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More details on the Kandji deal


Good morning all. Apologies fo the delay in posting this morning but I have made my way to the Red Bulls training session to check out newly-signed forward Mac Kandji, goalkeeper Terry Boss and midfielder Matt Mbuta. Kandji may not train today because of the right ankle injury that kept him out of Atlanta’s lineup for five games (the injury wasn’t a problem in the physical, but may limit him to some reserve minutes against Columbus).

If you were hoping for some more details on the Kandji loan deal, here they are. According to sources with knowledge of the deal, the Red Bulls have paid a $25,000 loan fee to the Silverbacks, but will pay the SIlverbacks a fee of $150,000 to purchase his rights. The $150,000 fee would be spread out over 2009 and 2010. If the Red Bulls decide that Kandji isn’t the player they thought he was, the club can pass on the remaining $150,000 purchase option.

Now if the Red Bulls do like Kandji, they would wind up spending a combined total of $175,000, which would be a modest investment for a player with Kandji’s potential.

Now that you have the full details of the Kandji deal, what do you think?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kudos to Agoos, I assume he had a big part of this.

    Posted by: Dannyc58 | September 16, 2008 at 11:17 AM

    I so agree… Agoos has been getting a lot of shite this season but he really has done

    great yeoman’s work. All 4 of the recent signings (Cichero, P-vallo, Jimenez and Rojas) have proven they are very good. I am expecting these 3 new guys will help as well… Kudos to Goose and to Oso!

  2. Ives, earlier you reported that MLS was blocking a Kandji signing, which was, as you reported, denied by both RBNY and MLS. Now a loan with an option to buy has been approved.

    Can you connect the dots for us on what changed? Did MLS reconsider because of the attention this received, or was the earlier report incorrect?

  3. FF & SS- “Probably gonna be around here more, but I’m too stupid to keep up with who’s who without avatars and whatnot.”

    lol, its less personal but you tend to see less 16 yr old style arguements you see on myspace….

  4. ive been spending quite a bit of time on here and on

    while fannation is nothing more then a reposter of current stories, it does offer a different type of thinking then what goes on here… thats neither good nor bad, just different

  5. I need a Galaxy-free environment every now and then, and I’ll be damned if I post on Big Sucker…so, there you have it.

    Probably gonna be around here more, but I’m too stupid to keep up with who’s who without avatars and whatnot.

  6. Other MLS deadline day signings not mentioned…

    Jeremy Barlow (Houston, D.C.) signs with Galaxy. Nyazamba joins Columbus Crew from Richmond Kickers.

  7. Ives – does NYRB have the only say whether they pick up Kandji’s option for his rights? What if the player does not like it in NY or is not seeing as much time as he wanted – can he nullify the buy-out clause?

  8. Good deal. The guy just scored against Seattle while playing with the same injury, why would he all of a sudden be out for NY or be limited in reserve minutes because of the injury?

    I can understand he and the other players will need time to get accustomed to their new team. It’s likely we won’t see really good performances for at least a few games. But I don’t really buy this injury argument all of a sudden, given that he just played.

  9. lol, been avoiding myspace like a bad habit… i only get on once in awhile now-a-days…. you truely dont post on here all that often… perhaps once in a bluemoon

  10. Well Tom, it can end only so badly. $25k to take a look at the kid? How can it be a bad thing for anybody involved?

    He seems like he’s got some skills and now that MLS has stopped being a roadblock, RBNY may be putting a good squad together. They have a bit of momentum too…could make for an interesting finish to the season.

  11. The money is there.

    Spend it.

    In Osorio I trust.

    Pre-Kandji, it wasn’t like the team was a mega-star away from being dangerous in the playoffs (ESPECIALLY if we end up in the Western bracket). We don’t need him to be great, we need him to be better than Money Mike Magee.

  12. The ankle shouldnt be a major concern, he played 81 mins on saturday in a 1-1 draw with the Seattle Sounders with Kandji scoring the Atlanta goal.

  13. The worst part about that ankle knock is that it came on a cheap kick after pulling a trick on a defender, the ref played advantage (which was soon lost) and never went back and gave the guy the yellow he deserved.

    Maybe with that money we can put seats on the ends of our stadium. Or get permanent bathrooms.

  14. im still a little skeptical on how they’ll pan out in the MLS, however, if they do well they will certainly strengthen RBNJ’s roster…..

  15. I hope Kandji’s ankle is okay.

    I’m glad the Red Bulls went after someone to challenge Magee for the starting forward spot. Mike had some good recent production but I felt a more athletic forward might help free up Juan Pablo Angel a little bit. If it doesn’t work out, the Red Bulls made only a modest investment. Good move by the club.

    Mtuba is a good pick-up as well.

    It was interesting to hear this morning WFAN referencing the Terry Boss pick-up because of his brother being on the Giants. I don’t recall sports radio ever making an announcement about quality additions like Jorge Rojas, Gabriel Cichero, Juan Pietravallo or even Juan Pablo Angel for that matter. Incredible.

  16. It’s definitely an interesting deal, isn’t it? Certainly works well for the Silverbacks. $25,000 and a great player or $175,000 is a great return for them. Hopefully they’ll invest it well.

    I like the signings New York has made, they’re all players packed with potential. Ives, any idea how much was paid for Mtuba? Was it fairly nominal?

    I’m also guessing the reason they waived Megaloudis and not a keeper is that they’d made their mind up on Megaloudis already, but not on who their 2nd/3rd choice keeper should be between Cepero and Patterson-Sewell. Personally, I’d go for CPS.


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