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Bradley names 18-man roster vs. Trinidad & Tobago

U.S. men’s national team head coach Bob Bradley named his 18-man roster for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier vs. Trinidad & Tobago. Here is the squad:

GOALKEEPERS (2): Brad Guzan (Aston Villa: 2/2 SO), Troy Perkins (Valerenga IF: 0/0)
DEFENDERS (6): Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA: 0/0), Danny Califf (FC Midtjylland: 2/0), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew: 13/1), Michael Orozco (San Luis: 0/0), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock: 6/0), Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC: 0/0)
MIDFIELDERS (7): Freddy Adu (AS Monaco: 3/0), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers: 20/6), Maurice Edu (Glasgow Rangers: 3/0), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA: 4/0), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids: 11/0), Danny Szetela (Brescia Calcio: 1/0) José Francisco Torres (Pachuca: 1/0)
FORWARDS (3):  Jozy Altidore (Villarreal C.F.: 1/1), Charlie Davies (Hammarby IF: 0/0), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew: 0/0)

What do you think of the group? Share your thoughts below.


  1. This Guy, You may be right about no MLS players in 2010 team, but that would depnd on Donovan going to Europe and probably Klejstan and possibly Rogers too. It will be interesting to see how this all works out. I also would note that those of you who don’t understand retention of Frankie H. need to realize his value as a leader.

  2. hell yes! can hardly wait to see what these guys can do. looking forward to some great passing, ball control, possession, etc.








  3. Cooper declined the offer to play against Cuba, what makes everyone think he is somehow healthy to play 3 days later? Cooper fans you can rest happy knowing that Bradley did call him in, he is resting a sore ankle. Let’s drop the KC commentary, please!!!

  4. I like this roster is about time and see what Mr. Bob Bradley can do with the New Generation. I can see Bob playing the Youngster first and bring some of the Veteran to keep control of the game just in case. But wow I can see a team with speed, creativity to do some crosses and skill to move the ball foward. Now I would like to see a team mixed with Veteran and Youngster against Guatemala. GO USA!!!

  5. I would love to see Seth Stammler in the camp. Even if he doesnt get playing time, just to recognize the hard consistent work he put in at NY throughout the entire season.

  6. I think we have enough talent to play a more attacking midfield, with an Edu or Rico Clark as a destroyer behind a true CM (hopefully Bradley would benefit from playing a more well rounded position), an attacking mid like Sasha or Adu and two strikers. In these games why not experiment with an attacking 3-1-3-1-2 formation. Also, I think with two strikers it will alleviate some of the hostilities fans have about the position. I think a lot of the arguments stem from the fact that Bradley has made it so that it’s an either/or situation at forward instead of making it so someone like Ching could work with someone like Altidore.

  7. What about the possibillity of a 3-man back line. I believe that that is really the only answre considering the choices on the defensive side of the pitch as well as the bulk of young talented midfielders.

  8. How many times do people have to post that Cooper turned down the callup? Are you guys blind? HE TURNED IT DOWN, PEOPLE!

    Also, the TandT and Guat matches are going to be brutal if they get similar results in their respective matches with Cuba. These matches are going to be very interesting–we should get an excellent opportunity to see how tough the young guns are….

  9. FYI. Cooper was called up! He declined because of a virus and an ankle sprain that he wants to recoup from so he can be ready to play for FC Dallas next game.

  10. I think this lineup will score more, look twice as dangerous and creative as most of the sides Bob Bradley has been trotting out there.

    He has been sticking with the old reliabe Chevy when he some shiny new sports cars in the garage waiting to come out.

    Cooper should be on the roster. He doesn’t HAVE to be there for that BS friendly against Pumas and doesn’t play until the 18th in league play. I mean, if you want MLS to become a big boy league then players will have to play internationals mid-week and league on the weekends on occasion.

  11. Cooper got the call up, but he said this and declined it.

    “I feel so fortunate and honored to have been invited to join up with the U.S. Men’s National team in Trinidad and Tobago. I made the difficult decision to pass on this opportunity because I had picked up a virus and have been playing with a sprained ankle. Considering the importance of my club’s game versus Real Salt Lake this week, and that the National Team has already clinched a berth in the next round of qualifying, I felt it was the right thing to do to stay in Dallas and make sure I get well, and hopefully there will be other opportunities down the line.”

    Cooper is pure class.

    here is the link to the site.

  12. Michael Orozco is also probably half the defender that Ricardo Carvalho is (and probably 1/3 of Cannavaro in his prime). He is undersized but he’s not talented enough IMO to actually become a top class centerback.

  13. Biggest fear for BB, the youngsters play better than the vets. The theory goes out the window. MLS needs to get it together, Holden & Cooper are missing potential call ups bc of schedule. I hope thats the case, but if not I have major problems other than what I already have with BB.

  14. For all those worried about wynne not getting a start, their is such a thing as a “tactical” call up. Hejduk getting called up doesnt mean he’ll start, IF wynne gets injured, Hejduk is right there, and with Columbus already in the playoffs calling up Rogers and Hejduk were probably pretty smart call ups.

  15. Thanks Ives,

    I respectfully disagree about a few of your grades, particularly regarding the defenders. As you, yourself said, none of the defenders was challenged defensively, so that should be a wash. Therefore offensive production should differentiate them. Pearce was much, much, much more dangerous on his side than Cherondolo, who squandered all his opportunities, yet they received the same grades.

    Similarly Gooch scored a goal while Carlos did not, yet that, too, is not reflected in their identical grades.

    The subs also seemed to receive lower grades than their production would seem to indicate. Adu had only 14 minutes of action, yet managed to manufacture a goal on his own and showed no defensive shortcomings, yet he somehow received the same grade as Bradley who had an off game and actually manufactured a goal for Cuba, with his terrible turnover. Do you automatically subtract points from subs based on their minutes?

    Agree with the Ching observations and can see that the backtracking thing might be an issue for Jozy to improve, but I feel that his vision is excellent. He’s always been good teaming up with Angel and even in his 45 minutes with Villareal, he made a couple gorgeous passes to set up teammates, one of which should have definitely been converted.

  16. good im glad to see no cooper the pooper. so you lot can continue to cry for him. although your crying over and over again ticks me off, it makes me laugh even more. hahahahaha!!!! oh and why don’t you start crying for buddle again to thats a quality striker not.

  17. Hey,

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the inclusion of Hejduk? With Steve Cherundolo as the solid starter why would you keep bringing in an older back up? I think it’s important to give Wynne some valuable experience and caps. He is explosive, exciting, an an up and coming player.

    Also. I would really like to see Charlie Davies in action. I know everyone is in love Kenny Cooper but he is in a playoff race. I would like to see a speedy counterpart paired up there with Altidore. I guess we’ll have to see what the ULTRAULTRA-conservative Bob Bradley will do.

  18. I like Davies a bit more than Cooper for the next level because you can’t teach speed – but I think Cooper more than deserves a call-up.

    He got one, but turned it down (from Goff at the comPost):


    “I feel so fortunate and honored to have been invited to join up with the U.S. Men’s National team in Trinidad and Tobago. I made the difficult decision not to report because I had picked up a virus and have been playing with a sprained ankle. Considering the importance of my club’s game versus Real Salt Lake this week, and that the National Team has already clinched a berth in the next round of qualifying, I felt it was the right thing to do to stay in Dallas and make sure I get well, and hopefully there will be other opportunities down the line.”

  19. I would pretty much put all the money on the world on Issacs line up don’t know where people are getting the idea of davies a right mid when hes only ever been an out and out striker. abd Issac is right bob bradely has done nothing but win he might not be the most tactically astitute coach but he has done better in qualifiation than we have ever done so far. People need to get a grip on reality. this is becoming another big soccer.

  20. Gotta say that Wynne is coming along nicely. I know it’s not his job to score goals, but his newfound confidence on the ball is really important for him getting into the attack and helping out.

    Also, although as a Red Bulls fan it pains me to say it, that run up the left side was simply incredible. There aren’t many people who can run like that not named Usain Bolt.

  21. What would a Torres/Beasley left side do for you? If Torres is willing to defend like Beasley does I think Bob should take a look? They did that some last night and i like the idea of an a offensively gifted left back.

  22. You guys should be thanking Bob Bradley for getting the team to a point where he can call in the young talent. All the time you guys were complaining, all the time you said” I hope we lose so then the USSF can finally open up their ****ing eyes and fire Bradley”, nobody actually pieced together the puzzle. Someone else(Bob Bradley) had to put it together for you and make you stare at it for 4 straight qualifiers. Finally the ‘OOOOOOOOOOOH’ of understanding comes out. And for the love of god will everyone just SHUT UP about Kenny Cooper.

  23. —————Altidore——————–







    get off his sack people.

    Posted by: TheNug


    I 100% totally and completely agree.

  25. It’s a great group that’s got called up. I really hope Bob does not go conservative and we see some of the more attack minded players get the start, ie Torres, Adu, Rogers, Davies, etc. This is going to be great experience because T-n-T needs the result – much better than a lousy friendly. I have to admit I was a Bob B. doubter, and I still wish he would have given more of a chance to the young guns in previous games, but things have worked out well.


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