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Red Bulls sign Boss, D.C. United signs Miller


The first of the MLS roster freeze deadline deals are starting to trickle in and the first two involve the Red Bulls and D.C. United.

The Red Bulls have officially announced the acquisition of goalkeeper Terry Boss from the USL-2 Charlotte Eagles. The brother of New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss, Terry Boss is also a Puerto Rican national team goalkeeper (he previously played for the Puerto Rico Islanders).

D.C. United added defender Ryan Miller, signing the 2008 3rd round pick with the Columbus Crew to a developmental contract.

Boss, who has been signed to a senior contract, is expected to challenge Danny Cepero and Caleb Patterson-Sewell for the No. 2 goalkeeper job for the Red Bulls both now and for the 2009 season. From what I am hearing, the Red Bulls are not sold on Cepero being the future No. 2 goalkeeper and being able to push Jon Conway.

Those of you wondering why Boss was signed to a senior contract should note that he is 27, thus too old to fill a developmental slot.

Miller joins fellow D.C. newcomers Ibrahim Koroma, Thabiso Khumalo and Greg Janicki, who all joined the club last week.


  1. Oh, and also, the whole idea of a Puerto Rican “national team” is a contradiction. Let them get a *nation* before they get a national team.

    Posted by: A.S. | September 15, 2008 at 06:51 PM


    What constitutes a *nation*???

    I guess you want to see Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland and other *nations* drop their national teams as well…

  2. How long did this guy play with Puerto Rico anyway to warrant being on their national team?

    Posted by: Chris | September 15, 2008 at 06:04 PM

    The federation naturalizing Terry actually became a source of national controversy.

    (Throw in ex-metro Villegas in the mix and even Megaloudis who is of Puerto Rican descent).

    The Olympic Committe president got in the mix–when he had no jurisdiction in the matter and had more important things to do than have a subversive back door meeting with the Dominincans (our opening round WCQ rival)and challenge the move in on the radio and in the written press.

    As a result of the fallout, the Puerto Rican federation and the Dominican federations have suspended all ties. There has also been additional (everpresent) internal tensions in Puerto Rico soccer over his naturalization. There were columns regarding the issue and a lot of bitterness over it because the guys who were naturalized “displaced” other Puerto Rican born players. It became a political mess.

    After the WCQ game was over, the Dominican fed president, Osiris Guzman approached Terry and grabbed his arm asking him where his grandmother was (popular Latin Caribbean expression regarding one’s heritage). Terry was classy and just pulled away from the guy and walked away. TFC’s Marco Velez then has words with Guzman after he grabbed Terry.

    Here is a youtube link of the incident:

    Terry was with the Islanders for a couple of seasons. Because of the shared US Passport, US players that have lived in Puerto Rico for a couple years and players of Puerto Rican descent who don’t have a grandparent actually born on the Island are eligilble to play for Puerto Rico if they have had physical residence on the Island for a couple years.

  3. That guy does not look Puerto-Rican! I guess they’ll just take anyone on their National Team!

    Posted by: Freddy | September 15, 2008 at 05:35 PM

    No “we” won’t.

    (I’m not Puerto Rican but I’m hardcore down with the program).

    Freddy, you may have heard of FIFA. They have a rulebook.

    More below…

  4. Terry Boss–Score another one for Puerto Rico Islanders and for Puerto Rico.

    Terry Boss is a great freaking guy. I’m proud to be friends with him and to have him wear the jersey of any club that I support (wish that United would have given him a shot, but hey…).

    He spent two seasons with Puerto Rico Islanders but wasn’t able to become get any decent playing time. All of 3 the keepers in front of him had MLS Reserve experience previously or are currently with MLS squads.

    He was the starting keeper for CONCACAF Champions Cup Carribean zone play last November and he played well.

    Terry was naturalized and represented Puerto Rico in all 3 of this years WCQ’s. For the Honduras matches he won accolades for his fine performance in goal.

    Dude was the USL2 keeper of the year this season with Charlotte.

    Another little nugget about my Man, Terry Boss–his brother is the tightend for the NY Giants. Dude’s parents produced some ballers.

    He didn’t play in the DCU-RBNY reserve match here a couple weeks ago but he travelled with the club and was dressed for RB.

    One and Islander, always an Islander.

  5. Given the way the Giants are ignoring Kevin, I predict Terry receives more passes in Giants Stadium this season than Kevin does.

    Anyway, I don’t see the problem in signing him. They’ve got the money under the cap, I presume, from the Jozy deal, and they’ve got the roster spot. So why not?

    Oh, and also, the whole idea of a Puerto Rican “national team” is a contradiction. Let them get a *nation* before they get a national team.

  6. Yikes, how hectic and sometimes brutal it is to staff your team in MLS! I feel for JCO and Jeff…To think ever since selling Jozy, retiring DP Reyna, missing Disney w/ the kids to scour the planet for players, and always scrounging for cash, which is like pocket change left in the sofa in other leagues!…Ahhh to have a dynamic forward duo, my dream…like my old Fusion days…I will keep paitiently waiting, sighhh.

  7. Alright, I’ll reserve judgement till I see this guy play, but I can say one thing — there is no way NY can carry four goalkeepers on a 28-man roster. Just doesn’t make sense.

  8. to michael

    i dont think management is out of line bringing in a goal keeper even this late in the season. teams should always be looking for ways to improve and if boss is an improvement in the number 2 goalkeeper position then i’m fine with it.

    also dont forget that we lost our number two when we traded thorton to chivas so who knows what would have happened if conway went out for the season and a 3rd string goalie had to step in? i’m guessing it would be steve cronin bad.

    while the back up goal keeping position isnt the most glamorous position on the team, seeing as most dont see action, it is nonetheless important to have depth at all positions.

  9. I understand Agoos’ thinking. You don’t want a player becoming complacent, but this is not the time to worry about it. If Conway’s form had fallen off I could understand it, but he has been solid all year.

  10. Yawn at this. We knew this already. Bring the Kandji News! How long did this guy play with Puerto Rico anyway to warrant being on their national team?

  11. wow, if the red bulls are worried about the #2 gk spot on the team THIS LATE IN THE SEASON, then Jeff Agoos isa smoking something not named cigarettes or weed (crack)


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