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Ronaldo named world player of the year, leads Best XI


Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has been named FifPro World Footballer of the Year, the first of what should be several such honors for the Portuguese winger.

The FifPro award was voted on by 57,500 players from 42 countries.

Ronaldo scored 42 goals for Manchester United last season, helping the Red Devils to the EPL-Champions League championship double.

He also headlined a stacked Best XI, also chosen by the same group of players. Here is the FifPro World Best XI:

———-Fernando Torres——-Lionel Messi———–


Cristiano Ronaldo————————————Kaka

————————–Steven Gerrard——————

Sergio Ramos——————————–Carlos Puyol

—————–Rio Ferdinand—-John Terry————-

—————————-Iker Casillas——————–

Talk about a collection of talent. You would need a U.S. federal economic bailout package to afford it all.

Any surprises in the Best XI? For me, I think Kaka was the least deserving of the group. Yes, he’s one of the world’s best, but last year was hardly a banner year from him. Who else deserved consideration? How about Andrei Arshavin, Marco Senna or Cesc Fabregas?

What do you think of Ronaldo winning the award? How about the Best XI? Share your thoughts on both in the comments section below.


  1. I wonder why people can not face reality. Cristianp Ronaldo deserves the award considering his archievement in last season’s campaign. Messi’s skilful, absolutely no doubt about that but he has nothing to show for it more like Cristiano Ronaldo who has both the premiership and Champions League to show as his archievement.

    Remember, he was also the highest goal scorer in both the Chapions League and Premiership and as a winger. He truely deserves it!!

  2. your joking right?

    Beckam is the worst thing that came into Real Madrid since roberto carlos.

    And i think Gerrard deserves his spot on the top eleven.His freekicks are amazing.

  3. I think Senna has to be there. If not Senna, than Mascherano. The D-Mid is as much as part of the game now as any other position, seems silly to always leave them off of these lists. Kaka or Gerrard leave to make way. In fact, I might go with Senna over Gerrard and Arshavin over Kaka.

  4. I am actually quite pleased that Ronaldo won, he really did deserve it.

    And as much as I love Kaka, he should NOT be on the list, nor do I think John Terry or Puyol deserve it.

  5. Funny how 3 of the 11 are from England, who did not even qualify for the Euros. Something is amiss there. The front five are right — Torres, C. Ronaldo, Xavi, and Messi were clearly a head above the fray last year, and Kaka is unarguably one of the top five players in the world. Casillas is also right. But the rest is neither here nor there. Puyol had an off year for Barca but was good during the Euros. Ramos is very iffy at times, as is Rio. Gerrard can flat out disappear and has.

    Sub Iniesta or Mascherano for Gerrard, depedning on your offense or defensive inclination. Sub any of about 10 defenders for Ramos, Rio, and Puyol, including any number of Brazilians, Argentines, or Italians. Maybe Terry stays, perhaps.

  6. C’mon…Ferdinand and Terry are the best center backs in Europe? Ayala, Nesta, Cannavaro and Dellas add much more quality to the beautiful game than England’s finest.

  7. David Villa should be there. 4 goals at the Euro’s and was 1 of the highest goal-scorers in La Liga even with being injured. And also Samuel Eto’o

  8. John Terry? Hahaha you gotta be kidding me. He’s great but was injured much of last season and was so close to a red card every time he stepped on the pitch. What about Vidic? He deserves some love

  9. 5 La Liga, 5 Premier League, 1 Serie A

    Arshavin deserves it over Kaka, and I’m shocked that more leagues aren’t represented. Granted, those are thought the three best leagues in the world (although the continent of South America might disagree), but it still is shocking to me that more leagues aren’t represented.

    And only 6 teams as well…:

    Man. U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and AC Milan

  10. This will probably be an unpopular viewpoint, but it’s ridiculous that Ferdinand and Terry are on there when you realize that they aren’t even the best central defenders on their club teams.

  11. It’s a joke that Marcos Senna isn’t included. He led his team to the Euro championship and to second place in La Liga. What a joke.

  12. Hard to complain about this group. Agree that Senna, Arshavin and most importantly, Fabregas deserve to be part of the conversation. Is John Terry really that good???

  13. Kaka didn’t do much at all last year. He shouldn’t be there. Puyol waa rock in the back for Spain in Euros, and I don’t care what anybody says, he’s still solid in La Liga play.

  14. Ives–any word on how the voting broke down for the award? It would be interesting to see if the players themselves are buying the media push for ABC (Anyone But Cristiano)to win Balon D’or

  15. Puyol? You gotta be kidding me. Thats gotta be based on the Euros because in La Liga he’s even more reckless than Sergio Ramos. No love for Pepe?


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