Hull's Geovanni says 'Chelsea will be next'

Hull's Geovanni says 'Chelsea will be next'


Hull's Geovanni says 'Chelsea will be next'



Just when you thought Wednesday’s clash between Chelsea and Hull had enough subplots, leave it to Hull playmaker Geovanni to stir things up before the battle of second-place EPL squads.

The Brazilian midfielder spoke out ahead of Wednesday’s match, warning Chelsea that the London giants are in trouble.

"Big clubs should be wary of us because we are going to continue to surprise them," Geovanni said. "Chelsea will be next after Arsenal. The Blues have a tremendous squad but they just lost to Liverpool, which is a blow for their morale, so let’s take advantage of it.

"Scolari is a top coach and I do not doubt he will be a success at Chelsea, but I feel sorry for him because we are going to beat his team."

Wow. Admit it. Wouldn’t you love to hear some trash talk like that from MLS playoff participants?

What do you think of Geovanni’s proclamation? Do you believe him? Think Chelsea is going to burst Hull’s balloon? Share your thoughts below.

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