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Will either LA team make the MLS playoffs?


We are mid-way through September, with about six weeks left in the season, and there is a very real chance that neither Los Angeles team will make the MLS playoffs. That’s a sad statement considering MLS Cup will be held at Home Depot Center this year.

Though neither team is eliminated from playoff contention yet, neither team is looking all that dangerous. Chivas USA actually holds the final playoff spot in MLS at the moment with 30 points (winning the tie-breaker vs. Colorado based on their win in their only meeting with the Rapids).

That hold on third place in the West doesn’t seem likely to hold with San Jose storming up the standings. The Earthquakes have put together a nine-match unbeaten streak 4-0-5  and are playing some of the best soccer in the league. Chivas USA? The Goats are barely holding on, with a pair of gift wins against a struggling Toronto FC squad the only thing that breathed life into Chivas USA’s playoff hopes.

And the Galaxy? That’s another sad story altogether.

When was the last time the Galaxy won an MLS match? Try 12 games. TWELVE. An 0-6-6 mark during that stretch is ugly to look at, and new coach Bruce Arena hasn’t been able to stop the bleeding. The funny thing is LA is still just four points out of the final playoff spot, but there has been little, make that no evidence that the Galaxy can turn things around and post enough points in its final six games to avoid missing the post-season for a third straight year.

With road games still to play against Chicago, Columbus and Houston, three of the league’s strongest teams, Arena and friends may want to start scouting for the 2009 MLS Draft.

As for Chivas USA? The Goats have yet to truly replace Brad Guzan in goal and injuries throughout the year have kept them from looking anything like the team that won the Western Conference regular season title last year. The additions of Sasha Victorine and Dejair might provide some spark to an inconsistent attack, but the team’s shaky defense is still an issue and the Goats just don’t look capable of holding off hard-charging San Jose.

Can things change? Can Arena find some magic and return the Galaxy to that exciting, goal-machine of a team we saw earlier in the year? Can Preki coax a late run from a team sorely lacking an identity?

It’s time for a poll:

What do you think about the disappointing seasons in LA? Share your thought on the Galaxy and Chivas USA in the comments section below.


  1. The Galaxy’s problems are nothing but karmic payback for the arrogance that Leiweke and Lalas exuded ever since AEG signed Beckham — a signing that went to their heads, since they proclaimed the Galaxy to be a “superclub” that could make money anywhere in the world.

    Signing players without paying attention to the salary cap has killed the Galaxy not just now but for the forseeable future, since they still have to pay for the long-departed Abel Xavier. Since Chris Klein and Greg Vanney are not long for this league, who will replace them? Is there anything that the Galaxy has of trade value other than Buddle and Donovan? And if either of those two gets traded, what happens to the attack (Alan Gordon is not a viable option and Israel Sesay is still too inexperience)?

    Lalas is lucky he lasted as long as he did. Leiweke is lucky he still has a job. He could (and should) be next.

  2. Preki’s left nut isn’t the problem. His inability to recognize talent and potential in players that aren’t always to his liking.

    His Coach of the Year trophy should be on Bob Bradley’s mantle.

  3. Can someone advise – is there any truth to the rumor that Donovan, instead of going back to Europe, wants to play attacking soccer for the MLS Championship and has requested a transfer to San Jose?

    I say the prodigal son should always be welcomed home. We feel you Landon. Come right on home to the town that loved you. I’m sure you’ll either make the SJ roster or the Quakes will sign a soccer ball you can take home and admire.

  4. Well at least the players are fighting on despite Preki’s ineptitude and miscalculations.

    He’s the most hated man in the locker room. Trust me, I have sources. Preki is no player’s coach nor is he much of a tactitian. He has favorites and unfortunately for the fans, they are not the good players on the team.

    Victorine and Deajir (or whatever) are not solutions for a greater problem.

  5. Chivas USA’s poor season has largly been the result of injuries. If you look at the stats and and compare games that Kljestan, Razov, or Esky were available, you will see goals were scored. Without those key players, goals weren’t. Most games were played with only one of those three attacking options.

    Same comment can be reversed for the defense.

    My point is that the team is starting to look healthy (for once) Only seven people are on the injury list (only). Esky, Razov and Kljestan are available and healthy. This is good relativly speaking. Their best squad all season could be on the field Saturday, and they are still missing Galindo, Marsch and a few others.


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