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Red Bulls vs. Columbus Crew to go on as scheduled


The New York Red Bulls match vs. the Columbus Crew on Thursday night will go on as scheduled, Red Bulls and league sources told SBI on Tuesday night.

There was some concern about whether the game would be played because of major blackouts and a state of emergency in Ohio after the state was battered by the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

The Columbus Crew currently sit in first place in the Easter Conference while the Red Bulls are in sole possession of fourth place in the East. The game will be shown on ESPN2 (7pm).


  1. Houston is coming back, with about 30-40 percent of town with power. Up north, we have a different electricity company, and they’re only at 15% power back. The folks of Galveston & Bolivar (just east of Galveston across the ferry) were hit very hard.

    I did sound like I came off wrong, and it wasn’t intended to be that way.

    Personally, we’ve been out of power or water at our home since 1am Saturday just as the storm started affecting us, and thankfully my office has water and power, and we’ve been open and I can get my SBI & DP fix.

  2. We haven’t had power since Sunday around 4pm either. It is inconvenient and costly and we may complain, but I don’t think anyone is putting our experience on par with Galveston, Houston and the like.

    If anything it was just odd. A nice sunny day. No rain. It got a little gray and the winds cropped up and tore down huge branches and uprooted trees everywhere.

    Work has power and internet, so at least I can get my SBI fix.

    With or without power, it will be a nice distraction to see the crew defeat Red Bull tomorrow night.

  3. Ohio folks who have a 5 day wait for power should consider themselves fortunate. Folks on the north side of Houston (I’m in Conroe, TX) are looking at another 10-14 days without power. We are thankful that the storm wasn’t worse than it was. Had that been a stronger hurricane, damage would have been much much worse.

  4. My folks live in the middle of town on the NW side. Lost power Sunday. Still not back on and they’ve been told it could be this weekend before they got it back. They’re not in the sticks, either – they’re 50 feet from the OSU golf course, and 2 blocks from a fire station and a middle school. But their power ain’t gonna be on for 5-6 days from when it went out.

  5. Shocking decision from MLS, really shocking.

    They wouldn’t delay the game if it were in the middle of Hurricane Ike, let alone the aftermath.


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