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Red Bulls Update: Stammler struggling with knee injury, Jimenez improving


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The New York Red Bulls may be forced to face the defending champion Houston Dynamo without midfielder Seth Stammler, who has been sidelined this week with a right knee injury that could force him to miss the MLS playoff opener at Giants Stadium on Saturday.

"Seth, unfortunately, is day to day," Red Bulls head coach Juan Carlos Osorio said. "We allow him to do more individualized training sessions and then in the day or two before the game he participates (with the team).

"Up to this point, he is struggling."

Stammler has been playing with knee pain since suffering a bone bruise in his right knee in September, an injury that has limited his ability to participate in full practices. Stammler re-aggravating the injury in the team’s 5-2 loss to Chicago last Thursday, and was forced to leave that match at halftime.

If he can’t start, Osorio may be forced to start erratic and card-prone Argentine midfielder Juan Pietravallo, who actually played very well for the Red Bulls in their 3-0 win against Houston on Aug. 24.

Not all the injury news was grim for the Red Bulls. Defender Diego Jimenez hasbeen training with the team this week and looks like a strong candidate to start in central defense alongside Andrew Boyens after not playing in the Chicago loss because of concerns about a knee injury he was dealing with.

"He is feeling better," Osorio said of Jimenez. "There is a little discrepency in the length of his legs and every now and then that causes him a problem.

"He’s feeling a lot better and I think he’s in contention (to start)."


  1. Actually, the game is on MSG at 4pm. If it had been a night game, it would have have had to go to MSG2 due to hockey games.

    I think the players would prefer a day game at this point of the year, due to the temperature.

  2. If Stam can’t go, lets hope Pietravallo is completely focused, as we’re going to need him to anchor the middle. With their current form, can’t feel too good about Rojas and Pietravallo are the central midfielders. Hopefully that all changes on Saturday…

  3. Pat – The game is also on Direct Kick followed by the game on FSC (6pm) which is followed by another game on Direct Kick (8pm)

  4. “There is a little discrepency in the length of his legs and every now and then that causes him a problem.”

    Probably not something you want your coach to admit or anyone to know about…

  5. Thanks for the input Amit. That would make sense if these games were nationally televised, but when the game doesn’t even make the regular MSG channel that shouldn’t factor in. Oh well nothing I can do it about so I’ll stop letting it bother me and just start hoping for the miracle RBNY will need.

  6. Ives, any idea why the game is scheduled for 4PM on a Saturday?? Its really ruining plans for me and my group of season ticket holders. Seems to me a Sat. night game makes sense for the only home game we get no matter how well the team does. Any legitimate reason for this? Not that the NJSEA ever needs a legitimate reason to screw fans over.


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