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Report: Seattle to announce Ljungberg signing next week


The long-rumored signing of Freddie Ljungberg by Seattle Sounders FC appears close to reality as the Seattle Times is citing a Swedish report that has revealed that Ljungberg is set to be introduced as Seattle’s designated player next week.

Ljungberg is set to join former U.S. national team goalkeeper Kasey Keller, USL star Sebastian LeToux and Gambian starlet Sanna Nyassi as the first four building blocks in the Seattle team set to begin play as Major League Soccer’s 15th expansion team in 2009.

Ljungberg, a 31-year-old winger best remembered for his days with Arsenal, has the skills and charisma to be an impact player for Seattle, but whether he is worth a designated player slot is another story. Obviously the only way Seattle could bring him in was via a DP slot, but with only one slot per team you can’t help but wonder if Ljungberg was the best fit to take up that slot.

SBI readers weren’t a fan of the Ljungberg-as-DP move when I first mentioned it 11 days ago, with 56 percent of the 1,571 readers who voted declaring that they thought it was a bad idea. You can include me in that camp. I do think he could be an impact player on the field, but am not sold on him  as Seattle’s first designated player.

What do you think of the news? Ready to order your Ljungberg Seattle jersey? Think he’s going to be a bust in MLS? Looking forward to Calvin Klein underwear giveaway night at Qwest Field?

Share your thoughts on the Ljungberg-Seattle below.


  1. He’s a good signing, if he stays healthy. Simple as that.

    I’d take him over Claudio Lopez, and I think his style of play probably suits the league more than the quasi-bust Gallardo.

  2. Ah….good idea.

    Thirty-one years old, injury-prone and of a nationality that won’t bring in a single dollar of revenue.

    But I’m sure that thousands of people will show up in the stands because a guys that was sitting the bench on a mediocre European team is on the field (or in the hospital).

    Great signing. Definitely worth millions and 1/6th of the salary cap.

  3. I think this is a great signing. Sure, he doesn’t have the fame or following that Beckham, C. Ronaldo, Dinho, or anyone at that level but he has the looks and the skills.

    Look at Schelotto, for example. I knew about Schelotto for a very long time since I’ve been watching Boca Jrs. and the Argentine League for as long as I can remember (my family is South American and therefore huge fans of the Argentine league) but I’m pretty sure the casual fan here didn’t know about him. There is NO doubt in my mind that everyone in Columbus thinks of him as THE man in Columbus and the main reason the Crew are where they are as a club — attendance and standings wise.

    I’m confident that Ljungberg will have the same effect in Seattle.

    …and he’ll sell underwear too.

  4. Ives, what about buying budding Argentinians and Brasilians, like Mexico does? Maybe we won’t get the Kun’s, but there’s still got to be quality left to pick over.


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