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Whether you are an MLS coach or a Fantasy MLS player, you both know that time is running out on this season.

The chances for gaining points are dwindling and the opportunities to move up the standings are more and more precious. This is why we here at SBI want you to be prepared when you set your fantasy lineup later today. Not much can keep SBI fantasy correspondent Casey Cannon from fulfilling his duties. Hurricanes fall in the category of things that can.

Cannon was one of many Ohioans who were left without power last week after the remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through. It took him a while, but he is back to share some fantasy MLS wisdom with you. Here is this week’s SBI Fantasy MLS Corner.

SBI Fantasy MLS Corner


Hello and Welcome to the Soccer by Ives Fantasy Corner – now with more power!  Every week I dig through statistics, news, and rumors to provide the reader with the kind of fantasy advice that only the dirtiest player in the local co-ed over thirty rec league can provide.  I write this Monday night before the official injury reports come out, so don’t be grumpy if I tell you to pick a hurt player.  For information on MLS Fantasy Football go to

It turns out that here in Ohio we are not really ready to handle natural disasters.  Take an average days snow is Buffalo, if it falls here, cities shut down for days as a result of the blizzard. We get a storm weakened from traveling across the entire US, and again the city shuts down.  Still we need power to do the daily tasks of living, including writing fantasy soccer articles.  But now power is back, and so am I. 

Let’s see what did I miss? Chicago did what?  But Jon Busch is the best goalie! They have that DP Blanco and Brian McTraitor, they have to be good!  They lost to FC DALLAS?  Dallas is Horrible!  Okay, what new player did Dallas get?  Jeff Cunningham you say? He’s been kicked off every team he played on since U-6.  Colorado doesn’t suck anymore either?  Really?  How did that happen?  RSL lost on its home carpet?  KC shut out LA?  KC has a winning streak?  What the heck is going on here? 

Houston is still good? Columbus is still strong?  Ok well that’s something.

Team Picks

Take Three – Columbus Crew.  This pick hinges on what Revolution team shows up.  If Super-Ralston takes off his glasses to save the day this game may turn into a shoot out.  If Ralston only has an average game the Crew should pull out another three points, and begin giving games off to other “hurt” players. 

Take Three – San Jose Earthquakes.  Frank Yallop’s boys play host to a disheveled RSL team.  Getting a surprise week of rest Huckerby and company should easily enforce their claim as one of the top Western teams.  Is Frank Yallop Coach of the year?

Avoid – Toronto.  The Maple Leafs may get a goal, but just one.  They are not going to actually beat Houston although Canuck fans can argue that goals from DeRo should count for both teams.

Two Up, Two Down

The spreadsheet is telling me to focus on two teams this week.  Stormin Mormon Yura Movsisyan is benefiting from increased playtime and has seen his points per game increase 2.05 over the last four weeks.  While Chivas defender and some time national team player Jonathan Bornstein has seen his points per game increase .930 over the same period. 

Each team has players on a cold streak too.  RSL midfielder Javier Damian Morales has gone cold lately down .893 points per game.  While his midfield counterpart for the Goats Sacha Kljestan  is down .546 the last four weeks. 

Using what must be the worst prediction method ever, if these two teams play today RSL should win this match by .773 fantasy points.  I wonder if a bookie would take that action. 

Individual picks

Keeper – Joe Cannon.  The San Jose keeper is tied for 2nd on my spreadsheet.  Since I have spent parts of the last two weeks screaming at Jon Busch for only earning eight points, TOTAL, I am forced to recommend the #2 keeper this week.  I like Cannon over Hartman and Onstad Onstad, because of home field advantage and his cool last name.  (Have you ever tried to heckle a player with your own last name?  It just doesn’t feel right.)

Value – Darren Huckerby.  Putting all of my eggs in the Earthquakes basket, Huckerby is At home against a Reeling Salt Lake. He has a great chance to keep up his eleven fantasy point per game average.  For just $22,000 per point that is a bargain. 

Overpriced – Jeff Larentowicz.  There are those moments when I am digging for a midfielder.  I come across this Rev player.  I think “hey, I have heard of this guy.  He must be pretty good”. Except he only earns 1.25 points per game.  He costs $322,000 for a point per game cost of $257,600.  The average PPG for the top 85 players $143,486.

Let me finish with a Poem for the league MVP

Schelotto is the

Most Valuable Player

Sorry Donovan.

Stop by next week when I announce my portion of the banking bailout. I will also announce the amount that my sons and grandchildren will repay because most of the current American government is only good at raising campaign funds and lying.


  1. Donovan MVP.

    Donovan makes more of a difference on his team. And he and Schelotto both have the same influence on their respective defenses. Should Donovan be punished because LA’s defenders and goalie are worse than the Crew’s? I think not.

    LD for MVP!!


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