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Wednesday World Cup Qualifying on TV


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Good evening folks. If you plan on watching World Cup qualifying matches, be it live or via TIVO, here is a schedule of World Cup qualifiers on TV on Wednesday:

  • 5:30am- FSC- Qatar at Australia
  • 11am- FSC- United Arab Emirates at South Korea
  • 1pm- FSC- Netherlands at Norway
  • 2:25pm- Setanta USA- Switzerland at Greece
  • 2:45pm- GolTV- Wales at Germany
  • 3pm- FSC- Slovenia at Czech Republic
  • 4:25pm- Setanta USA- Spain at Belgium
  • 4:45pm- GolTV- Montenegro at Italy
  • 6:15pm- Setanta USA- Albania at Portugal
  • 8pm- ESPN- USA at Trinidad & Tobago
  • 9pm- Telemundo- Mexico at Canada
  • 11pm- Setanta USA- Turkey at Estonia

What games will you be watching? What match-up, be it teams or players, will you be looking forward to the most on Wednesday?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. KGB,

    ESPN2 is going to be on HD, I already got my TV setup for recording and on reminder just in case I don’t make it on time to see my mighty USA. I can’t wait to see how this young kids do at T&T, I just hope the give a good show, put some heart on it.

  2. I will watch US vs TT. I think Mexico Vs Canada should pretty good too since Mexico lost to Jamaica. I’ll probably listen to Peru Vs Paraguay on internet radio.

    Would be interesting to see how the young US team does on the road. GO USA!

  3. In the newest video on’s youtube page, if it weren’t for Hejduk and Beasley, it would look exactly like a high school/college field trip group they’re so young. Kinda great.

  4. Australia v Qatar could be quite intriguing, but I’m not getting up at 2:30AM local for it. I’ll have to count on match reports to see how Khalifan did, as well as the Socceroos.

    Their group also has Japan so one of those three likely doesn’t go to the Finals (sure they’d could against the third in Group Two and then beat the winner of Oceiana and get in).

    Even with a draw Qatar would be in command of the group, as they would still host Australia later.

  5. Rob, I think we’re all looking for that.

    I always enjoy watching Spain play, but don’t get Setanta unfortunately.

    Obviously, I’m very excited about out game, seeing how the young guys do. If Jozy scores more than one goal, I’m convinced he needs to start at least the home games in the hex. At least.

  6. I’d like to see Jamaica keep their momentum going at home.

    If they somehow get a win against Honduras, and Canada uses the cold weather to help them sneak by El Tri (I know, incredibly wishful thinking), it would set up a helluva last match day in group 2.

    Honduras would be hosting El Tri (both would still be on 9 pts in this scenario) in what could be a must-win game for both teams, since Jamaica (would be on 7 pts) would have Canada at home.

    I know, incredibly unlikely, but still possible.

  7. the picture is half of what im interested in. altidore and adu, presumably getting 90 minutes in a game that matters a LOT to our opponent. im very interested to see how adu responds to (again, presumably) getting big minutes- it seems that, when brought off the bench, it takes him a while to find the flow of the game.

    …and it would be nice if canada knocks off mexico. hey, it could happen- canada becomes world beaters once theyre eliminated.

  8. I’ve been thinking about it and right now assuming everyone is healthy the lineup that started against Cuba would be what I would want to start in 2010 except with Altidore and Ching reversed

  9. Canada was thinking when they scheduled this game in Edmonton. The temperature at game time should be a balmy 41 Fahenheit…and falling throughout the game. I have faith in Canadian pride so I’m looking for an upset.

    Nic_J – very funny 🙂

  10. It sucks that the USA game will not be in HD even though its on ESPN. Most of the qualifiers, especially on classic, have looked like they were broadcast from the moon.

  11. I would love to see a Canada win or draw against Mexico, just to make things interesting. Also I wish Canada could get their act together and provide a little more competition in the region.

  12. Greece-Switzerland could be very interesting. Those are definitely 2 teams on the bubble of teams expected to make it to the World Cup, although the Swiss did themselves no favors by beefing it to Luxembourg.

  13. Gonna have to follow the Germans and Spain on my kick. Turkey and Estonia should be interesting too.

    I’m not sure how the US will do agaisnt T&T. Dont know if the chemistry will be right. It’s a road game and communication can break down quick. Will be fun to watch though to see how well they do.


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