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What has been the most lopsided trade of the past MLS off-season?


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The 2008 season isn’t over, but with just a few games remaining in the regular season, I don’t think it’s too early to start looking at some of the bigger trades in MLS and how they have shaken out.

I just finished an story on the subject that I will post when it goes live in the site. For now I want to ask you, the SBI readers, what you think has been the most lop-sided traded from the past off-season. Here are your choices:

Please keep in mind that I’m only taking pre-season trades into account. There have been tons of in-season trades, but for now let’s focus on the big pre-season deals.

Share your thoughts on these deals and any other big pre-season deals you think have wound up working out for one team more than the other in the comments section below.


  1. lol mary…. you sure there is no relation??

    im not saying he’s not a gifted player or didnt play a role in either of DC or Clb’s success… im simply saying that he was not the major factor in a talent loaded DC team, nor the difference maker in another loaded Crew team… he plays a vital role that every team needs, and does it well…

  2. Ives, what is the salary differential with Gallardo/C. Gómez? What is their exposure with el Muñeco? Moreover, I would like to know if there is anyway to make a list of all the 30plus signings the MLS has made of foreign based players. With the exception of Youri Djorkaeff, Willy Barros Schelotto, and Valderama, have the old men been worth it? Blanco??? Questionable. Becks. Even more questionabe. Gallardo (great at River Plate) hands down failure.

  3. Ives-

    Did you already have the short paragraph about Cannon in your article prior to my husband’s comment? Say yes so I can laugh at him.

  4. Ives – I agree with you about Boswell. I have seen every Dynamo match this season and, IMO, he is the team MVP for the season so far.

  5. boz for wells, no question. Boz is legitimate contender for first XI honors, wells needs lots of work. And we know the draft pick will be wasted, it is dcu after all.

    A close second is the Gomez deal. Remember that dp slot was used to light a fire under Emilio who proceeded to score ten goals on ten games. Keeping it from being a steal is the fact that Colorado gave up nothing of value to them besides the pick, which is a crapshoot. They weren’t going to use the dp anyway, so they can’t regret not having it.


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