yeah, Ives, I almost forgot – if you take last year’s plastic mug to German-American Fest, you pay the refill price starting with your first beer! That’s a $1 savings! Let me know if you need one, ’cause I probably have an extra here somewhere. Here’s hoping that they have something better than Beck’s this year!

  10. More like, I’ll be at Crew Stadium where the REAL Game of the week is happening. Hey Ives, you should come out to the midweek Crew v. RBNY game in a few weeks. should be a good one.

    Enjoy Chi-town and tell McBride that Guillermo Barros Schelloto has taken over the title of “Best Crew Player EVER!”. It would have been tough for McBride to be 4th or 5th on the depth chart of forwards if he signed with the Crew.

    Here’s to RBNY taking down Chicago.


  11. Seriously, you need to eat the Chicago pizza while you’re out here. There are so many good places, it is ridiculous. Get the real, stuffed pizza. One or two slices and you won’t need to eat again for two days.

    My favorites:

    Art of Pizza

    3033 N Ashland Ave

    Chicago, IL 60657

    (773) 327-5600


    300 W Grand Ave # 4

    Chicago, IL 60654

    (312) 832-1051

    Both are hole-in-the-wall kinds of places. Totally authentic, totally Chicago pizza.

  12. pizza? Now THERE’S a way to get two cities to talk….hell, even within the city look at the discussion. But here, this’ll sole all the worries of everyone involved and give Ives the best place to go:

    Pequods. Open 11am-2am everyday.

    (773) 327-1512

    2207 N. Clybourn Ave.

    Chicago, IL 60614

    Beyond that, Flugtag would be great. I’d make a giant replica of Reyna in a RBNY jersey and watch him flop–if I’d have been that creative a while ago….may try it for next year; although it won’t be as funny as it is this year. Ah well.

    All bullshleeg aside, it’ll be a gritty match, and I’m smelling a 1-1 or 2-2 tie.

    I don’t predict a big anti-JCO display as there is still some question regarding flags, instruments, and whatnot getting into the park–as a consequence of the recent hullabaloo with S8, stadium security, and the Fire FO. No bother though.

  13. I’m waiting for your “This Weekend’s Soccer on TV” before deciding what games I’m taking in besides US-Cuba and Red Bulls-Fire.


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