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Introducing SBI staff writer Dylan Butler

Soccer By Ives is proud to announce that it has added veteran soccer writer Dylan Butler to the writing stable as a senior writer. Dylan will be covering all aspects of American soccer, from MLS to the U.S. national team to college soccer.

Dylan joins current SBI contributors James Tyler (European Soccer) and Casey Cannon (MLS fantasy soccer) on a staff I am hoping to see grow in the coming months as SBI prepares to take the next step heading into its second year of existence.

Dylan’s first SBI piece is coming shortly so stay tuned. For now, give Dylan a warm welcome and share your thoughts on Dylan joining the staff in the comments section below.


  1. How about a “Where are they now?” section from past MLS and National Team players. Guys like Roy Wegerle, Desmond Armstrong, Kyle Rote Jr., Bruce Murray, Cle Koiman, Ernie Stewart, Thomas Dooley, Alexi Lalas (for all the haters),Roy Lassiter, Marco Etcheverry, Eduardo Hurtado, Digital Takawira, Onandi Lowe, Mark Chung, Shaun Bartlett, Wolde Harris, the list goes on. I can even get you started, Wynalda and Joe-Max are pushing the Monie Vie pyramid scheme juice.

  2. SBI…slowly taking over the world of soccer…and your life.

    Welcome Dylan. Good luck satisfying this mob called the SBI Mafia. 🙂

  3. Dude, SBI is big enough now to hire Dylan Butler? Wow! That’s impressive. It’s amazing how this site has grown (though, really, not all that surprising).

    Looking forward to reading Dylan’s stuff here. Welcome aboard, man.

  4. dylan,just want to know if you have any fresh info. re donovan going to europe?are there any spanish or italian teams that may make a bid?i believe his style of play fits better with those leagues than it does in the budesliga!your thoughts please and any info you may have or can dig up,thanks.

  5. I am told to say Kenny Cooper is the greatest American striker, that is all. LOL. Just kidding – hey thanks everybody for your kind words. I’m excited to join SBI.

  6. Woot! Maybe as a first story, Dylan can look into the reason that Kenny Cooper doesn’t need a work permit to play in the UK. That’s been bugging me.

    Ives, you should have small bios for yourself and your contributors and link to them on your sidebar.

  7. True… SBI’s acronym stands for

    Strikers Formerly of Man Utd Named Kenny Cooper

    Beach Soccer MVP John O’Brien, USMNT

    Italian NT players named G. Rossi

    Isn’t that why half the people out there are queueing up for Q&A’s?


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