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When it comes to the world of fantasy MLS, the credo of following the winners certainly applies and no team has proven more reliable in the past weeks and months than the Columbus Crew.

Led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who is putting together a strong bid for league MVP, the Crew is riding high and showing off an attack that can score multiple goals in any game. That is music to the fantasy player’s ears and a reason why Crew players should be near the top of any list of players to shop for from week to week.

SBI Fantasy MLS guru Casey Cannon loves the Crew as fantasy picks this week for that reason, and not just because he is a Columbus fan. Here are his picks on who he sees providing an impact in the fantasy MLS game this week:

Hello and Welcome to the Soccer by Ives Fantasy Corner – now with time to make picks on a weekly basis!  Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only a member of the Central Ohio U6 Soccer Coach Hall of Fame can provide.  I write this Monday night before the official injury reports come out, so don’t be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player.  For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to

As I flush my season down the toilet as fast as I can (never say I will make that all important goalie change “later”) I can take comfort in my picks.  Like my team pics of San Jose and Real Salt Lake to win last week.  Last week also marked the first time both San Jose and RSL were correctly predicted to win in the same week.  Going hand in hand with that was the obvious advice to avoid the Colorado.  Unfortunately, my individual pics were not quite as hot.  I tried to cheat and sneak in two goalie picks, neither of whom scored a shut out.  And Value pick Edson Buddle is officially done for the season.  Sure he will line up, but Columbus folk know that Edison gets hot, and then hibernates for a year.  At least my overpriced warning – Frankie Hejduk  – didn’t do anything of interest. Except get a call to the national team.  My score for the week is 4/6. 66% got me through high school German class, I will take it here.

Team Picks

Take Three – Toronto FC.  I don’t know who is gonna score the goals, but Toronto at home against a Chivas team missing Klejstan, seems like a safe bet for a shutout.  Watch out for the Maple Leaf international call ups, when you are picking though. 

Take Three – Columbus Crew.  I hate Taylor Twellman. I have too many scars to feel comfortable picking against the Revolution when they travel to Crew Stadium.  The Revs are tired, bereft of forward options, and in need of a break.  Face value says pick the Crew for a shut out.  Why am I nervous typing it then?

Avoid – KC Wizards.  If Houston benches a couple more starters this would be a fair match.  I don’t think KC will earn a shut out, and I don’t think they can break down the Dynamo defense.  Betting against the Wizards is the safest pick this week. 

Two Up, Two Down

Two players moving up the spreadsheet are Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Brad Davis.  GBS is earning accolades with his sublime play the last few weeks.  Over the last month the Argentinean is up 1.4 points per game. Either his run of play will continue or he will draw fouls and cards by the bushel.  Davis is part of the Houston Resurgence.  Adding nearly a full point per game his midfield play improves about this time every season.

Two LA boys are falling down the fantasy spreadsheet. Sir long-sleeve-wearing David Beckham is off .96 fantasy point a game, and his value based teammate Mr. Buddle is off 2.475 points a game.  La is getting cold folks, good thing they have that defense to rely on. 

Individual picks

Keeper – Tony Caig. The Houston backup is getting into the game this week.  He has a good matchup and is higher than Jon Busch on the spreadsheet.  Did I mention he only costs $210,000?  Woot.

Value – Darren Huckerby.   He has a home game against a sometime porous DC defense.  At $23,400ish per point he is the best value not hibernating for the rest of the season. 

Overpriced – Marc Burch The DC defender only earns .95 points per game.  The decimal does weird things to his dollar per point cost.  Let’s just say that there are better ways to use the $240,000.

Stop by next week, when I write about the stupid things I do tomorrow due to sleep deprivation.


  1. That TFC pick looks pretty bad. Shouldn’t you figure out which players are going to be missing from a team before you recommend them?

  2. You may want to reconsider the Toronto FC recommendation. The probable starting lineup is something like:



    Ibrahim–Ricketts–Gaudet–Jo. Smith


    I’m guessing most of these players aren’t even available in the fantasy game and they aren’t likely to shut out any team.


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