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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning all. There is a loaded slate of soccer matches today, from MLS to Europe to South America. We have already had a thrilling match between Liverpool and Manchester United and should have plenty more good games today.

Here is the list of games on TV today:

  • 9:45am– Setanta USA- Arsenal at Blackburn
  • 10am– FSC- Hull City at Newcastle United
  • 11:30am– GolTV- Schalke 04 at Borussia Dortmund
  • Noon– FSC- Chelsea at Manchester City
  • 12:15pm– Setanta USA- Sheffield United at Derby County
  • 2pm– GolTV- Racing de Santander at Barcelona
  • 2:30pm– FSC- Catania at Inter Milan
  • 4pm– Setanta USA- West Ham United at West Bromwich Albion
  • 4pm– GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Valladolid
  • 4:30pm– FSC- AS Roma at Palermo
  • 5pm– HDNet- Los Angeles Galaxy at Kansas City Wizards
  • 5:45pm– Setanta USA- Bolton at Fulham
  • 6pm– GolTV- Bayern Munich at Cologne
  • 7:30pm– FSC- FC Dallas at D.C. United
  • 7:30pm– MSG- Real Salt Lake at New York Red Bull
  • 8pm– GolTV- Millonarios at Juniors
  • 11pm– FSC- Middlesbrough at Portsmouth
  • 3am– FSC- Queensland Roar at Perth Glory
  • If you will be watching matches today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play, in the comments section below.

    Enjoy the day’s action.


    1. 60th minute- Ameobi wide open on the right side of the penalty area, and sends either a useless shot or a terrible cross through the middle of the area.

      The squad couldn’t have taken it, but I seriously wish that his transfer to Ipswitch would have gone through.

    2. Newcastle are complete crap right now and it won’t take long for the fans to walk away if this keeps up.

      And no, bringing Duff back doesn’t make it any better.

    3. 58th minute- Myhill with a great save on a cross from Guthrie that nearly went into the upeer right corner! He nearly put it into the net himself, but it went off of the bar.

    4. 54th minute- Nice bit of play from Newcastle earned a corner which was wasted.

      55th minute- GOAL HUL!!!!

      Bleh, 2-0 on a counter attack.

    5. You have to give props to that 1 man who is in the directors box. At least he has the testicular fortitude to take the fan abuse no matter how unjust. Where’s Ashley and Wise?

    6. 50th minute- There was some disturbance in the stands. I’m not sure what. Newcastle earned a corner and wasted it.

      The longer this game stays 1-0, the more the crowd will be focused on Keegan and Ashley, which is not what the team needs right now.

    7. Dissapointing 1st half for Newcastle. I didn’t really have anything to say about that.

      48th minute- FSC starts off the half and we see a few banners from supporters wanting Ashley to sell, which mercifully are spelled correctly.

    8. How is Edu looking? The stream im watching just went dead. Anyone watching the madness thats going on at St. James Park in the stands? 2 men walking around the stands with a banner that reads Cockney Mafia OUT!!! This is unbelievable

    9. 44th minute- Ameobi with a nice flick ahead for Xisco, who couldn’t get onto the end of it. Then Ameobi does well to connect onto the end of a long cross, but puts it wide.

      It may have been the first good bit of play from Amoebi, I’m not completely positive about that.

    10. 42nd minute- New signing Xisco did well to control a ball played into the penalty area, who played it back to Geremi whose shot went wide! It was a good chance for Newcastle.

    11. Very spotty penalty, Butt clearly had a clean challenge but earned a whistle on the followthrough, and is now being driven mad by the official with another call outside the box

    12. 30th minute- A great stop from the Hull keeper keeps Michael Owen off the scoresheet for Newcastle. Owen headed a ball in from a freekick well out.

      33rd minute PENALTY for Hull!

      Very debatable from my point of view.

      GOAL HULL!!!!

      King converted the penalty to Given’s right. Given guessed right, got a hand on the ball, but it trickled into the net regardless.

      What a turn of events in slightly more than a minute.

    13. McShane being from Hull and Taylor from Newcastle.

      28th minute- Newcastle have had good spells of possesion on a couple of occasions, this being one of them. Nothing really done with any of them.

      The game has had a few thoughts about turning interesting, but hasn’t quite yet.

    14. anyone know if demspey is starting? if he is im leaving this post because setanta is playing it at 5 and i wanna watch if he’s out there…

    15. 19th minute- Guthrie missed a beautiful chance created by Geremi. He did have to hit it first time, but he was only a couple of yards from goal, and should have put it on net at least.

    16. 16th minute- Geremi was played a good ball on the right wing, and he laid another good ball along the ground to Xisco in the penalty area. Unfortunately he tried to take a touch rather than go for goal, and the defense caught up with him.

    17. 13th minute- Xisco gets his head on a ball in from a corner, but it went well high. Halmosi from Hull had a good chance around the 5th minute or so when he received a pass into near dead center in the penalty area, but Edgar did well to block the shot for Newcastle. Hull has played about even up with Newcastle so far.

    18. Arsenal jumps out on top with a bit of typically beautiful play. Van Persie scores after a sweet thru ball from…Fabregas I think. Rovers defense is a bit porous but they will score in this game…just a matter of how many Arsenal puts up.

    19. Mike Ashley had a ‘prior engagement’ and is not at the Newcastle game. Loud Keegan chants from the Newcastle fans in the 1st minute.

      4-3-3 for Newcastle, and the bench has almost nothing to turn to today. Amoebi is starting, and my only hope is that he doesn’t get in Owen’s way again.


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