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A closer look at SBI


Good afternoon folks. As we hit a bit of a lull before tomorrow’s jam-packed slate of World Cup qualifiers it is time to take a closer look at things here at SBI.

I am pleased to report that the site surpassed the 1 million pageview mark for August, making it the first month SBI has reached the seven-figure mark. We have also surpassed the 6 million pageview mark since launching in January. Thanks to everybody who has helped make those numbers possible.

There is one sad bit of info to report. SBI has discontinued the weekly Supporter’s Views segments. While they were entertaining and a very good take on the fan’s perspective in MLS, the project proved too difficult to maintain. The hope is to make it a staple of SBI in 2009 as we look to expand our coverage and writing stable. Thanks to all the writers who made the series a successful one.

Now, onto the statistical breakdowns of SBI readers. There is one major development in the latest traffic statistics. California has surpassed New York and moved into first place among states for most SBI traffic. I’m sure the series of news stories we had on items ranging from Bruce Arena’s hiring by the LA Galaxy to the departures of Ruud Gullit and Alexi Lalas, as well as the transfer of Brad Guzan and arrival of Eddie Lewis, helped push Cali past perennial leader New York.

The Cali love isn’t just an LA thing. There are six California cities in the Top 30 cities for SBI traffic.

Here are the stats for top countries, states and cities (statistics provided by Google Analytics):

SBI READERSHIP (July-August, 2008)

Top 10 States (total visits)

  1. California-       99,945
  2. New York-        96,606
  3. New Jersey-     76,951
  4. Illinois-            49,242
  5. Texas-             46,094
  6. Virginia-           34,370
  7. Massachusetts- 28,503
  8. Pennsylvania-    26,057
  9. Florida-             22,819
  10. Ohio-                22,365

Top 30 Cities

  1. New York……….39,065
  2. Chicago…………27,303
  3. Los Angeles…….22,868
  4. Washington DC…20,246
  5. Toronto…………14,927
  6. Dallas……………11,728
  7. Brooklyn…………11,229
  8. Boston…………..10,824
  9. San Francisco……10,308
  10. Houston…………..8,898
  11. Arlington (VA)…….8,343
  12. Denver……………7,686
  13. Seattle……………7,296
  14. Atlanta……………6,824
  15. Columbus…………6,741
  16. Philadelphia………6,573
  17. Salt Lake City…….6,122
  18. Minneapolis……….5,600
  19. Austin…………….5,223
  20. Oakland…………..5,213
  21. Miami…………….4,736
  22. Portland………….4,624
  23. San Diego………..4,452
  24. Irvine (CA)……….4,409
  25. Raleigh/Durham….4,250
  26. Indianapolis………4,149
  27. Hoboken………….4,014
  28. London……………3,884
  29. Long Island City…..3,869
  30. San Jose (CA)……..3,768

Top 10 Countries

  1. USA……………….774,940
  2. Canada…………….44,161
  3. United Kingdom…….8,870
  4. Germany……………2,644
  5. Netherlands………..2,167
  6. Norway…………….1,502
  7. Japan………………1,122
  8. France……………..1,079
  9. Australia…………..1,067
  10. Mexico…………….1,065

Lastly, let me know what you would like to see more of on SBI, as well as what you would like to see less of. I can tell you that very soon I will be bringing back You Write the Caption as well as incorporating more player interviews.

I want to hear from you, the SBI readers, so let’s hear some feedback.


  1. I nominate that these stats on SBI readership by city be used when MLS determines the next round of expansion cities to place MLS teams.

    With that in mind, looks like Atlanta could be the winner!

  2. Speak for yourselves guys, I like the European coverage. Here’s why. Yes, I know there are other sites that do it, but this site fills me in on the most important stuff so I don’t have to cut through all the crap I don’t care about. I also don’t think there’s all that much Euro coverage here as it is. I think I’ve seen one or two posts a day at most.

    Keep the mix the same. I love having just one place to come to for all my major news.

  3. Less of those Euro posts. I doubt many people come here to see you post three links about European football every few hours. Honestly, if people want real news on that stuff, they go to the source where there are reporters in Europe reporting on what they see going on around them, not a guy on a different continent.

    More MLS, US, and YA posts are what I would like to see. That is stuff where you can realistically get inside info and do actual reporting, instead of posting link pages.

    Don’t feel like you need to post a Euro link page because you didn’t post anything that morning or afternoon. Quality over quantity.

  4. IVES, I work for the govt, so my ISP comes up as Washington DC. I am in Chicago though, I’m just saying bro, add like 50 hits/week to Chicago. FYI.

    Others government workers from around the US may be the same, not to knock against the DC hits.

    I’m just passing along the information.

  5. First, DC represent. Got crunk?

    Second, I echo some of the earlier suggestions for the website:

    * Monthly in-depth interviews with Americans based overseas

    * More coverage of other European leagues, not just the Premiership and La Liga.

    And one suggestion of my own: Could you create a fanstasy MLS competition for your readers? ESPN has one, but its not great. It would be much more fun to compete against regular posters from your site.

  6. F the suggestions. If people didn’t like the site they wouldn’t visit. Keep doing what you’re doing and F Chelsea, Tottenham and MANGirlU.

    Posted by: DGinLA | September 09, 2008 at 11:06 PM

    ROFLMAO!!! Merci and you’re right on the money

  7. Hi Ives

    I would like to see LESS european foottabll news e.g. injuries to Michael Essien etc There are better websites for European football news so I think you should stick to what you do VERY VERY WELL: North American soccer.

  8. Notice that Atlanta is the first city in a market currently without an MLS team. It is in front of 3 cities that already have/have been awarded teams (Columbus, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City), and of the other cities mentioned as expansion possibilities (Vancouver, Montreal, St. Louis, etc.) only Portland is representing- and in 22nd place! The numbers don’t lie MLS. If you want to expand your footprint into large media markets with enough fan interest to support a team, and owners with deep pockets- the choices are clearly NY2 and Atlanta! Get it done Arthur Blank!

  9. F the suggestions. If people didn’t like the site they wouldn’t visit. Keep doing what you’re doing and F Chelsea, Tottenham and MANGirlU.

  10. Keep filling the gaps.

    We need the info on MLS, Americans Abroad, USMNT, US Youth teams, non-English leagues.

    We don’t need any reports on the Premiership, Three Lions, Champions League, etc…. these are already covered by other outlets at nauseum (I’m not sure that’s right).

    Keep up the good work and Congratulations on the progress.

  11. I’m hoping to see a lot of detailed coverage of CONCACAF CL and I’d like to see more detail on US Open Cup, especially the earlier rounds before the MLS gets involved.

  12. i started percapitizing, but it was too much work. can say that among big cities, Chicago and Dallas have many visits….

    Anyways, great blog, I’m into it.

  13. The site is great and congrats on the 1 million views in Aug. The only thing I would like to see would be some college soccer reports or updates.

  14. Personally, I’d like to see more MLS coverage. I HATE having to get news from but as there’s no other site that event attempts to cover trades (confirmed, never mind speculation) I end up havign to go all over the web to get info. For example, SJ signed a couple of guys last week and no one even bothered to mention it. Maybe a transactions list? Maybe also a ‘hot stove’ for players on the block.

    I’d also like to see more coverage of the NYRB…I know you’ve diversified, but for me it’s stillt he first reason I go to your sight. I used to really enjoy the training reports and insights. If you could get more info even better.

    A final request might be to plug the gaps for sides with below par coverage in the league – Chicago (so little mainstream coverage outside of Red Card blog which is hit or miss and he always seems to be on vacation!), New England, LA (surprisingly poior coverage considering Beckham).

    If you could also maybe do some cross polination with the other Designated Players? Would be good to see some general MLS musings from the likes of Buzz Carrick.

  15. The only thing I dont like about the site is the fact that if the comments get to much I have to click Next 3 times to get to the last page. It would be better if it could be paged so that we can click last page (like in forums) and go there straight away.

  16. You own California because of me! LMAO!

    Seriously, congrats Ives on having the best soccer news website in California and the rest of the US.

    When you coming to LA? I know the spots.

  17. Yet another vote for a more critical eye towards Bob Bradley, Sunil Gulati, and the USMNT. In particular, I’d like to see an in-depth article on Gulati, where he came from, his soccer credentials, etc.

  18. You can write a little more about the Quakes to start. Interviews would be nice, although I know that’ll probably be on Also, A little more info about our yanks-abroad since the sites that follow them have become rather useless.

  19. Joe k- I’d totally be up for additional people posting additional commentary on Ives(as long as whoever does it, does a good job). I just feel like there are so many good stories that aren’t being covered (stories that ESPN may not be interested in paying for).

  20. @Soto, excellent suggestion. I’m not a big fan of the supporter’s pieces, but once a month would be tolerable and wouldn’t push Ives’ other news down.

    Gotta laugh at the DC numbers. Nobody lives there but a ton of govt workers are checking your site during daylight hours (and a lotta defense contractors in Arlington!).

    Congrats Ives.


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