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Ives Isn’t Home But SF Is (All of Your Blogs Are Belong To Us)


Greetings SBI Mafia, it’s SF from The Offside Rules informing you that all of your blogs are belong to us. See our man Ives is boarding a plane back to the Dirty Jersey from SLC as we speak so I’m going to be doing a spot of fill-in work for him while he’s in transit. Call it a "blogger bailout" if you will; if the page views get too low the banner-ad revenue gets too low and Ives’ budget for bullet-shaped ice cubes (because he’s so gangsta) will disappear like Mathias Mantilla from ReAl Salt Lake’s roster.

Remember Matias Mantilla? He was the other Argentinian who was signed by ReAl in 2007 along with with Javi Morales and Fabian Espindola but went the way of the shootout and the backwards counting clock. The Christ-a-like couldn’t stick in SLC but seems to have impressed someone other than his missus and landed himself a trial in Holland with De Graafschap. Nice.

De Graafschap. Sounds like some sort of Germanic liquor doesn’t it?


  1. For a while back in the 40s, half of Europe were Germanic people.

    Buuuuuuuuuut anyway.

    And check out Shawn’s glow-stick hot blog, it’s worth your time, your money, and favorite pair of adidas.

  2. no problem Mike, I thought it was good of you to point that out! Pretty funny, but it is good to know it was intended to be that way.

  3. OMY-

    I always thought Mantilla was pretty good. At times, a bit reckless, but solid. I really think RSL should’ve tried a little harder to try and get something for him, but that’s in the past now. I think when Olave is out (like the NE game when he was out for yellows) we especially miss him. I could certainly see him catching on with another team somewhere.

  4. Father Wants Sebotic To Play For Serbia


    I think he will end up playing for Germany or Croatia

    Lost another one /////////////USSF headmasters

  5. Hey, Aljarov, I’ve found similar ‘success’ with that remark here in god-fearing South Carolina. REALLY good times. We’re bad.

  6. Ives…you do realise this guy looks nothing like Jesus. Jesus was black! (or at the very least, Arab in appearance)

    (I only jest, sort of, though this is my favourite inflamatory remark down here in the Bible Belt)

  7. BlueWhiteLion,

    Sorry if that last comment came off as jerky. I know you were joking. I might need to fix myself a de graafschap on the rocks.


  8. Mantilla left because he got stuck on the bench after the arrival of Borchers and the coming out of Jamison Olave. He wanted playing time and asked to be released and so RSL let him go back to Argentina.

  9. lol, Mike. Weeellllll, perhaps on an historic level you are correct, however, on a popular level . . . okay, well, dangit, you got me.

  10. I’m not positive, but I am pretty sure the Dutch are a Germanic people. Swedes may be as well. Know your ethnic terms, man.

    SF – Tough crowd, eh?


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