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Galaxy loans Beckham to AC Milan


David Beckham is heading to Italy.

Major League Soccer confirmed on Thursday afternoon that the Los Angeles Galaxy have reached an agreement with Italian power AC Milan on a short-term loan deal for Beckham.

According to the MLS statement on the loan, the loan is set to begin on January 1. Beckham will return to the Galaxy in time for "training and the start of the 2009 MLS season."

Now that the inevitable has happened, what do you think of the move? Like the idea of Beckham playing for AC Milan before the 2009 MLS season? Think it’s a risky move on the part of MLS and the Los Angeles Galaxy? Do you think the Galaxy had any say in the loan?

Share your thoughts on Beckham’s loan move in the comments section below.


  1. Mark my words, one way or another, I think Beckham will be injured either when he returns at the end of his loan spell or in the first few days of training for the Galaxy. Media will play it off as “Beckham isn’t as young as used to be” crap. It was Beckham’s actions that caused this loan deal. MLS didn’t start these talks with AC Milan, Galaxy didn’t either, Beckham’s representatives did. MLS didn’t want to appear to be holding Beckham back from his role on the England national team.

    I would hate to see Beckham injured, but if he comes back with a “mysterious injury” everyone will know what his thoughts of playing in the MLS “really” are.

  2. I’ve been a Bex supporter, but I think I’m starting to agree with the World Soccer Daily crowd that he has helped turn MLS into a joke. He is not even a top 30 player in this league. I’ll name em if you like. He is turning the English national team into a farce and he has done the same to the Galaxy. Sir Alex was a genious for getting rid of him. Hopefully he will play well and Milan will buy out his contract. Use the money to buy a real soccer player like Henry, Ronaldinho, Michael Owen, Totti, Del Piero, and many others.

  3. Wow, a lot of intense feelings.

    I am glad Beckham is at AC Milan. Good for him.

    I for the life of me can’t figure out how people think the MLS caved on this one.

    I’ll bet just about everybody in Beckham’s shoes would do the same thing he is doing. I am glad he is coming back before the start of the season, but those terms still seem a bit hazy to me. Want more details. As captain, he needs to be there at the start.

    The only risk is injury. That’s life.

    Move on everybody.

  4. If he plays well and stays healthy with Milan, this is a definite positive for MLS.

    I don’t get all the hate for Beckham. I actually respect him more for this. Anybody else in their position would feel entitled to a spot on the national team but he knows he has to play competitive soccer to keep a spot on the national team, so why not make a move to one of the elite teams in the world to prove your worth? All this in his off-season shows he still has a very strong desire to continue playing the game at a high level.

    Now, if he gets hurt the first game in Italy and misses the entire MLS season and every England game, then it’ll be the wrong move obviously.

  5. This kills the Galaxy’s attempts at becoming a “world brand.” It also shows that Beckham’s representatives, not AEG or MLS, effectively run the Galaxy. If the club can’t guarantee Beckham’s availiablity for an overseas friendly, then they effectively have no control over him.

    The problem is that Garber and the league suits are so concerned about “marketing” that they’ve lost focus.

    That said, I think this can only help Beckham personally. He gets to play and train with players roughly his own caliber. He gets to refresh himself mentally and forget about the miasma of incompetence that is the Galaxy. AEG must have had a shotgun pointed to its head to agree to this, however.

  6. I don’t think he’s coming back. This is a “loan” that gets negotiated into a transfer if Milan likes what they see no matter what Beckham, Garber and the Galaxy are saying right now.

  7. I don’t think the big issue is the fact that he’s going on loan to AC Milan, but rather the way in the loan developed. Donovan mentioned last week he was annoyed by the way Beckham and his people began talking to Milan folks about going over there and training, then upgrading those talks to become a short-term loan, and all of this happens without consulting the Galaxy brass. Donovan has stated he wants to go to Europe, but he said he wasn’t planning on sitting down with Arena and the rest of the staff until the season ended, then you have the team captain start negotiating a loan before the season ends and before he even sits down to talk with Arena about his offseason, or lack of.

    Like many people have said, I have no problem with him going over to Italy and play (I’m a galaxy fan too, been one since 1996). The problem is how he disrepected his current club by having his people negotiate a deal before the season ended, despite the fact that the Galaxy was already eliminated from playoff contention. It’s behavior very unbecoming for the team captain. I was happy that Landon gave the captaincy to Becks last season, but Landon stepped it up this year and I would have liked him to take the captaincy back. I agree with the second post…Becks should have the captaincy taken away from him…wait for someone else to step up and assume that leadership role.

  8. Anyone who thinks Beckham’s decision was selfish should listen. Beckham is towards the end of his career. He has contributed more than almost any other player in the history of the game. He has EVERY right to think for himself and persue a journey of his own. He wants to improve himself and become a better player. Isn’t that what every player wants for himself, young or old?

  9. I don’t understand why people are making a big deal out of this. He is going to play while the MLS is on vacation. Its either inactivity for 6 months or train and maintain fitness with one of the best teams in the world.

  10. who cares. The only real dilemma may be if LA and Arena where left out of the decision-making process.

    why isn’t the MLS bringing in European players on loan during the summer? haha.

  11. He hasn’t promoted and tried to grow soccer in the country. It is hardly a surprise that he will go to where the lights are brighter.

    Is it really that damaging to MLS that he’ll miss some Galaxy tours?

  12. Is quote from an article accurate?

    “If Beckham stays for two months only, he could play for AC for free. The Milan source said: ‘His salary will already be paid by the MLS.'”

    Google “Capello fixed AC Milan stint for Beckham.” for full article.

  13. I like what Benedicto had to say. I agree 100%, I think the Galaxy should let him go. He did all that he is going to do for the league, it’s time to move on.

  14. “Major League Soccer confirmed on Thursday afternoon that the Los Angeles Galaxy have bent over and spread ’em for Italian power AC Milan and David Beckham.”

    There. Fixed that for you.

  15. Beckham “cheated on” Real Madrid to get with the Galaxy. Should we really be surprised that Beckham now “goes behind Arena’s back and the Galaxy’s back”?

    We all know that if you start up with some little skank who is with another at the time, it is only a matter of time before the skank will pull the same crap on you.

  16. Eugene, all player contracts are indeed owned by MLS. Any team that signs a DP is responsible for paying their salary over $400K.

  17. I have to say that I am pretty disappointed with this move. As Ives has said before the move would be perfect for some of the MLS’ younger stars but for an aging player like David I’m not sure I see the upside to him playing in an extended season. Training with Arsenal was one thing but to fully commit himself to a team and risk further injury… I can’t say with full confidence that this is a good move for him. We have to remember that the Galaxy are going to be in a transitional phase and it would be a great help for them to have their skipper there. Further more I must say that I feel a bit cheated by the fact that Becks continues to gush his support and commitment to the LA fans while his heart obviously lies with his national team. Far be it for me to ever question wanting to play for one’s country but will David truly have the ability to switch gears and go from playing in a physical MLS to playing in a technically solid Serie A? If his desire is to gain more playing time for England what happens if he goes to Milan and is exposed as an aging winger? He will no doubt, have a tougher time getting past defenders in Serie but on the up side he will be crossing the ball to a number of ultra talented players. Lets face it Donovan on his best day isn’t half the player Kaka is or Ronaldinho can be. All in all I see this move becoming a permanent one. Sadly us Galaxy fans will be left holding our Beckham jerseys and season tickets asking ourselves how we let the most expensive player in the league slip away.

  18. I don’t know what the big deal is.

    1. The only way Beckham can be considered with his National Team is to be in form. 2. The only way he can be in form is to play/train with players in form.

    3. For any other non Concacaf Natl. team player – this might be the only way for them to play in MLS and play for thier country.

    This could be a decent model for other players.

    Bottom line is whether or not you think it is good for MLS to have Beckham active with the England team. If the answer is yes (than this is a good thing) if the answer is no ( you must be a galaxy fan – worried about injury etc.).

    I’d be glad he’s staying fit (probably more than the rest of the team). And honestly, do the Galaxy have any chance of making a run at the title next year – regardless of whether or not Beckham takes teh off season or goes and trains/plays in Italy?

  19. I just hope he doesn’t talk crap about the league while he’s over in Italy, ruining any chance that future old guys come play in the US

  20. I like it… Beckham gets too stay in form in the offseason and raise MLS profile and as long as he doesn’t get hurt (I’ll admit that’s a big if) the Galaxy don’t really lose much.

    I don’t really think it’s a good move for the Galaxy, but I think that the Galaxy and the league owe it Beckham considering that he basically got tricked into coming and playing in a shi++y situation in LA and he has been nothing but classy the entire time he’s been here. He has definitely raised the league’s profile – or at the very least awareness of the league – both internationally and domestically. The only disappointment is that the Galaxy have been so poor since he got here, and he was injured for all of the first season, that MLS has not been able to cash in – in terms of interest from sports fans in the US – to the same extent that we might have if he had been healthy and playing well for all of his first season and if the Galaxy had been a good team for the last two years.

    But the MLS should be thrilled to have him show everyone that he is still good enough to be a good player for AC Milan and England, and that he is not just a washed-up has-been.

  21. After hearing that the Galaxy’s game in Australia was “postponed” yesterday, it was fitting that the next day MLS has announced Beckham will be going to Italy.

    Looks as though the Galaxy waited until the very last to keep Beckham from going to Milan. I think that Beckham should no longer be considered the captain of the Galaxy for this stunt he has pulled behind his club’s back. I would say give the captaincy back to Donovan, but he is leaving LA as well.

  22. As long as he does not get hurt, I think it is a “Michael Scott” win-win-WIN for everyone. David can keep in form to maybe gets more playing time for England. LA gets some cash to buy a defense, and Milan gets to sell some jerseys

  23. I used to respect Beckham and considered him a player of class but not anymore. What he did was very disrespectful to his own Galaxy team, the same team who has paid him millions to bring the Galaxy to a new level. Instead, he goes behind Arena’s and the team’s back and works up talks with another team with the Galaxy knowing before it was too late to do anything

  24. Hopefully it’ll get him fired up and back into form. He was looking pretty weak in some of those Galaxy performances this season.


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