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MLS Match Night: Your Running Commentary


Good evening everybody. We have eight MLS teams squaring off tonight, two fewer than originally scheduled after the San Jose-Houston match was postponed due to Hurricane Ike.

It’s a later than usual schedule, with all games being played in the West and Midwest. For you night owls, the D.C. United-LA Galaxy tilt kicks off at 11pm.

The marquee match tonight is Chivas USA-Real Salt Lake. It’s significant because both teams are jockeying for position in the West, and because it is the last game for RSL at Rice-Eccles Stadium before the club moves into its new stadium.

Here is the schedule of games:

  • Toronto FC at Kansas City Wizards (8pm)
  • Chivas USA at Real Salt Lake (9pm)
  • New England Revolution at Colorado Rapids (9pm)
  • D.C. United at Los Angeles Galaxy (11pm)

If you will be watching the action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Ryan, take the stick out of you’re behind. I don’t know what you problem is or what the heck perspective you are coming from, but your complaining seems a little over the top.

  2. Donovan’s striking of the ball has been fantastic this season. He makes space for himself with his pace and passing ability…defenders have been fading off of him…and he’s shooting well.

    We know LA’s defense is weak but that was a hell of a game by both sides in the attacking sense. Arena has LA playing with a bit more structure to hide their defensive frailties.

  3. While he may have hit a few this year for LA, it’s certainly not a common occurrence with him.

    It still doesn’t change the fact that Crayton was awful on the first goal, and probably could have had better position on the second.

  4. I hereby declare this year officially lost for DC United. I no longer care. I will not watch one more game. This club has let me down countless times, after I’ve stupidly convinced myself that they’d come back. Well, the line has been drawn.

    See ya next year, Tommy Soehn…

    …or maybe not…

  5. Ryan, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Donovan has scored several goals from strikes outside the 18 this year. Remove the blinders.

  6. The first Landon goal was a nice play on his part, but that Louis Crayton was terrible. He was continually slow off his line, and when he did actually get to the ball, he couldn’t hold on to it.

    I haven’t seen a great angle of Donovan’s second goal, but I’m still trying to figure out how Crayton got beat that badly. Credit to Donovan for actually shooting from outside the 18 for once.

  7. @ Ryan – you’re right that was bad defense, but with Donovan and the LAG attack looking that way, do you really care? That was good attacking football and LD with 2 world class strikes plus a classy assist.

  8. I want to watch soccer, but Max Bretos and Christopher Sullivan make that damn near impossible. Good god they are brutal.

    The only thing close to being as brutal was the soccer in the LADC game.

    Worse than both was the referee.

  9. Nicely done in LA with a sellout. I hope to see similar crowds at Red Bull Arena, with the exception of the person sitting next to me never showing up since I like to stretch out.

  10. Is Emilio actually going through the naturalization process? If so, we have a new forward. That would be awesome. Ives, can you make this happen? DC fans, feel free to help as well.

  11. Pathetic effort from TFC. Couldn’t push the ball up all night. Hopefully, well most likely, we lose the rest of the games so we get the second overall draft pick.


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