Maradona set to coach Argentina

Maradona set to coach Argentina

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Maradona set to coach Argentina



In one of the most intriguing developments to hit the soccer world in years, Argentine legend Diego Maradona is set to become head coach of Argentina’s national team.

Yes, wow.

Maradona would take over for Alfio Basile, who stepped down after Argentina’s World Cup qualifying loss to Chile on Oct. 16. And if you are wondering, Maradona doesn’t have much coaching experience to speak of and certainly nothing close to national team coaching experience.

What’s my take? I think he’s a brilliant mind who is also very capable of having a meltdown. He will either flourish and become a great manager or will go down in flames. There won’t be any in-between with Diego Maradona. Argentina better hope it’s the former.

What do you think of this crazy turn of events? Think Maradona can spin some magic and bring the best out of Argentina’s supremely talented team? Think Maradona is doomed to fail and will be out of the job before next summer?

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