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MLS Match Night: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks, in case you forgot, tonight features some very important matches on the Major League Soccer schedule. With the playoff race tightening, every match is vital and tonight’s slate of games is no different.

Here is tonight’s schedule of MLS matches:

  • 8pm- New England at Kansas City Wizards. Wizards need a win to avoid falling out of the playoff race. The Revs need a win to try and hold onto second place in the East.
  • 8:30pm- Toronto FC at FC Dallas. TFC will be short-handed tonight and need a win to keep faint playoff hopes alive. FC Dallas can move into playoff position with a win.
  • 10pm- Chivas USA at San Jose Earthquakes. Two teams that have been playing very well lately square off. San Jose is in must-win mode while the Goats can put a lock on second place in the West with a victory.

If you will be watching tonight’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. What transpired at the end of the Dallas-Toronto was criminal. A referee should never end a game that way. The two penalties (holding, handball) should have cancelled each other out. Play should have been allowed to continue. Then, to add insult to injury, the ref makes them retake the PK — WTF? Great moment for Cooper, terrible moment for Sutton. It certainly made for an exciting conclusion.

  2. CD, I agree. And I agree with others the officiating is not very good in this league, but all teams have to deal with it equally. so that washes, imo. but… some of the TV announcers are so bad it’s almost funny. even last week on the houston goal nominated for GOTW. twice in the clip the announcer refers to DeRo when it is CLEARLY not DeRo. how can you get that wrong in the first place and then again during replay? mind boggling. you see crap like this all the time. and last night apparently the announcer are calling a hand ball when James was trying to molest Serioux? wtf.

  3. My compliments to the referee for making a decision toward the end of the game on a penalty in the box. A shirt pull then wrapping your arms around a player trying to jump for a header is a penalty that has to be called. There could be improved refereeing in the MLS but I don’t think it is horrible. I think a big priority at this point is expecting a higher standard from commentators covering the games during television broadcasts.

  4. thought it was the tug on serioux too by james, i guess we will find out what the final call was. Regardless Wynne has been absolutely outstanding the last 3 games. I thought he was ok, fast, lil bit crap with his defending and a bit overrated with his attacking but he seems to be coming into his own. By god it was a glorious goal. Hes killing it. Please let it continue. Also id love to see some more finesse for his defending but even then its a step above what it was.

  5. Isn’t that the second late penalty call for FCD in a row?

    Regardless of whether the penalty decision was right or wrong, the refereeing in the MLS is abysmal, it needs to be re-tooled big time, either with a full-time training program or by hiring competent referees because as it stands currently it is weak to quite weak.

  6. Cory, the refs didn’t screw toronto. toronto screwed toronto. well actually julius james screwed toronto. don’t listen to the FSW announcers… they’re absolutely brutal. james fouled serioux and it was BLATANT and an easy call.

    (and I’m not a FCD fan… I am a TFC season ticket holder)

  7. Cooper with the brace. 18goals in 28games. He is heading to Europe for sure come January. But where? England? Spain? Germany? Donovan should be nervous that he might overtake him in the Golden Boot race. Certaintly enough time for him to.

  8. toronto fc screwed by, who else, the refs. ref calls penalty for a handball that was BLATANTLY off a fc dallas player…before marvel wynne with a beautiful goal off a nice sequence…i feel bad for toronto and i’m not even a fan


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