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Real Salt Lake at New York Red Bulls: Matchday Commentary


Real Salt Lake is at Giants Stadium today to take on the New York Red Bulls. RSL enters the match with one of the league’s worst road records (1-8-3) while the Red Bulls boast one of the league’s best home records (7-1-3). Will form hold for both teams, or will RSL find success away from Rice-Eccles?

I will (try to) do a running commentary during this match. I say try because I will be making my radio debut today as a color analyst for Real Salt Lake radio. Click the link and look under Away Radio. Give it a listen if you get a chance.

For now, if you will be watching the match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (lineups are up):


HALFTIME- Red Bulls areas for concern. First, Jeff Parke looks pretty shaky out there and the Red Bulls are sorely missing Seth Stammler because RSL is running players in behind their forwards and Pietravallo can’t cover that area all by himself.

Wolyniec hasn’t look great and Jorge Rojas is invisible.

Dane Richards should be doing more and is being outplayed by Chris Wingert

Angel being neutralized by Olave.

Where’s Mike Magee?


HALFTIME– Real Salt Lake 1, Red Bulls 0. The Red Bulls have had more possession and have had their share of looks, but can’t finish sequences. RSL is defending well, but more importantly, creating good chances on the counter and finding their speedsters in space up front. Red Bulls lucky it isn’t 3-0 or 4-0.


13th minute- As you might have figured out, doin running commentary and radio at the same time isn’t easy so apologies for the lack of a commentary.


1st minute– And we’re off


PRE-GAME– Teams are taking the field. I will try to update as often as possible. Not sure how often I will be able to since I will be doing radio so if you me slowing down feel free to offer up some of your own commentary.


PRE-GAME– I’m coming to you from the road radio booth in the Giants Stadium press box. It’s on the same level as my usual seat, but it’s right on the midfield stripe and, more importantly, there’s an open window so I can hear the Empire Supporter’s Club in all their glory. They sound energized tonight (or it could just be that I’m not used to hearing them outside of the sound-proof area I usually sit in.)


PRE-GAME– I have made a lot of mentions of RSL’s terrible road record, but I can’t help but wonder if playing on the Giants Stadium turf won’t be a bit of an advantage for them.


PRE-GAME– Wolyniec is making his first start since May, and it may be his last start if he has a poor showing.


PRE-GAME– Former Red Bulls fan favorite Dema Kovalenko did not make the trip for RSL. He re-strained a left calf injury during the week.


PRE-GAME– Apologies for forgetting to list Wolyniec in the starting lineup. He will be starting up top for the Red Bulls, alongside Angel.


PRE-GAME– Seth Stammler is out with an injury but is expected to be back for Thursday’s game at Columbus.


PRE-GAME- Here is Real Salt Lake’s lineup:







BENCH– Seitz, Cutler, Deucher, Horst, Joy, Mathis, Nunez


PRE-GAME– Here is the Red Bulls lineup:







BENCH– Cepero, Borman, Leitch, Ubiparipovic, Mendes, Sassano, Jimenez


  1. Great job on the radio. I didn’t hear the whole game, but what I heard was a step up from our usual. I learned more from your color analysis than I did from my E and D license courses!

  2. Enjoyed watching the game and RSL looked very fast and tough. What HUSTLE down the stretch by JPA he was running up and down the field and assisting on defense the last 10 mins. A true professional worth every penny.

    I def. see why everyone on the team wants another forward because John Woly looks terrible and would not even make a high school team. He cannot even put the ball in when the goalie is off the line. Please get me Kandi ASAP or someone else. Woly is a sub and should be used in only an emergency. I really could see that the team missed seth stam. last night desp.

    Lets get another forward this week.

    No foul by JPA just a great play and no offsides because RSL player was off.

    Also conway must come out of the goal on close plays and play faster. I like Jimenez back there instead of Goldy but we will see.

    Tough game on thurs. GO REDBULLS!

  3. Tim, I agree with you. RSL are a pretty good team right now, and with either an Angel type creative finisher or a top notch playmaker and could get some away points (though they should have had at least a draw last night), they would be the top of the league.

  4. JCO was experimenting with three at the back. The defense was far better with four defenders. And Rojas had to cover too much on defense to play his usual game.

    More weird tactics from Osorio. We were very lucky not to lose.

  5. Angel is one quality forward. Everytime he touches the ball, he doesn’t waste the chance. All his shots are dangerous. As Ray Hudson says, “he’s class in a glass”.

    Disappointing result for RSL. RSL is close but not quite there yet. I think that next year they are going to be very tough. I like the lineup they started with, with the exception of Findley. I’d have started Deuchar and brought in Findley late. Red Bulls looked competent although I don’t know about your backline, they seemed a little suspect.

  6. “I’m not trying to stir anything up but I do recall RSL getting a phantom call in Salt Lake a year ago that turned a 3-1 Red Bulls win into a 3-3 tie in stoppage time. Anyone recall that one?”

    Yeah. Outrageous phantom penalty called in the 90th minute on Parke when Talley lost control of the ball and, if I recall correctly, slipped on the rug. Then Dunivant let Chris Brown get past him for the equalizer… but it should have been a two goal deficit going into three minutes of stoppage time.

    The second goal tonight was onside. I don’t get the call for the first goal, but everyone gets hurt by a questionable call now and then.

  7. Conway 7 made quite a few key saves and really can’t be blamed for the RSl goal. He is a bit slow coming out at times but was huge when needed.

    Parke 5 OK game for Parke… injured and subbed for Leitch early in the 2nd half

    Cichero 6 Not his usual dominating self at first but rebounded in the 2nd half to shut down RSL

    Goldy 5 Great assist to Angel for the 1st goal but was burned bad by Movisyan

    Richards 4 Poor game for Dane… he was a step late and made poor decisions in the attacking 3fd

    Magee 5 Hot and cold game for Mikey…his dummy to Angel was sick though

    Rojas 5 His worst game as a Red Bull but still made some crucial passes.

    P-Vallo 7 His usual tenatious self…

    VDB 7 Opportunistic game winner… and made some good crosses..

    Woly 7 Best game for Woly this season. Made some amazing passes and was unlucky not to score.

    Angel 8 MOTM….Made something from nothing and almost single handedly turned the momentum to RBNY


    Leitch 7 Did a great job filling in for Parke

    Mendes 6 Good job filling in for Stammy as the Bulls go to a 4-4-2..

  8. This has been an entertaining game so far. I did think JPA committed a foul on his goal, but I do not think VDB was offsides on his.

    And yeah Ives, I don’t have an MLSLive subscription this year, so can’t hear the commentary. But if this is a new regular gig for you, then I would consider ponying up the $5.

  9. Kenny Duecher on, and I’m having trouble keeping track of all these buzzed head players on RSL. At least Mathis’ balding makes him stick out a little.

  10. “Yeah, even Shep Messing thinks that RSL should be up 1-0 still.

    Just horrible refereeing.

    Posted by: ravenrooney | September 13, 2008 at 09:08 PM”

    I do like Shep, but this doesn’t prove anything. He screws up multiple times per game.

  11. I’m not trying to stir anything up but I do recall RSL getting a phantom call in Salt Lake a year ago that turned a 3-1 Red Bulls win into a 3-3 tie in stoppage time. Anyone recall that one?

    Oh, and is anybody listening to the radio broadcast?

  12. Tim … the Red Bulls have suffered at the hands of MLS refs since 1996… it is nice to get the benefit of their blunders for once this season… Go Bulls!

  13. I feel for ya Tim, you represent as one of the few, the proud RSL fans. That call and lack thereof was crap, although I thought the first was deserved.

  14. There were two players offides. The first one was NOT passive. He was in the play and almost played a dummy position. Unbelievable the refering in this league.

  15. HE WAS OFFSIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TWO GOALS GIVEN TO NY BY THE REFS. AND YOU WONDER WHY KREIS SAYS THAT THE REFS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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