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Osorio: ‘Everybody should be ashamed’


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The Chicago Fire stepped onto the field at Toyota Park Thursday night and did to the rival Red Bulls what Ari Gold did to Adam Davies a few weeks ago.

I’d quote the line from Entourage, but this is a PG posting.

As far as the beating the Fire put on New York, that was straight street. Chris Rolfe scored a hat trick in the first half and he set up two more second-half goals. The Red Bulls needed a win to clinch a postseason berth. A tie? That would have gone a long way toward qualification.

But New York instead got trounced, losing 5-2 to the Fire in its regular-season finale. The Red Bulls now fly back home unsure if they played their last game of the season. The fate they controlled is now out of their hands and the Red Bulls become huge Columbus Crew fans.

A D.C. United win at Crew Stadium on Sunday means New York would miss the playoffs completely. A tie or loss by United means the Red Bulls would earn the final wild card berth and play the two-time defending MLS Cup champion Houston Dynamo in the Western Conference Semifinal Series.

"Collectively, except for one or two players, everybody else should be very ashamed of how we played," Red Bulls coach Juan Carlos Osorio said. "To be honest, as it is right now, I have a big question mark about whether we deserve to be in the playoffs."

Where did it all go wrong? Let’s start with Osorio’s lineup selection.

On Tuesday, the Red Bulls’ coach told reporters that three players waked into his office to plead their case because they weren’t included in Osorio’s starting XI. Well, Osorio’s three prized midseason signings — Gabriel Cichero, Juan Pietravallo and Jorge Rojas — were brutal.

Cichero picked up where he left off against Columbus and Toronto FC and had another howler defensively. There were at least three goals that could be directly attributed to the Venezuelan. With Jeff Parke suspended and Carlos Mendes having sports hernia surgery, the only other option centrally was Diego Jimenez.

"Diego wasn’t feeling 100 percent and I wanted to put the strongest team on the field and decided it was a chance for Gabriel (Cichero) to come back into the starting lineup," Osorio said.

Pietravallo was brought in for his bite in the defensive midfield, but he late to every challenge and was lucky not be sent off. Rojas was invisible as the attacking midfielder and was never a factor.

The Red Bulls were left exposed on a Chicago counter and Rolfe finished for his first goal of the night in the 11th minute. New York came back as Dave van den Bergh fed Juan Pablo Angel, who headed home the equalizer in the 32nd minute.

But Rolfe added two more goals in a six-minute span late in the first half and the Fire went into the locker room with a comfortable 3-1 lead.

"Early on I think we had the right game plan but once we got that one put in against us I think plans changed a little bit and we didn’t handle situations properly," Kevin Goldthwaite said.

Rolfe then turned provider, setting up Brian McBride and Daniel Woolard to give the Fire a 5-1 lead with a quarter-hour left before Mac Kandji, who came off the bench at the half, scored his first MLS goal two minutes from full time.

"Up front I thought Mike Magee worked, in the past, quite well with Juan," Osorio said. "It wasn’t the case today. Sometimes you make decisions like that and sometimes it works for you and sometimes it doesn’t and today it didn’t work out."

Now the Red Bulls, which won just one of their final six regular-season games, are left to wait and hope a Columbus team with nothing to play for to beat or tie a D.C. United side that has been given a life preserver.

"We have the firepower to make a run in the playoffs, we just have to lock a couple of things up and definitely make a run in the playoffs," Goldthwaite said. "We just have make it first."



  1. Whatever Osorio’s strengths and weaknesses may be as a coach, it is undeniable that his main personnal decisions this year — Cichero, Pietrovallo, and Rojas — have been a collective disaster. And last night’s performance reflected a team that was definitely not prepared to compete. Osorio’s willingness to continue playing Cichero in central defense is mystifying. And the lack of attacking creativity in the middle last night can be laid directly at Rojas’s feet.

  2. Posted by: brett | October 24, 2008 at 09:41 AM

    “the Fire came out guns-a-blazing… we didnt do solely for revenge… we also had the CL to play for… getting 3rd in the league will GREATLY improve our odds of eventually getting a CL spot…”

    Hey Brett, I think Chicago would need to win MLS Cup at this point to get into CL next year. Don’t know the rules specifically, but based on this year’s MLS participants:

    DC by Supporter’s Shield

    Houston: MLS Cup winner

    NE: US Open Cup winner

    Chivas USA: Supporter’s Shield runner-up

    But I’m glad to hear someone who wants their club to compete in the CCL given this years pathetic effort by three of the four teams. MLS prestige is taking a big step backward not just because we can’t breakthrough to being competitive with the Mexican teams but now regressing to struggle against the rest in the region. Doing well in the international comps has got to be the biggest reason for existence for each MLS team.

  3. “Remember that two of our best players, Angel and Van den Bergh, missed significant time, and MLS $ doesn’t really allow one to build a deep bench. It’s not like we got the $ from the Altidore sale.”

    Matt- this isn’t any sort of excuse, each team has the exact same issues with $, excpet for LA, and look where that got them.

  4. Doug, I like your line-up. Only change I would make, is put Mbuta in for Richards, cause Richards has speed, but can’t dribble past his own shadow, and I would put Boyens in the NOT CHICHERO spot. I have been pleased with Boyens play

  5. This should be our mandatory lineup for every game now


    DVB——–Mike Magee—–Dane


    Goldthwaite–Jimenez—NOT CICHERO–Leitch

  6. People keep making comments about the RB offense, about missing Kandji and Richards. The problem wasn’t their offense. Having Kandji and Richards out there wouldn’t have kept those five goals out. The problem was that the spine of your defense — your two central midfielders and your two centerbacks — played awfully. The ballwatching was incredible. Speaking as someone who’s seen too much of it this year from my own team.

  7. I’m glad people have brought up the Wanchope selection in the Eastern Conference Final last season. His reverse lineup tinkering should not come as a surprise at all.

  8. You just can’t fire the coach every year. RB need some continuity, and given the new coach, the sale of Jozy, the retirement of Reyna, and the bringing in of a ton of new players, they just didn’t have any continuity this year. I think we’ve got to give the coach the ability to bring in additional new players in the offseason, and then have a squad together for a full season to see how he does before firing him.

    Also, yes Richards and Kandji should have started. But, really, they gave up 5 goals. The problem was mostly with a horrific performance in the back. And that’s not where Richards and Kandji play.

  9. I’ve never been one of those RBNY fans that calls for the coach’s head, but this loss definitely falls all on JCO. It was a disaster as soon as the starting line up was announced and his signings have progressively looked worse with every game. It’s like he has a preference for those players because he specifically brought them in from South America. I don’t understand how in a must-win scenario you have dangerous attacking players like Kandji, Mbuta and Richards to an extent on the bench. Last night was just completely ridiculous

  10. not a mention of Dane Richards? Odd. I thought he was the most glaring omission. Why put Stammler on an island with Mapp. Mapp is good, butis a player worth rearranging your whole lineup for? If you start Dane on the right, but nature of his attacking speed, it negates to some extent the attacking way mapp like to play. He wouldnt be able do that lazy, attack-only stuff. Drop Rojas and put Stammler back in the middle with Pietravallo(who was garbage) to deal with Blanco feeding Rolfe and McBride all night. It was so simple and Osorio got it horribly wrong. Essentially Osorio staked the RedBulls entire season on guys who have only been their for 3 months and only on form during month 1, if that. Now in retrospect, I ask the question was it worth the draft picks, cash, and allocation RBNY gave up to get Osorio if this is the end result this season?

  11. 10-11-9 is a textbook definition of mediocrity. We have some good players, and some bad, and never really had time to gel. I would give Osorio another season.

    Remember that two of our best players, Angel and Van den Bergh, missed significant time, and MLS $ doesn’t really allow one to build a deep bench. It’s not like we got the $ from the Altidore sale.

  12. It’s good to see that JCO’s plan of moving to NY to improve his chances of getting a job in Europe are going really well . . .

    His line-ups shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Wanchope was a flop last year, but JCO still kept putting him in the starting XI.

  13. If you didn’t walk away from last night instantly seeing Chicago as one of the favorites for the Cup…

    You probably couldn’t tell huddalis from middleit.

  14. We need to get Kandji for good. Does anyone else notice how much more Angel works for the ball when Kandji is up there with him. Angel is a great finisher, but gets a little lacadazical when he is up there by himself. Another reason Osorio should stick with the 4-4-2

  15. Shame on Osario’s comments. He needs to OWN this disappointing result for his team. He chose his players, he chose his line-up; plain and simple.

    As a Fire fan, I am glad he left. His handling of defeat is less than desireable.

  16. It will be ok Red Bulls fans. Yes you looked like crap last night but you have a few good players and you might still make the playoffs. Give your manager a chance and relax. If you are feeling a little down today, head over to the GNC and get yourselves a pick me up supplement 🙂

    Fyi on Kandji he is not a Red Bulls player at the end of this year unless you buy him. He is currently on loan from the Silverbacks with an option to buy.

  17. This is not an attempt at trolling but is anyone really surprised?

    Redbulls have had a pretty poor inconsistent record as of recent and chicago hasnt (outside of last weekend), thats not to mention the fact that they have a deeper squad.

  18. oh and by the way… these coaching tinkerings of JCO should come as NO SURPRISE…. need i only bring up the “wanchope” issue against NE in the Conf. finals :(….

  19. Why should we give Osorio 3 years? So we can see 90 different lineups? He is so inconsistent with his line-ups, that the team has no rhythm, and can’t get into a groove. We need a coach who will make a good line-up, and stick with it, so we can get something going. I mean, if I were a coach, and we just beat a team (Columbus) pretty well, my first thought would be to keep that same general line-up. But no, he changes practically everything about it. Earlier posts were right, all of us had better line-ups when we were discussing this Tuesday. We need a new coach.

  20. paul- “By that standard, LA should fire Arena for failing to turn the Galaxy around”

    false, Arena has had less then half a season to turn LA around… JCO has had an entire season to fail O.o


    Question- how many back-heel passes does it take for the Redbulls to recognize that’s what Blanco is going to do???

    Answer- i dont know, perhaps we’ll find out next season

    honestly redbulls, i lost track of how many back-heel passes blanco performed… and the reason he kept doing it was b/c you guys failed to recognize it…

    the Fire came out guns-a-blazing… we didnt do solely for revenge… we also had the CL to play for… getting 3rd in the league will GREATLY improve our odds of eventually getting a CL spot…

    Rolfe man of the match… man of the WEEK… 3 goals and 1 assist (and 1 2nd assist)… the guy couldnt be stopped…

    my only complaint was that Hamlett waited so long to bring in subs…. i liked Woolard as a sub… i like Nyarko as a sub… but i would have prefered Pappa instead of Banner… but why wait so long?? get them all some PT dangit >:(

  21. I was dismayed as soon as I saw the starting line up. Even if Jimenez was not 100%, he should have started. I am tired of JCO constantly tinkering with the back 4 especially since the back 4 from the game against Real Salt Lake (Goldwaithe, Jimenez, Boyens and Leitch played well. Pietravallo seems to think just of himself. Even if Blanco had hit him in the face with the ball on purpose, he can’t let his emotions keep him distracted from playing for his team. While I like Stammler, why all of sudden push him up to outside midfielder. And lastly Magee is so ineffective. He had the ball a number of time and not one dangerous play. How could JCO not have started Kandj. The only reason I don’t want JCO fired is that we have so many coaching changes that the Red Bulls need some stability and we could give him another year to prove himself if not the playoffs.

  22. you know, recently, i’ve been wanting to see reyna back on the field…

    … er, probably not. rojas is definitely better.

    and maybe bring back tim regan to shore up the backline? he can’t be as bad as cichero has played… what’s his problem, ives? he was clearly a good player until about a month ago when someone flicked the switch at the small of his back to “terrible”.

  23. It’s strange, I’ve been ashamed of this team more times than I can count. But after this game I am simply enraged, not ashamed.

    I could write a book on last night’s game, about everyone except VDB and Angel. JCO got outcoached to a point where I think it was the only time I’ve EVER seen (in soccer) a guy getting outcoached be so obvious.

    Magee’s little streak is obviously over. I know all the Chicago fans love how he tenses up as if he is really trying so very hard to win a 50/50 ball or a tackle but then just stands there. I mean, he literall y is FAKING trying to win balls. That means he needs to be benched again until the next hot streak, because in all honesty I want to strangle him.

    Aside from Angel, DVB and Kandji I want to physically assault this entire organization. I can’t remember the last time I was this pissed off.

  24. At least Arena ball got us into the playoff last year. I am a RBNY fan but this team just doesn’t have it this year.

    Can they extend the deadline for the expansion team list? please someone bid for another NY team? one that has a winning attitude and people can root for, since so far this team for the exception of a few players has been awful!

  25. I would agree that Osorio made some mistakes last night with his selections.

    I don’t think he should be fired because you will all be in singing the same tune next year at this time with another coach. Red Bulls will become the Newcastle of MLS if you keep firing coaches.

    By that standard, LA should fire Arena for failing to turn the Galaxy around.

  26. Fellow posters, we have to STOP demanding the coach’s head every few months.

    We have to give Osorio three years to prove his worth. You cannot build a team overnight. Do I need to remind you of Houston/Columbus/NE? Lets get behind him and hope he can turn it around, but not in a week or two!!!!

  27. What a damning indictment this game was on Osorio’s personnel decisions. I don’t just mean who starts or doesn’t this game–every coach can get this wrong. But he waited 2/3rds of the season to give us…Cichero? Pietravallo?

    I thought Arena had a mixed bag of personnel decisions–like the decisions on outside defenders for instance. But JCO waited and waited and waited to bring people in because he wanted to be sure he got the right guys. And instead, about the best we can say is that Rojas is sometimes useful and if we don’t lose Kandji or Mbuta in the expansion draft, they look like they have an upside.

    Last of all, given how this team is playing and the reality of being forced to rely on Cichero in central defense, given a very raw GK, I think a matchup against Houston, well, it would be really ugly. If this team looked slow last night, imagine how the RedBulls would look against a Houston team that has legitimate speed on the flanks. Or not just one but several forwards that are serious aerial threats. Or defenders that match up better against Angel than most of the those in the league do.

  28. If the red bulls don’t make the playoffs will Osorio get fired because he didn’t meet the “MLS cup standard” that this proud franchise set for its coach last season?

  29. Hilarious! (and sad – I want to like NY)

    I can’t believe how changing a coach each year/two can do anything more then what NY is as a team (hit/miss). The team needs a consistant and long-term ‘game plan’.

    Personally, I wish that was el Bruce – but that’s long over. I do think Osorio-hype was mostly due to a very-in-form Blanco (we could have just as easily dumped on him for senor bad-knees or given their current coach more/justifiable credit).

    But, the last thing NY needs to do is change coaches – keep this guy and let’s see what he can do during his contract.

    As to blaming the players – that is a fact, they stunk it up.

  30. Why should Osorio go? You wanted him so bad, complained so long and hard, and now you got him. Him, who is the coach, and bought, trained and selected the players, and thus who is *most* responsible and thus should be *most* ashamed of all. Be careful what you wish for …

  31. The Red Bulls may have started one of the slowest lineups in MLS history yesterday. Their front 6 players had no pace and looked impotent (other than angel and dvb).

  32. Like I said yesterday, there was no chance NYRB wins that game. I didn’t think they would get pasted like that though.

    Does anyone else find this comical?

    “We have the firepower to make a run in the playoffs.”

    They may want to check Goldthwaite for drug use there.

  33. Yes, “Pollito” Capero (get it ? Pollo Campero) made Jon Busch looked like Andre the giant.

    Yes he scored a goal last week but should have done better on 2-3 goals yest.

    Was it Chicago or NY that had the must win game yest? Its VERY VERY bad when you lose THAT bad in a must win game against a team that had nothing to play for.

    It was a Karma Comeuppance, at the very least if the bad blood didnt exist Chicago probably wouldnt have played all their starters. As it was there was no way Hauptman would have allowed otherwise.

  34. Arena at least got them into the playoffs

    Juan Benedict Arnold Richard Hansen Guissepe Rossi Tokyo Rose Osorio will probably look to bail on NJ before he gets fired.

    Funny to see the Fire pass the ball around and keep it on the ground ala an “Osorio” team.

    NJ got what it wanted…and deserved in Osorio. To be fairl Columbus should come out with same line up it had against NJ.

    the NJ goalie looked like an oompa loompah

  35. I blame it all on the coach, anyone who watches the games in and out every week knows who the players are that play and fight for the ball. I don’t feel like Cichero wants to play for the bulls and Rojas is either in league with him or just waiting for a check, what gives? reminds me of Reyna. put in Mbuta, Kandji and Richards and maybe we have a chance at getting somewhere in the playoffs; if DC loses that is.

  36. Less than a year ago people were howling for Arena’s head, then touting Osorio as the Second Coming.

    Marc de Grandpre is the one who should be ashamed. Oh, no, wait, he’s back doing what he knows about, selling soda pop somewhere…

  37. Cichero Huh? How’s the Venezuelan natl team doin?

    Damn shame that JCO

    Well ‘fool me once…fool me..uh twice…er don’t fool me again’

    We had better line ups planned on tues than that guy had on the field on thursday. The choices were so freakin obvious! How about putting the best players on the field all at one time? No more trying to outsmart the competition before gettin on the pitch. Leave that up to the players.

    Teams that win on the road deserve to be in the playoffs.

    We will see if the football gods have a sense of humor and let us play in the tourney with the big kids.

    Take away Cicheros uniform. He doesn’t deserve to wear Jozys number. Maybe we should burn it as a peace offering.

  38. Osorio needs to learn to take the public responsibility completely on his shoulders. A top manager would never blame his own team like this. It’s one thing to yell at a team in the dressing room, but badmouthing them in front of the media serves no purpose.

  39. “Everybody” is terribly vague here.

    Do you see any self-examination here, much less JCO making any kind of public admission that he failed as much as any of the players out there?

    Or does he really think he avoids responsibility for that nationally televised mess?

    What a disgraceful tendency Osorio has demonstrated, of publicly chucking everyone under the bus except himself. It ain’t the first time this season. Disgraceful.

  40. Not only the players, but Osorio also performed badly!

    Let’s look at his starting line-up that:

    – didn’t include the back 4 that have performed the best all season. Putting Cichero (who has been horrible) in!!

    – didn’t include Dane Richards…one of our biggest attacking threats…until the 64th minute! AND no Mbuta in his place. Instaed we had… Seth Stammler??

    – left Angel alone up top. Magee was playing a withdrawn striker, and was all over the field (ineffectively). No Mac pairing with Angel at this point was inexcusable.

    Once Dane and Mac were in we started showing signs of life at that point. But at that point it was too late. Rojas was ineffective all game. As was Magee. Seth was used in the wrong role. Pietravallo and Cichero picked up right where they left off and were terrible.

    Hooray for Angel. Hooray for van den Bergh. Goldthwaite was also OK.

    But that’s it.

  41. Osorio must go, plain and simple, i Hope DC wins to just put us out of our misery. if DC manages to lose i expect a first round loss anyway. Scratch the whole team, keep a hand-full of players and build around them, find that other DP and build around that as well, but osorio must go.

  42. Osorio – how do you have a starting line up without Richard, Kandji, or Mbuta? Angel alone again. All the offense comes down to, “Give Van Den Bergh the ball, he seems to have a clue what to do with it.” Rojas trots around making no offensive OR defensive contribution. Osorio comes out to play for the tie and gets nothing. Deserves nothing.


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