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Red Bulls rejoice: Playoff berth comes after D.C. falls to Crew in finale


D.C. United’s 1-0 loss to the Columbus Crew on Sunday evening has helped the New York Red Bulls back into the MLS playoffs, meaning the club is in the post-season for the sixth straight season.

Few could have imagined such luck after the beating the Red Bulls took from Chicago on Thursday, but D.C. United hit the woodwork four times and lost a game it dominated for stretches. I’m not sure what witch doctor Juan Carlos Osorio hired, but they were worth every penny to the Red Bulls.

Now the Red Bulls are alive in the playoffs (the Western Conference playoffs to be exact), but the reward is a date against the defending MLS Cup champion Houston Dynamo. Nobody will give the Red Bulls much of a chance, nor should they, but Osorio will gladly accept the second life.

Not that he needs to be told but Osorio will probably be reminded a million times this week that he better not think about playing Gabriel Cichero or Juan Pietravallo. I think it’s safe to say he’s aware.

The Red Bulls will now play host to the Houston Dynamo in game one of their two-game playoff series on Saturday. Game two is set for Sunday, Nov. 9 at Robertson Stadium in Houston.

Those wondering about the regular season series should know that Houston and the Red Bulls split their series, 1-1, with each team winning the home game. The Red Bulls topped the Dynamo, 3-0, at Giants Stadium on Aug. 24. They lost in Houston, 1-0, on May 31st.

What do you think of this development? Stunned to think the Red Bulls are in the playoffs? Have hope that they can make some noise in the post-season? Think they are doomed to be embarrassed by Houston?

Share your thoughts on the Red Bulls’ playoff qualification below.


  1. everything from the above is true. so i beieve that the redbulls will finally pass on to the conference final for the 2nd time.

    the story about houston playin bad on truf, the terrible playin of pietravallo and cichero, and leitch not bein able to match up against ching or jaqua.

    now remember another thing, we lost to houston in houston without DvB and JPA, only 1-0. and so when they can here, we beat them with DvB and JPA and without cichero, 3-0.

    so i have ma hopes up and lively and have full faith that redbull can show wat they can do and osorio will rejuvinate himself and show wat he can do and get us 2 the conference finals!!!!!!(and eventually, hopefully the MLS Cup Final!!!!)


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