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Who is your MLS Player of the Month?


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With the MLS schedule for September now over, it is time for members of the media to submit their votes for MLS player of the month.

The only problem is that this month, perhaps more than any other month this season, picking the best player for the month is very difficult because there isn’t an obvious choice. Do you go with FC Dallas’ Jeff Cunningham (three goals, two assists), Landon Donovan (three goals, two assists), Darren Huckerby (three goals, one assist) or Juan Pablo Angel (three goals). Or do you go with a defensive player who has helped anchor a back-line while also contributing on the score sheet, like Colorado’s Mike Petke (two goals in September)?

I voted for the Columbus Crew’s Chad Marshall.

Marshall helped the Crew go 3-0-1 in September with a .5 goals against average over the four games. Along with being a rock in the back who held opposing forwards without a goal in the run of play through four games (Juan Pablo Angel scored on a free kick), Marshall also scored the game-winning goal for Columbus against New England this past weekend to help increase the Crew’s lead in the East to eight points.

Petke also deserves consideration. He helped anchor a Rapids defense that posted consecutive shutouts to start the month, while scoring two goals, including the game-winner against FC Dallas. Yes, the Rapids just gave up four goals to the Red Bulls, but Petke didn’t play badly and scored one of Colorado’s five goals.

The problem with voting for the defenders this month is I have a feeling neither Marshall or Petke will get many votes. Fans and media love goal-scorers and the exploits of Cunningham and Huckerby might attract more attention than Marshall or Petke, although I would argue that the defenders were more vital to their team’s strong Septembers.

Now, it’s your turn to vote. I want to know who you think deserves the honor this month.

Who did you vote for? Was there someone you would rather have voted for who wasn’t on the ballot?

Share your thoughts on this month’s MLS player of the month award below.


  1. Given that TFC has now confirmed that Cunningham wanted out the whole time he was missing sitters from a yard away, I think he should be tarred and feathered. He missed so many point blank, open goals in the first half of this year you’d think he’d lost both feet to a landmine or something. Now, he gets traded, and starts putting the same point blank shots away? What a jerk.

  2. Kingsnake, it isn’t a second-half MVP award. It’s MLS player of the month for September. I’m not saying it should be Marshall, but people pulling for Huckerby keep bringing up the San Jose turnaround like it happened in September. The real turnaround was in the summer months. If anything, you can argue that Huckerby deserved the award in August.

    Also, Huckerby is hardly single-handedly responsible for the turnaround. San Jose added a half-dozen new players at the same time they added Huckerby. It seems as if some folks want to give Huckerby the credit for what that collection of new players has done as a group. He’s been great, but they did add some talent around him.

  3. Marshall is not a bad choice, but the Crew would be at least okay without him. Huckerby, on the other hand, has completely turned around San Jose’s season …

  4. And yes, Movsisyan has four goals and one assist in September. RSL went 1-2-1 in September. I probably couldn’t give him the vote based on the number of easy chances he missed against the Red Bulls, but that’s just me.

  5. Guys, are those of you voting for Huckerby aware that San Jose went 1-1-1 in September? I know Huckerby is clearly the best newcomer of the season’s second half, but the voting was for September’s player of the month.

    I can see the Cunningham argument and wouldn’t have a problem with him getting the nod.

  6. I voted for Huckerby as well. Aside from Blanco last season it has been a while since one single player has carried a team like this. I hate to say it but in his short stint at San Jose he’s been better for his team (on the field) than Beckham has for L.A.

  7. How about Yura Movsisyan? Think he had 4 goals and a helper in SEpt. Got two in a big road win against a hot SJ team this weekend, including the game winner. Marshall’s a good choice also. If there was a player of Aug/Sept award, it would be Huckerby’s for sure. He’s been brilliant for the Quakes from the moment he arrived.

  8. I voted for Huck. Best signing of the season so far. Has really spured that team along. Marshall has been solid, but without Rogers and Schelatto (sp), Columbus would be struggling.

  9. Ives, I love your love for Chad Marshall, even though I’m not a Crew fan and even though I personally would go with Huckerby for POTM. I’ve always thought that Marshall had a lot of talent and I’ve been waiting for him to step up and show it. This is obviously a bit premature but I do think that if he continues to develop, he has the potential to be a fixture on the national team down the road.

  10. Marshall is a great player and has had a tremendous year and should definitely be a frontrunner for Defender of the Year.

    But for PoM for September, I voted for Cunningham.

    He’s been a big factor in helping get Dallas back in the playoff race. He’s playing with energy and scoring goals and after an adjustment period, he and Cooper seemed to have developed some synergy.

    Plus, the guy has scored over 100 goals in MLS and never seems to get any love so I figured I’d toss him a bone.


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