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Manchester City sold (and other transfer deadline craziness)


With the European transfer window set to close, the deadline day has been shaken up by the news that Manchester City has been sold by Thaksin Shinawatra to an Abu Dhabi investment group.

The result? Manchester City has promptly stepped up and made a $54 million bid for Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov, who had looked all set to join Manchester United.

That’s the biggest story so far in what promises to be a day filled with transfer intrigue. Here are some other stories to follow today:

Chelsea makes final Robinho bid

From the "You Reap what you Sow" department comes word that things between Chelsea and Real Madrid have gotten ugly regarding the potential transfer of Robinho to Chelsea. Real Madrid has rejected Chelsea’s bids for the Brazilian star and have come out accusing Chelsea of unsettling Robinho, who addressed Spanish media on Sunday to say that he wants to go to Chelsea and won’t change his mind.

You might recall Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon being pretty adamant about players being able to leave when they want to when discussing Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently that doesn’t apply to Real Madrid players.

Here are some other transfers that have developed, or are developing:

Tottenham completes swoop for Pavlyuchenko and Corluka

Tottenham completed its reloading process on Monday by completing deals for Russian striker Roman Pavlyuchenko and Croatian defender Vedran Corluka. The signings would seem to suggest that Berbatov will find his way out of town one way or another, but no transfer for the Bulgarian striker has been completed yet.

Quaresma heading to Inter Milan

Portuguese star Ricardo Quaresma is heading to Inter Milan after the Italian champions agreed to a deal with FC Porto that included $27.2 million and Portuguese under-20 midfielder Pele. It still remains to be seen of Jose Mourinho’s club will look for a central defender before the deadline to deal with the team’s rash of injuries in the back.

These are just some of the stories making headlines today. There should be plenty more happening in the next eight hours before the close of the deadline. Whether it is Oguchi Onyewu (who still hasn’t made a move despite growing rumors of a potential move to France) or Heath Pearce, or the completion or the death of potential Berbatov and Robinho transfers, we will look to bring you all the latest from the European transfer market later today.

For now, share your thoughts on these stories below.


  1. The only issue with translating into dollars is that with the dollar weaker, the translated figures consequently seem more dramatic to us than they may in Europe. $54 million may sound more eye popping to an American than 30 million in Euros.

  2. yeah, interesting and neurotic conversation about how stupid we are and how the English want to make sure that we really understand that they are culturally superior… ok, you are gods. We’re sorry, our indian killing slave trading conquerers forgot to tell us how to use ‘whom’ and other latinate remnants of their conquerers.

    anyway, here’s hoping that Gooch goes somewhere, anywhere. It’s starting to seem like that guy you went to high school with who is STILL working at his high school job and who is STILL dating his high school girlfriend who is STILL working that be-ach flip.

  3. Mig, it is on the US Soccer page on Soccernet. That is typically where news specifically regarding Yanks Abroad is put on the Soccernet site.

  4. James,

    Yeah, I am just sitting here with newsnow up waiting on transfer info, probably would have done that at home anyway, lol.

    The Independent has the story on the Real Madrid bid, not letting me post it here though…

    Story on Real in with a bid…

  5. Dannyc glad to see I’m(I am) not the only one at work on Labor(Labour) Day. In case you are not from here that’s a holiday we celebrate in America(The States) where most people get a day off from work.

  6. Others have already said this, but for a U.S. site, U.S. currency is the most helpful.

    Ives was trained as a journalist. He thus understands that his job is to efficiently communicate information to his readers, not send them scrambling to figure out foreign currency conversions. Describing a money amount using a benchmark understood by most readers is the best way to do this.

    Also, quoting in U.S. dollars makes the amounts seem even bigger and more impressive. 😉

  7. brett,

    I like to argue (can’t deny it), and I am at work today since we need 24 hour coverage (boo hoo!).

    Its more boredom and an enjoyment of arguing. Not a great quality, but a truthful one…

  8. Mig:

    At least O’Niel was smart enough to buy American for his goalkeepers rather than English (He was supposed to be in for both Carson and Robinson)…LOL.

  9. Ives,

    I couldn’t tell you the exact rate either by any means. Personally, I think it makes it much more relevant when comparing sales/bids/purchases of players.

    £30 Million for Berba and £20 Million for Keano, as compared to £16.5 for Darren Bent, etc.

    I’m not saying (personally) to remove USD completely, but putting the currency the bid was actually made in I think its more relevant.

    For me its not about the current conversion ratio at all, its about comparing the deal historically which is why I am AGAINST USD conversion.

  10. Okay guys, I really had no idea this was an issue but I have always listed transfers in American dollars. Why? Because this is an American website read mostly by American fans (and a site with an American Voice as is the SBI credo). That being the case, I feel it’s easier for most readers to put transfers into perspective when they know the transfer value in their own terms. This isn’t about xenophobia, but about convenience to the majority of SBI readers.

    Not all (actually I would say not many) Americans know the currency conversion rates for dollars to pounds and euros. The rate of exchange is also in constant flux. I think the Pounds to dollars rate was almost 2-1 at one point earlier this summer (which definitely made converting much easier) but the dollar has grown stronger in the past month against the pound so the rate has changed. I can either make all my readers go searching for new conversion rates for every transfer story I write or I can do the work myself and give that to my readers.

  11. O’Neil’s myopic preference for British players may end up biting him in the A$$.

    Anybody find it hysterical that the US site for Soccer, Espn’s Soccernet, does not list the Michael Bradley transfer in their list of deals? Typical…and sad.

  12. While it’s not xenophobic for Ives’ readers to post transfer amounts in USD, I’d prefer to know the amounts in the actual currencies the bid was made. Reason? The decline of the dollar over the past couple of years.

    Case in point. Jozy was transferred for $10M USD earlier this year (roughly 1.5 USD per Euro). But, if the transfer had happened in 2006, it would have been $8M (roughly 1.2 USD per Euro).

    The point is that Villareal would have paid the same amount, 6.7M Euros, but the amount is bigger in USD, and thus we view Jozy as more important to them (that said, that much money was the most for an American anyway).

    Welcome to a world where the USD is losing much of it’s value (though it’s come back recently).

    I think we should note the transfer bid in the currency it was made and a USD amount as well for the benefit of this site’s readers (if both values are easily known).

    But, this is a minor quibble. I’d rather have the news than worry about the exact transfer amount.

  13. Mig,

    It will. And I definitely think Ramos is the right man for the job (unfortunately, hehe).

    Citeh are a scary club with money and Hughes leading them. The man was a genius with NO money. Ugh.

    I think Martin O’Neill is fantastic. Great great manager. But does anyone else think he’s paying silly money for all these British players?

  14. Hmmm, might be right on the problems at the back….although Ramos played a hyper defensive strategy at Stamford Bridge yesterday. The weight of defensive numbers was enough to strangle Chelsea’s offense. Ramos might just convert them from a free-wheeling bunch to a more tightly defensive unit which will hide their weakness in the back four.

    It will be interesting.

  15. Hey, while we’re sniping at each other over currencies, who’s going to jump down Ives’s throat for writing “crazyiness” in the headline? Any takers?

  16. Dannyc58 – You made the comment immediately after I cited the 60 million figure. The xenophobic comment was clearly directed at me, though I’m glad you see the idiocy in the insult enough to try and deny it now.

  17. Mig,

    I still think they have problems at the back. Friend of mine is a Sp*rs fan and thinks Corluka will play holding mid as well. (I have/had no idea he could play there, this kid knows his stuff though). I still think they need another striker, personally.

  18. SOOOO, regarding the transfers…how about the spurs? Do the russian striker and City defender fill in the blanks for them?

    I am NOT a Tottenham fan but I think with Ramos coaching and the roster they have, it is only a matter of time before things gel there.

  19. Justin O,

    Its a trend on this website. I never pointed you out by name at any point.

    And its pretty safe to assume that one British Club, bidding on a player at another British Club will use GBP.

    Just for future reference 😉

  20. Dannyc58 – or else they are xenbophobic? Do you even know what that word means? The BBC said 60 million USD, so I repeated that. I have no idea if the offer was made in USD, Euros, Pounds, or in livestock, and I do not really care. The BBC told me the USD equivalent and that’s what I repeated.

    You may think that throwing around the term “xenophobic” gives you some kind of intellectual, cosmopolitan aura, but I’m sure that I, and many others here, have lived/worked/traveled in more countries, and have friends from more different cultures, than you’ve probably even heard of. So next time maybe keep your thoughts to youself if all you have to contribute are highly offense and utterly baseless insults, OK?

  21. Is this a transfer conversation or a currency conversation? I may start posting everything in $ just to get under Dannyc58’s skin. 🙂 But seriously, let’s stay on the topic people.

  22. While I detest jingoistic, xenophobic attitudes in a lot of things, I can’t get on board with this one Danny.

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this topic.


  23. Posted by: Dan (West Ham Fan) | September 01, 2008 at 11:23 AM

    That was me, it wasn’t letting me post under Dannyc58, so I used another email address. Just want to give full dislcosure!

  24. Justin O,

    No, I expect people to post the currency of the actual one the bid was made in.

    I think thats a pretty fair and basic request.

  25. Manchester City have made a bid in excess of £30m to sign Spurs’ Dimitar Berbatov from under the noses of rivals United, BBC Sport understands.

    If its reporting elsewhere in USD, then my apologies.


    Anyway, Mig, I find it embarrasing. Can people not get an idea that £30m is a lot? Does everyone here need the Track & Field events converted to yards from meters too?

    You guys call them freedom fries as well?

  26. Dannyc58 – It’s 68,940,000,000 Mongolian Tugrig offer if that’s what I have to do to ease your ridiculous sensibilities and reassure you that I’m not “xenophobic”.

  27. Dannyc58

    It is not that americans are xenophobic, it is due to the fact that this is an mostly american soccer site, american soccer fans, and dollars are really the only refernce I have. I and many others will agree that we don’t have time to pull out our calculaters and figure out how much 28M Euros is in dollars.

    Plus your probably someone who only calls it Futbol and hates those who call it soccer. If ture, then wouldn’t that make you xenophobic????

  28. Danny, I think we use $US often because it’s bit easier for some folks to get a handle on. I don’t think it’s a big deal, or xenophobia but see it as the same thing as using yards/miles/lbs instead of metres, kilometers, kilograms.

    The Berbatov thing may truly represent a power shift in the Prem. Sir Alex simply does NOT get scooped on a transfer often (ever?) and with Man City winning two games convincingly, they may be the team threatening the top 4 instead of Tottenham or Villa as predicted. Plus, Man U let Saha go to Everton so they are decidedly thin at striker considering Rooney, while playing well, is struggling with the finishing.

    Good times as the shakeups will make this Prem season a bit more interesting.

  29. Why do people continue to mention the bids in USD? Its so annoying. Are you guys so xenophobic that you don’t want to acknowledge other currencies? So annoying.


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