It's Q&A Time

It's Q&A Time

SBI Live Q&A

It's Q&A Time


Good afternoon folks. It is that time again. Time for you to send your soccer questions my way and time for me to try and either give you an answer or give you my opinion on the subject. (Apologies for the lack of posts today. I had to go into Manhattan for some soccer-related business).

You know the drill. Send one or two questions of modest length to me and I will try to answer them by next week (key word being try). Breaking the answers up into segments has helped me finish the Q&A sessions much more quickly so you could see some answers as soon as Friday or Saturday.

Please try to limit your questions to one or two. Also, if you want to ask a pop culture question, be it movies, music or TV, you can ask one as well. No, this isn’t turning into Music By Ives, but I figured I could mix things up a bit and see how it works.

Also remember to check out the Q&A archives. Chances are if you aren’t a regular reader and you have a question, I may have already answered your question before.

Let’s get it started, Send your questions my way.

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