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Morning Ticker: Sir Alex rips Blatter, Adams named Pompey manager and Gilardino’s handball suspension


Just when you thought the Roy Keane-Jack Warner war of words would win the 2008 Verbal Warfare award, there is a new battle brewing. Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson slammed FIFA president Sepp Blatter, questioning whether Blatter’s penchant for controversial remarks is a sign that he might be too old for his job.

Ferguson went after Blatter in a new issue of GQ magazine, where he questions Blatter’s competency amidst the myriad of unique comments the 72-year-old FIFA president has made in the past year.

“I think Sepp Blatter is in danger or has reached a point now where he is being mocked within the game,” Ferguson said of Blatter. “Whether he is getting too old I don’t know but these things can happen to people in power. Look at some of the despots in Africa."

Yes, he went there.

We can only hope that Blatter will have a sharp comeback similiar to Jack Warner’s response to Roy Keane’s jabs back in September.

Here are some other soccer stories to get your day started:

Portsmouth names Adams new manager

In of the more predictable stories to come away from the weekend, Portsmouth has named Tony Adams as the club’s new manager afterthe sudden departure of former manager Harry Redknapp to Tottenham.

Adams, 42, has spent the past two years as Redknapp’s assistant and while his coaching resume is think, he does provide the leadership that came with stints as captain for Arsenal and the English national team.

Gilardino banned for two matches for handball goal

Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino has been issued a two-match ban for intentionally scoring a goal with his hand in Fiorentina’s 3-1 win vs. Palermo.

If you haven’t seen the play yet, here is a good look:


Gilardino’s defense is that if the goal shouldn’t have counted then he should have been awarded a penalty on the same play because he was pushed down in the penalty area. Serie A officials weren’t buying that explanation and gave Gilardino a two-match ban to think about his actions.

What do you think of the above stories? Did Ferguson’s comments about Blatter make you laugh? Think Tony Adams will help Portsmouth find sucess? Was a two-game ban too harsh a suspension for Gilardino’s handball?

Share your thoughs below.


  1. Platini is French, not Spanish, and currently the head of UEFA. He was the captain of their national team in one of the all-time classics the WC 86 semi-final where France lost to Germany in extra time. I think this was the same game that the German keeper (Schneider?) knocked out a French player with a hip check at the top of the box? Cobi Jones credits that play with helping him tell others soccer is no pansy sport.

  2. “Portsmouth has named Tony Adams as the club’s new manager afterthe sudden departure of former manager Harry Redknapp to Portsmouth.”

    Wow, he went from Portsmoth to… Portsmoth!

    Just joshin’ ya, Ives. We all have brain farts, yours are just far more public. Keep up the great work.

  3. Cannot say it’s a 100% deliberate handball. Gilardino was on his way down and the ball could have bounced up to hit his arm. At any rate, it’s not a two-game ban punishment.

  4. Did the Gilardino goal count? Either way, 2 games is ridiculous. An intentional handball like that is only supposed to be a yellow card. They can review the play and give him a card after the game, but anything more than that is too much.

  5. I think the suspension on Gilardano is ridiculous. It’s up to the referees to call this stuff. Are they going to start reviewing dives taken by players and start fining them for diving afterwards? This is ridiculous. Maybe they should replay on goals scored? Huh, who would have thought that to be a good idea?

  6. I wonder why Alex Ferguson used the term ‘African Despots’ to drive home his point. Why Africa??? It makes one to have a feeling that his comment has a racist undertone. Despotism is not perculiar to Africa. It’s a global phenomenon. I want to belive that he was misquoted, or else the comment requires an apology to Africans in my opinion . Segun Feyisetan, Nigeria

  7. of course sepp blatter needs to go. hes old and he is too euro-centric when it comes to the beautiful game. Frankly im still miffed about his getting rid of the rotation policy for the world cup.

    I could not stand it being held in europe every year as sepp wants. move it around, let some other countries other than the euro’s make some money and host the event.

  8. Its good to see people calling out Warner and Blatter. I notice that Roy Keane, who is extremely likely to take over at United one day, went after Blatter’s butt boy, while Ferguson went after the big fish himself.

  9. “If the World Cup is in South Africa in 2010, it will be a total disaster with far reaching impacts on just the world of football.”

    Racist blather.

    And how are impacts far reaching if they’re just (on) the world of football?

  10. Yeah Sushant, the current club needs to approve the deal. In this case, Portsmouth needed money and getting out from Uncle Harry’s contract will save them some salary and may mean they don’t need to sell a player or two in January.

    It is a strange thing to happen though.

  11. Can someone explain to me how these managers can leave their current club *during* the season? Don’t they have contracts? Do their current clubs have to approve them leaving for a new club? I have to say that it’s one of the more bizarre aspects of futbol.

  12. If the World Cup is in South Africa in 2010, it will be a total disaster with far reaching impacts on just the world of football.

    Blatter is totally incompetent and perhaps downright negligent at his job.

  13. Blatter is a blubbering fool and is lucky to still have his job. Lucky for us the federations under FIFA do a pretty decent job of running things for the most part.

    Gilardino’s suspension is deserved. If you are going to risk cheating to get a goal then you are also risking suspension if you get caught. Nothing wrong with that.

    Nice one mig…perfect timing getting in there right after him, I hate idiots.

  14. Ives,

    Great way to start off a Tuesday once again, I believe Blatter and Platini(SP) both either drank too much funny juice or are just way out of touch with today’s football. So Ferguson’s remarks are dead on IMO.


    If you’re calling out Ives the proper word is “grammar” not the abomination you wrote. also may I suggest the New York Times as a replacement for reading Ives if small grammatical errors drive you bananas.

  15. Adams is probably a good choice for Pompey, he knows the system and the players know him. I haven’t heard of any friction there so it seems like a good fit.

    Two games is a bit harsh for that handball. A game for the red sure but the extra game is a bit draconian. Gilardino must have not donated enough to the Serie A slush fund last year.


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