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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning all. Today is offering up a loaded schedule of high quality soccer match-ups, led off by the big Liverpoool-Chelsea tilt.

That isn’t the only match worth watching today. Here is a rundown of all of today’s matches on TV:

  • 9:30am– Setanta USA- Liverpool at Chelsea (LIVE)
  • 10am– FSC- AC Milan at Atalanta (LIVE)
  • 11am– GolTV- Valencia at Recreativo Huelva (LIVE)
  • Noon– FSC- Arsenal at West Ham United (LIVE)
  • 1pm– Setanta USA- Fulham at Portsmouth (LIVE)
  • 1pm– GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Villarreal (LIVE)
  • 1pm– Telemundo- Indios de Ciudad de Juarez at UNAM Pumas (LIVE)
  • 3pm– GolTV- Athletic Bilbao at Real Madrid (LIVE)
  • 3pm– Telefutura- FC Dallas at Los Angeles Galaxy (LIVE)
  • 3:30pm– FSC- Fiorentina at Palermo (LIVE)
  • 4pm– Setanta USA- Paris St. Germain at Marseille (LIVE)
  • 6pm– FSC- Stoke City at Manchester City
  • 6:30pm– GolTV- Tolima at Once Caldas (LIVE)
  • 7pm– Univision- Chivas de Guadalajara at Club America (LIVE)
  • 10pm– Setanta USA- Bolton at Tottenham
  • 10pm– GolTV- Hamburg at TSG Hoffenheim
  • 11pm– FSC- San Lorenzo at Racing

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below (please try not to discuss matches that will be shown via tape delay before they have been shown).

Enjoy the action.


  1. Cory:

    I’m a DOnovan fan but even I don’t think you can justify MVP for an out of the playoffs team. His year was great, but I put him no better than second to Schelotto’s eyepopping assit total. MAYBE behind Blanco’s great second half, too.

  2. Any idea of where Kenny Cooper might be heading in the off-season? Premier League or Bundesliga or La Liga? He has the talent to head up a mid label team.

  3. The jinx went the wrong way! Don’t let the goal fool you, that was a craptastic effort for a man who wants to play for Bayern Munich. I’m just bitter as a Donovan fan, I went into today hoping he’d win the Golden Boot, but performances like these drive me nuts.

  4. Congrats to Clint. 1st goal of the season after 5 games as a sub and 1 as a starter. He kept Fulham in the game and needs to get the respect he so deserves. I have a feeling he will be staying at Fulham come January.

  5. 20goals and 9 assists. Donovan certaintly should be MVP but Golden Boot is just as worthy. Hope he makes a brillant decision in the off-season as to whether Germany or Spain.

  6. Sorry Eric, ain’t going to happen. Donovan scores on the PK. 20 goals. To bad he’s not going to get that 10th assit.

    Of course, if DOnovan played like a man possessed, we’d hear about how he was elfish and just wanted the record…

  7. Donovan is fully in disinterested mode with the Gals down 2-1 75th. It looks even worse with Beckham back trying again. Isn’t he trying to be scouted? I hope Cooper snags a late goal and ties him (so close! just fired wide) for the golden boot

  8. Despite their pitiful play, a move to Fenerbache looked pretty good in the off-season. They had cash, a Champs League slot after almost reaching the semi’s last year, other big names on the club, and Argones as manager coming off winning Euros.

  9. Why did Dani Guiza sign with Fenerbache? He was the highest goal-scorer in Spain last season. Why not sign with Man United or Chelsea or even Werder Bremen? Why go to Turkey? I hope he is getting top dollar for his play though.


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