Beckham to join AC Milan on short loan

Beckham to join AC Milan on short loan

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Beckham to join AC Milan on short loan



David Beckham is set to resume his European club soccer career.

At least temporarily.

AC Milan has confirmed reports that Beckham will join the Italian power on a short loan deal beginning in January.

The deal makes all the sense in the world. Major League Soccer’s off-season, from November to late March/early April, is entirely too long and now Beckham will have a chance to play high-level soccer before returning to the Los Angeles Galaxy at the start of the MLS season.

The reality is that more and more MLS players should consider the brief loan option. The fact that the MLS transfer window ends on April 15 means a player can move to Europe on January 1 and make it back in time for the start of the upcoming season. While it does mean time away from his MLS team’s pre-season, you can’t argue with the benefits of playing high-level soccer rather than enduring a prolonged preseason.

What do you think of the news? Worried that Beckham won’t come back? Would you like to see some of your favorite MLS players making similar moves?

Share your thoughts below.

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