Crew president eases fears over potential Vegas move

Crew president eases fears over potential Vegas move

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Crew president eases fears over potential Vegas move



It was a bit of a harrowing day for Columbus Crew fans on Tuesday amid reports that an ownership group that has been trying to land an expansion team in Las Vegas was buying a piece of the Crew. The speculation started to bubble and fear began creeping in about the idea of the Crew eventually leaving Columbus and moving to Las Vegas.

Crew president Mark McCullers moved quickly to ease those fears in an open letter to fans on the team’s official blog. The letter included the following excerpt:

1.  The Crew is not moving to Las Vegas, regardless of whether this transaction takes place or not.  We have an established stadium, a recent significant investment in our concert business here, a successful and growing youth development program, plans and interest in developing a world class training complex and many other long term strategic plans to facilitate the continued growth and prosperity of the club in Columbus.

That should help ease some of the fears of Crew fans. Considering how well the team is doing, and how the fan support is growing after some disappointing seasons by team on the field, the Columbus Crew isn’t a team that needs to be moved any time soon.

What do you think of the letter? Are you relieved? Disappointed that the Crew won’t be moving? Think the Crew is lying to keep fans from going crazy?

Share your thoughts below.

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