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D.C. United downs Revs, boosts playoff hopes


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Trailing by a goal with fewer than 30 minutes left in the match, D.C. United looked like it might wind up seeing its playoff hopes dashed on the RFK Stadium turf. That was before Francis Doe saved the day.

Yes, you read that right. Francis Doe.

No, really.

The Liberian striker who entered Thursday night’s match without a goal all season scored not just one, but two goals to help give D.C. United a sorely-needed 2-1 victory on Thursday night.

The win catapulted D.C. United ahead of both Kansas City and the New York Red Bulls in the Eastern Conference standings with one match remaining at the Columbus Crew a week from Sunday.

Now the heat is on the Wizards and Red Bulls (and Colorado and FC Dallas) to post wins this weekend. KC places host to reeling San Jose while the Red Bulls must try and overcome Supplement-Gate to beat a red-hot Columbus Crew squad.

D.C. showed the attacking qualities that made them so dangerous in June, with Doe, Santino Quaranta and Luciano Emilio coming close in the first half, before Jaime Moreno and Fred came on in the second half and helped give D.C. the boost it needed.

The loss means New England could fall to third place in the East if Chicago beats or ties Toronto FC on Saturday. The Revs and Fire will meet in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, with only the seeds yet to be determined.

D.C.’s playoff fortunes are still up in the air. If D.C. does qualify, it will face either Houston or Columbus in the first round.

First thing’s first. D.C. United has now put itself in great position to qualify after tonight’s gutsy victory.

What did you think of D.C. United’s win? Think D.C. can turn things around late in the year? Think New England will fall apart without Steve Ralston?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kevin, SDM-

    I was at both matches, and in the same section (233). The noise level at the MLS match was on par with the WCQ from my seat.

    Oh… And the stadium does shake when Barra Brava gets jumping in unison. If you haven’t been to RFK, the bottom bowl on the side the camera faces is a all-metal movable section of stadium. Since can slide around from soccer configuration to baseball configuration, it’s not quite as solid as the press box side, which is reinforced concrete.

  2. Oh, and Kevin, there was only 4,000 or so more fans at the US/Cuba game than last night, not double as you speculated.

  3. It seems that since the CCL, the Revs have not looked good at all. Going by their body language, even Reis and Josephs’, they look like they are phoning it in these days. And remember, they are the one team Chicago can actually score on. The Fire are going to whack them in the playoffs.

  4. Great result for DCU. If we play like that next week, we can probably beat Columbus at Crew Stadium. We can also make a good run in the playoffs.

    On another note, ESPN actually did a great job micing the supporters this week, unlike the US game Saturday. There were probably double the number of US supporters at the Cuba game, but you could not hear them for most of the game. However, a relatively small number of DCU fans made it seem like the stadium was shaking.

  5. new england will not make it again do to that Steve Nicol.. year after year fails to win the most important games time for a change also year after year since he has been a coach attendence has drop why? cause plain boring soccer..he forgot that a soccer match at this level is also a show…that people pay good money to enjoy a good soccer match not to go and wath a boring soccer game …..

  6. Revs are already in 3rd, no matter what Chicago does with Toronto. Revs and Fire are tied on points, so the tiebreaker is head to head. Fire are 3-0 against the Revs this season.

  7. As a United fan, I was estactic last night with the victory. The victory does not change the fact that this past offseason was the worst in United history. Good players left and we got scraps in exchange.

    This team right now is playing with heart and soul. Hopefully, they will pull of one more victory.

  8. As a DC fan, I’m not sold on Doe at all. I was as shocked as everyone else on his 2 goal performance. He has almost literally done nothing all year – a complete waste of a roster spot.

    It’s not just that. He just doesn’t seem to make good decision and regularly misses excellent chances.

    I think this is a one off fluke inspired by the way the rest of the team played. DC bottled up NE into their own third and forced desperate attempt to fill in opening or to clear the ball.

  9. DC owes its victory less to Doe than to Michael Parkhurst, who looked like a spastic kid in a heart-warming Disney sports movie last night …

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  11. Last night’s win showed that DC still has it’s heart and soul – unfortunatley, I’m not sure it has the team to get to the playoffs and certainly even if they were by some miracle to make the playoffs, go past the first round.

    The offense is beginning to get patched together and if Moreno and Emilio can contribute, we are always a threat. Doe, what a surprise and I have to congratulate Tino for stepping up this year – literally coming from the deepest hole imaginable, being thrust into Ben Olsen’s role and stepping up game after game, all year.

    The defense is just not up to snuff and Janeki’s injury last night put an even bigger question mark on their ability to hold off the crew.

    But let’s enjoy the moment and keep the hope alive!

  12. “I’ve liked Doe since he was at NYRB. He’s strong, and knows how to play a hold-up forward. With our main players out w/ injury, he has come up big for us both in the USOC and vs. the Revs.”

    Don’t forget the opening goal he scored down in Costa Rica vs Saprissa. Beautiful goal in a place and against a team no other MLS team has gotten a result against.

  13. You gotta love a team that takes all the garbage New York throws away, Moreno, Quaranta, and now Doe and turns them into potent scoring threats.

  14. I’ve always liked Doe….was surprised when I read that NY had let him go. It’s great to see that DC had as much confidence in him as I did. I’m glad to see good players like Doe get a second chance.

    Looks like NY made a BIG mistake letting Doe go!!!!

  15. I’ve liked Doe since he was at NYRB. He’s strong, and knows how to play a hold-up forward. With our main players out w/ injury, he has come up big for us both in the USOC and vs. the Revs.

    I hope this game gives him some confidence. He has a lot of the tools and just needs to learn to use them occasionally (or in a more varied manner) to make a contribution to the team week in and week out.

  16. That’s right Sterlinho, I’m all about motivating people:

    “Francis Doe is another story. I still don’t get why D.C. signed him.”

    I wrote that yesterday. I’m sure Tom Soehn taped it to a bulletin board somewhere. You’re all welcome D.C. fans, I try my best.

  17. D.C. will make it again, and NE will not make past Chicago in the first round.

    My predictions for the remaining slots.


    1. y-CLB

    2. x-CHI = @ TFC, vs. NYRB

    3. x-NE = vs. KC

    4. KC = vs. SJ, @ NE


    1. x-HOU

    2. x-CHV

    3. RSL = vs. FCD, @ COL

    4. DC = @ CLB

    y-Clinched home field for Conf. Champ.

    x-playoff berth

    Looking in:


    NYRB= vs. CLB, @ CHI

    TFC= vs. CHI,


    COL= @ CHV, vs. RSL

    FCD= @ RSL

    LA= @ HOU, vs. FCD

    SJ= @ KC, vs. TFC

    Plus a potential Western Conf. Champ. match?

    HOU @ CHV [Saturday 9:30cst FSC, FSE]

  18. I swear I read on this blog people bagging on Francis Doe and the other Red Bull cast offs. Looks like he reads your stuff Ives!

  19. Shades of that Pando Ramirez guy winning the cup for LA in 2005 after 1 goal all year. The question is if this is a sign of things to come, or if they used all their breaks.

    That’s seriously good news for them too if Fred can really play out the season.


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