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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning all. If you’re looking for some good soccer matches to watch, today will not disappoint you.

In cased you missed it, here is my preview on the top matches of the weekend. Also, here are the soccer matches you can watch on TV today:

  • 10am- FSC- Everton at Arsenal
  • 10am- Setanta USA- Wigan at Liverpool
  • 11:30am- GolTV- Borussia Dortmund at Werder Bremen
  • 12:15pm- Setanta USA- Barnsley at Crystal Palace
  • 12:30pm- FSC- West Brom at Manchester United
  • 2pm- GolTV- Real Madrid at Atletico Madrid
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Juventus at Napoli
  • 3pm- Setanta USA- Lille at Lyon
  • 4pm- GolTV- Villarreal at Espanyol
  • 4:30pm- FSC- Reggina at Fiorentina
  • 5pm- Setanta USA- Portsmouth at Aston Villa
  • 6pm- Telemundo- Tigres at Monterrey
  • 6:30pm- FSC- Sunderland at Fulham
  • 7:30pm- MSG2- Columbus Crew at New York Red Bulls
  • 8pm- GolTV- Deportivo Cali at Once Caldas
  • 8pm- Telemundo- Atlante at Chivas de Guadalajara
  • 8:30pm- HDNet- Los Angeles Galaxy at Houston Dynamo
  • 9pm- FSC- FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake
  • 10pm- GolTV- Bayern Munich at Karlsruhe
  • 10pm- Telefutura- Atlas at Necaxa
  • 10:15pm- Setanta USA- Blackburn at Bolton
  • 2am- FSC- Sydney FC at Perth Glory

If you will be watching the action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. oh man rossi is good.

    watching the villareal game, and he almost dribbled through a group of like 5 defenders and scored. They were mobbing him, but he weaved through with some fancy ballwork and his eventual shot got blocked in the end by a handball, which shoulda been a penalty.

    He made a few of them fall down when trying to tackle him.

  2. Given the fact that the 11 injured Chelsea players would have made a top 4 side in Europe, the 5-0 win was simply scary. Next week the red scouse vs. Chelsea. Should be…entertaining. Cheers,

  3. Atletico with a brilliant free kick in the 89th over the wall to tie it at 1, then Drenthe earns a pk in the 96th (6 minutes of stoppage due to the ref having a cramp), and Higuan takes it, keeper guessed right, and the ball bounced off his hand and into the side netting for a 2-1 Real victory.

  4. Hej. Im in Stockholm (from Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and the Villareal/Espyanol game is on. On the 9th min. Im hoping Jozy can get in.

  5. Chelsea are on their way to winning the league. They have all it takes. Liverpool is also moving along. I see Liverpool taking 2nd and Man U falling to 3rd. With the way Arsenal is playing lately and flip flopping, i dont see them anywhere higher than 4th.

  6. Amir Zaki has 7goals after 8games. Jesus he is on fire. He might single handeling get Egypt to the World Cup. They stand a great chance with his buzz of energy and precise eye on goal.

  7. Real just beat Atletico in extra time, 2-1 on a PK. 😀 Brillant. I hope Atletico bring their A game to face Liverpool on wednesday. That will be a beautiful match. Shame Torres will miss it.

  8. 1-0 Real at the half in the battle of Madrid. Atletico got a ton of breaks, they could easily be down 2 or 3, and need some inspiration to stop looking like pretenders for the title.

  9. Real Madrid has another one called back as he’s ruled a hair ahead of the defender. Lucky for the keeper, who was embarrassed as Raul rounds him beautifully.

    That call was probably right, but Atletico is living on the edge here.

  10. Team Kia (Atletico) finally showing some friskiness on the attack.

    Real has the better of play and the goal, but it’s pretty sloppy still 18 mins in.

  11. United playing the bullies now. Berbatov sticks out his foot and watches the corner kick bounce into the net, then Rooney makes a rare error as he’s free in the box but muffs it.

  12. How hot is Rooney right now? That goal was class too. Though I agree that Berba hasn’t been brilliant, but I think he is an excellent foil for Rooney up front…

    As for Tevez, I believe the reason he’s not in the lineup today is because he just got back from international duty…at least that’s the offical story.

  13. Rooney is on fire! This time he does it all himself with a run, cut back, and sweet shot low to the near post.

    Also, Michael Bradley got the start today!

  14. Rooney’s goal was clearly good, though I still gotta believe it’s only a matter of time before United score in the second half…that said, Rooney has been fantastic, and I’m thrilled with Rafael’s agression and running

  15. 36th min – man of glass Evra comes off with injury for O’Shea.

    On further review, the Rooney goal really should have stood – shocking to have happened at Old Trafford!

  16. Nice posts doug. When I saw the RC on the scoreboard, I jumped over to the game to watch the inevitable comeback.

    I also hate seeing either Kuyt or Gerrard out wide, unless they are both out there, paired together as the wingers, which produces some of the best Liverpool play (such as last year’s CL quarters vs Arse).

    Signs still say it just might be Liverpool’s year…

  17. Call Liverpool part of the R.O.C. becsuse, “THEY WILL NOT LOSE”. No doubt Liverpool players will be sending thankyou notes out to Antonio Valencia for handing them the 3 points on a silver platter. Im happy as a red fan but 2 of these 4 comebacks have come courtesy of red cards and 3 of the 4 have come at home. But hey 3 points is three points.

    MOTM–Kuyt–I have always been puzzled as to why Kuyt is asked to play wide right in Benitez formation. Yes he works hard tracking back but for me I always have a will fell that from the time he arrived from Holland he should be playing down the middle alongside another striker. This game proves me right. Thats 4 goals in 3 for Kuyt, 2 being matchwinners.

    Also anyone who saw this has to rate Amir Zaki , if they hadnt before this game. 2 goals, selfless play holding up play and getting them out of trouble all day long. Carragher and Agger will be checking their passenger seats in their cars on the way home becuase Zaki was beside them, hassling, challenging, and competeing all game. He, for me showed the most of any player on the pitch today. Had it not been for Kuyt’s winner, Zaki is MOTM by a mile

  18. I predict total domination from Manchester United today…not that I’m going out on some wild limb or anything with that.

    That being said, United 3-0 WBA

  19. ok…only saw the last 30 minutes of the Everaton game but two arsenal goals. Howard looked shakey…couple of problematic punches and last goal went through his legs. This doesn’t seem to be a keeper with confidence.

  20. After Howard’s point-blank save, why does the Arsenal defender on the goal-line go after that ball with his foot that is further away?? Hard to explain if you didn’t see it.

    I know it is hard if you’re leaning one way and have to go the other, but it just looked awfully strange.

  21. also why is Wenger letting Toure continue to play with what clearly is some sort of shoulder seperation. Is there nobody else that can come in? This is nuts

  22. Halftime Liverpool (Kuyt) 1-2 Wigan (Zaki 2)

    wigan take a shock lead when Agger cheaply loses a pass from Reina. Amir Zaki for Wigan (1-0) To be fair, Wigan have definatley held their own and bossed the game at points. Kuyt equalizes following good left wing play from Riera and Agger who atones a little for his mistake with a controlled cross to Kuyt who finishes. Then literally 15 seconds from halftime, Valencia of Wigan, after some diligent right wing work floats a cross to Zaki at the back post 13 yards out, 3 yards wide of the post and Zaki reaches back with a beautiful side volley to make an Goal of the year nominee. Top drawer strike. Liverpool look like they are still on international break, look flat without Torres. Keane and Riera both had good chances with Kuyt being robbed from a superb strike from 25 yards out which Kirkland pushed onto the post. Wigan is definatley no joke, and watching this game side by side with the Arsenal-Everton game, Wigan would beat Arsenal easily in the form their in. Wigan have come to play, lets see if attacking the Kop end in the second half is what my Reds need. We have to comeback again, it can be done. But how many times can you rely on comebacks during 38 games


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