More details on the Kandji deal

More details on the Kandji deal

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More details on the Kandji deal



Good morning all. Apologies fo the delay in posting this morning but I have made my way to the Red Bulls training session to check out newly-signed forward Mac Kandji, goalkeeper Terry Boss and midfielder Matt Mbuta. Kandji may not train today because of the right ankle injury that kept him out of Atlanta’s lineup for five games (the injury wasn’t a problem in the physical, but may limit him to some reserve minutes against Columbus).

If you were hoping for some more details on the Kandji loan deal, here they are. According to sources with knowledge of the deal, the Red Bulls have paid a $25,000 loan fee to the Silverbacks, but will pay the SIlverbacks a fee of $150,000 to purchase his rights. The $150,000 fee would be spread out over 2009 and 2010. If the Red Bulls decide that Kandji isn’t the player they thought he was, the club can pass on the remaining $150,000 purchase option.

Now if the Red Bulls do like Kandji, they would wind up spending a combined total of $175,000, which would be a modest investment for a player with Kandji’s potential.

Now that you have the full details of the Kandji deal, what do you think?

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