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New MLS Cup trophy unveiled


                                            Major League Soccer/Tiffany

Major League Soccer unveiled its new MLS Cup trophy at a ceremony in New York City on Wednesday morning. The Tiffany-designed trophy has been named in honor of Los Angeles Galaxy owner Phil Anschutz and will be presented to the winner of MLS Cup on Nov. 23.

Here’s a more detailed description of the trophy provided by MLS:

The Philip F. Anschutz championship trophy is 24″ tall with an additional seamless base of 4 5/8″. The trophy features fluid and dynamic handles that include 11 facets on the front and back, symbolizing the 22 players that participate in a soccer match. The gold star represents the championship club, which often incorporates a star into its team crest for each MLS Cup title it wins.  The new trophy inherits select design elements from the previous two trophies, thereby honoring the League’s history while moving forward. The bottom of the Philip F. Anschutz trophy features a map of North America, with a star identifying the location of each MLS market.

What do you think of the new design? Love it it? Like it? Hate it? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Nice cup, way better than the NFL/NBA’ish former cup. This new cup would realy look nice in Blanco’s hands, haha.

    Maybe in about 30 years the’ll call it the “Landon Donovan Cup” (for me the greatest american soccer player ever, just like in Holland you have the “johan cruijff schaal”. I hope they change the supporters shield too in a real shield.

  2. i could be completely wrong but is that just a computer rendering of what its going to look like

    and maybe why the handles look a bit weird

  3. Very nice trophy I think except that it has the MLS “foot and ball” logo on it. I’m not a big fan of that logo, but now it appears I am stuck with it at least for as long as they use this trophy.

  4. Not only is the MLS logo awful, but so the US Soccer logo. Seriously, what’s with USA and soccer balls flying or being kicked? They both remind of the early 90’s. Time to redo them.

  5. I can’t really figure out those handles. They just don’t seem to fit in to me. Who knows, though, maybe they will grow on me.

    Besides that, I like it, especially the soccer ball coming out of the base, suggesting the previous trophy.

    I’ll give it a B+/A-.

  6. I love the cup. That is a very beautiful trophy, and possibly one of the best in pro sports.

    However, I am infuriated that they decided to name it after Anschutz. Of all the people in soccer to name it after, he is not it. I can think of two people worthy of having their name on that trophy: Alan I. Rothenberg or Lamar Hunt. He may have owned a lot of teams in the league, but that doesn’t make him trophy worthy (I looked him up on Wikipedia, and there isn’t really anything about his impact on U.S. soccer).

    At the very least, use both of my options and make it the RothenHunt Trophy.

    Rothenberg, I am so sorry you got bumped aside.

  7. I think this cup is much better than the old one. But I think MLS should stay with this cup for sometime as to build history similar to the Stanley cup or the world cup.

  8. Some of you really need to grow up. If it wasn’t for Phillip Anschutz, we don’t have a league….period. As for the trophy itself, i’m just glad it no longer looks like a…..well, you know.

  9. Yeah, aside from being the one-time savior of MLS, Anschutz is also a right-wing wack job who wants creationism funded in public schools.

  10. I don’t mind it at all. I think it’s great and if they don’t end up updating the d-a-m-n thing every four or five years it can really grow into itself. so i’m happy with it.

  11. The Rothenberg trophy was pretty embarassing. At least this one doesn’t look like a big wang. (NTTAWWT)

    I think fixing some of the poor branding and design decisions that MLS made in the early years will go a long way towards making MLS a respectable brand in the future.

  12. No matter how pretty they make the MLS Cup Trophy, it will never be worth the recycled Aluminum cans its made out of. The MLS cup = WORTHLESS

  13. Ives…new is better than old but there is a lot of football action this afternoon with a lot of Americans potentially in the mix…mayb we could focus on that rather than some old trophy?


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