Wednesday World Cup Qualifying on TV

Wednesday World Cup Qualifying on TV

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Wednesday World Cup Qualifying on TV



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Good evening folks. If you plan on watching World Cup qualifying matches, be it live or via TIVO, here is a schedule of World Cup qualifiers on TV on Wednesday:

  • 5:30am- FSC- Qatar at Australia
  • 11am- FSC- United Arab Emirates at South Korea
  • 1pm- FSC- Netherlands at Norway
  • 2:25pm- Setanta USA- Switzerland at Greece
  • 2:45pm- GolTV- Wales at Germany
  • 3pm- FSC- Slovenia at Czech Republic
  • 4:25pm- Setanta USA- Spain at Belgium
  • 4:45pm- GolTV- Montenegro at Italy
  • 6:15pm- Setanta USA- Albania at Portugal
  • 8pm- ESPN- USA at Trinidad & Tobago
  • 9pm- Telemundo- Mexico at Canada
  • 11pm- Setanta USA- Turkey at Estonia

What games will you be watching? What match-up, be it teams or players, will you be looking forward to the most on Wednesday?

Share your thoughts below.

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