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Chicago Fire at Toronto FC: Your Running Commentary


The task for Toronto FC is simple, though difficult. TFC must win today to avoid becoming the first Eastern Conference officially eliminated from the playoffs. Win its last two games and hope that other things fall into place and Toronto could overcome an awful second half of the season to reach the playoffs.

Chicago doesn’t have such worries. The Fire is in the playoffs and the only thing it is worried about at this point is securing home-field against New England in the first round of the playoffs.

Today will also offer up a Brian McBride vs. Chad Barrett match-up. Chicago traded Barrett to Toronto for the rights to McBride in a deal that has worked out for both teams. That won’t stop Barrett from trying to show the Fire that it made a mistake.

If you will be watching today’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. brett – gutierrez has already announced this is his last season

    i believe hamlett didn’t want to reaggravate nyarko’s knee injury by playing him on the turf. smart call if true, as this wasn’t a do or die match. i would’ve liked to see pappa subbed in sooner though.

    loved the blanco goal. perfect service from rolfe, and nice play by mcbride into the open space.

  2. Why possibly injure nyarko on turf for a game that doesn’t have HUGE implications? I don’t like to see Herron out there- but risking Nyarko is not necessary

  3. DWR- i got the answer….

    to piss of Fire fans???

    oh well, there is no way Hamlett is keeping Herron next season, so lets expect this…

    Herron and Frankowski are gone next season… Carr could very well be gone as well, although his hustle is something to admire, but lack of touch is very agitating… SO….

    possible OUT:



    -Conde (perhaps depending on offers and if he wants to)

    -CJ (wants to stay but getting 3 games PT hurts his chances)

    -Guiterez (no leads on retiring but getting up there in age, plus limited PT as well..)

    the fire could come into a large chunk of $$$… we need a right winger to compete with Thor…. we need to play rolfe as a forward plain in simple… and with all the openings up top, perhaps we could find some more competitive forwards to meet up with Rolfe/BMB/Nyarko

  4. Brett- You are right, sometimes it looked like Chicago just didnt have the drive.

    But Mcbride and Blanco played very well today i dont think it falls on them.

  5. uggg… Fire play crap for the good chunk of the 1st half and paid for it with 3 goals…. a better 2nd but i am starting to get pissed with Hamlett… there is no excuse at pulling Herron on instead of Nyarko (unless he’s injured)…. this is frustrating, b/c we have the players but cant seem to get them working together

  6. slyboy- irony would have it that TFC’s defender did the same thing to Thorington in the first but instead he went shoulders down and drove thor down to the ground… yet the announcers applauded it as good defense…

  7. god our defense is playing crap… altho this game has little meaning for the Fire, except working to obtain 2nd place in the league…

    either way, the fire need to slow it down and play some more control… when we controlled it for about 20 min, we looked good…. however, when TFC controlled the other 27, we looked crap….

    Conde with a crap tackle…

    noone following the missed pk…

    and Ricketts with a wonder goal, going to be up for goal of the week…

    game is most likely over… unless the Fire can go crazy on the score board… quite possible, but getting 2 goals is hard enough as the Fire offense 🙁

  8. Wynee with a nice move around Conde and draws a PK for TFC when Conde hacks him down just inside the box.

    Ricketts PK attempt is saved but the rebound is pounced on by Ricketts and the score is now 2-0 in the 18′.


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