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Osorio ready for hostile reception on return to Chicago


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Juan Carlos Osorio will be making his first trip back to Toyota Park since leaving the Chicago Fire to take over as coach of the New York Red Bulls and the reception for him isn’t likely to be a warm one.

There may not be a more hated man in MLS among Fire fans than Osorio, who left Chicago after just a half season in charge. That lingering animosity should lead to an interesting reception for him when he arrives at the stadium on Saturday.

That likelihood isn’t something that bothers Osorio, who believes he left the Fire in better shape than he found the club.

"That comes with the territory," Osorio said. "Fans are entitled to their opinions but I helped that club move forward. We turned things around and were one game away from the final."

Osorio doesn’t expect to have too many emotions about his first game at Toyota Park since last year’s win against D.C. United in the playoffs.

"I’m not a sentimental guy," Osorio said. "I’m passionate about what I do but there won’t be any different emotions about this game.

"It’s a huge game because it’s the next game and it’s a game against a team above us in the standings," Osorio said. "The team just happens to be Chicago."

Osorio did have positive things to say about his brief experience in Chicago, an experience that ended when the Red Bulls and Fire reached an agreement to let Osorio leave Chicago and coach the Red Bulls last winter.

"It was a great experience," Osorio said of his time as Fire coach. "I have said in the past that I will always be thankful to the club for giving me the opportunity to come back and coach in MLS

"The players, the coaching staff, the front office and the fans were a really supportive club and were behind our push to make the playoffs (last year) and fortunately that goal was accomplished."

The kind words aren’t likely to soften the reaction Fire fans will have for the coach some felt betrayed the club by leaving so soon, especially considering Osorio became the second Fire coach to leave the club to join the New York franchise (Bob Bradley being the first).

When asked about the possibility of being booed by the fans that cheered him less than a year ago, Osorio didn’t sound too concerned.

"I’ve been at games where you have had coaches being cursed and yelled at for 90 minutes and if that’s what happens then I’m ready," Osorio said. "My focus will be on the game."

While Osorio’s return to Chicago, and the animosity surrounding that, will make things interesting, it won’t have as much impact on the match as the several player absences due to national team duty. The Fire will be without star playmaker Cuauhtemoc Blanco (Mexico) and left back Gonzalo Segares (Costa Rica), while the Red Bulls will be without their playmaker, Jorge Rojas (Venezuela), as well as defender Andrew Boyens (New Zealand). The Red Bulls won’t be sad to see Blanco and Segares missing after the pivotal roles both played in Chicago’s 5-1 thrashing of the Red Bulls earlier this season.

So what are you expecting from Saturday’s match? Will Osorio be greeted by a chorus of boos? Will the Fire beat the Red Bulls a second straight time? Can the Red Bulls maintain their unbeaten run?

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  1. Oh you had to go there w/ this thread! C*mon now, I am dodging hurricanes down here… the storms not the team cuz I am a Gator, BUT thanks for the water tips and the t.m.i., lol.

  2. there are instances when water won’t boil at 212 F.

    and 60 sec = 1 minute is a definition, not truly a fact.

    and the US is so much more than 50 states. it’s also more than the collective spirit of some of the best darn 300 million people on this good green earth.

    now, stop whining. (just kidding, you weren’t whining. you were lecturing, i believe)

  3. “Historically, though, Fire fans have been whiny crybabies. It’s just a fact, man.”

    – mikemike

    The US consists of 50 States. Water boils at 212 degrees fahrenheit. 60 seconds equals 1 minute. These are facts. What you’ve got their is an opinion. A crappy one at that (see this is another opinion!). Your post is an unoriginal waste of space (again an opinion). I just wish NJ could finally fix its public school system so things like this didn’t have to be taught on a soccer message board.

  4. “Fans are entitled to their opinions but I helped that club move forward. We turned things around and were one game away from the final.”

    Ya, well I helped these kids build a really sweet sandcastle at the beach the other day… they thought I was the coolest and were so thankful… then I peed all over it. The kids were devastated.

    too vulgar? sorry. but you get the point.

  5. much like everyone predicted at the beginning of the season, ive lost all interest in this… if the league wanted a heated rivalry they shouldve rearranged the dates so that we played RBNJ at home early in the season….

    right now, i see RBNJ and i see a hopefull 3 points to push us back into the heading of a SS…. nothing more

  6. Dolan,

    Perhaps you aren’t whiny, I really can’t make that call as I don’t know you. Historically, though, Fire fans have been whiny crybabies. It’s just a fact, man.

    I will say that there does look to be a couple of fire fans who have posted on this particular thread who seem like amicable enough fellows.

    It is because of this fire fan awakening (and the inherently fragile nature of it’s development) that I, for one, will have a heavy heart as I watch fire get trounced by NY.


  7. We already emabarassed the crap out of that mercenary in May. Now , thanks to the wonder of idiot MLS scheduling, this story is kind of flat.

    With the Bulls resurgance what happens on the field trumps all as these are 3 key points for both teams.

    I’ll be more concerend with racing home to watch the Nats thrash Cuba on the DVR.

    Go FIRE!!!!

  8. As a Fire fan my only gripe with Osario is that he didn’t protect Ivan Guerrero, a very good MLS player on reasonable salary because he wanted the cap space. He left a week or so later. The man is a discrace and i wish his career ill, even as I want success in NY for the league.

  9. I totally forgot about all this Osario business, and I’m a Fire fan. I stopped caring about it after the 5-1 drubbing we gave him in May. As it turns out, he’s not the coaching god we thought he was. As far as I’m concerned, New Jersey can have him and good riddance. I’m more interested in how the 5-1 result from earlier in the season will affect the match. Will the Fire be cocky and not show up? Or will they really tear up NJ again since Blanco is gone and therefore a quicker team? Will NJ play a rough physical game looking for vengence? Point is, I don’t think anyone really cares about JCO anymore.

  10. Red Bulls will start:


    Leitch/Freeman ParkeCicheroJimenez



    Time for a Red Bulls payback vs. the Fire!

  11. Here we go again. Another ignoramus saying that the Fire fans are whiny. Go check out Metrofanatic of Big Apple Soccer. You want to talk about whiny. Boo hoo, the MLS is in a conspiracy to keep one of the most pathetic franchises in MLS history (in terms of winning ANYTHING) down. Close your hypocritical mouths and bring something original to say.

  12. Man Fire supporters have to be the whiniest supporters of MLS. So he left, get over it..coaches come and go its business. He could’ve just left but he got you compensation for it.

  13. Osorio will get boo’s but the reaction will not be what it could have been if MLS scheduled this match in April.

    However I’m sure Section 8 has something planned and considering this is NYRB with JCO. There are a big 3 pts up for grabs with a lot of players out so it should be a good one.(MLS sucks for not recognizing international dates) I’ll be out there as usual and hopefully the FIRE can change their awful home form.

    GO FIRE!

  14. Osorio is the best, I named my SBI league fantasy team after him. (see top of league)

    Rojas is with the Venezuelan national team. Conde is also under contract with the Fire for next year.

  15. redbulls will go with a 3-2-3-2





    rbny will win 3-1

  16. Considering the level of hate that was aimed at Osorio on his departure from the Fire I believe he will be roundly booed by the fans. Really, he left the club feeling jilted after they DID bring him back to MLS and were allowing him to work on the team. I know both teams will be missing players, but believe me, the fans will want a win in this one and hopefully can get the players cranked up. I think we (the Fire) will get the 3 pts, but think it will be closer than other recent games.

  17. so will the red bull back line include mendes or freeman?

    without goldthwaite (yellow card accumulation, right?) and boyens, the defense will be one that has never been game-tested, so we may see a more defensive lineup

    this is probably the best back four:


    but without blanco, maybe we should see a 3-5-2, with freeman on the bench?

  18. Ives,

    Why is Rojas out? What’s Marmol up to?

    You should also reiterated that Juan Carlos Osorio could have just given X days notice and left the Fire to join the Red Bulls; instead, he allowed the Fire to negotiate some decent compensation for his departure.

    I hope Conde leaves the Fire this off-season and considers joining the Red Bulls.

  19. I think the Red Bulls go into this game on a bit of a hot streak. The draw with United was a good sign for the organization and helped to reaffirm their improved form and mind set.

    I suspect that Red Bull leaves with at least a draw, but more likely they’ll come away with 3 points given Chicago’s poor home form.

    As a United fan, I’m hoping for the draw.


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