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What was this week’s best MLS goal (the choice isn’t as easy as you think)


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What a week for MLS goals. While Danny Cepero’s 80-yard free kick shocker is the goal getting all the attention this weekend, some folks could argue that there are goals more deserving of an MLS goal of the week accolade.

Why? Well, this week someone sent a memo out telling MLS players to try and cook up some jaw-dropping goals and that’s exactly what they did. There are four quality finishes that will challenge Cepero’s history-making goal for top honors this week.

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen Cepero’s goal yet, take a look here.

While most MLS fans have already seen Cepero’s goal, here are the four other gems delivered in MLS this week (be sure to vote in the SBI poll at the bottom):

Cuauhtemoc Blanco’s long-range blast

Amado Guevara’s long-range blast

Will Johnson’s nasty side-volley

Angel’s game-winning volley

Which goal do you think was the best of the week in MLS? MLS has its own official voting for the goal of the week award, but I want to see how SBI readers vote:

Which did you pick? Share your thoughts and selections for this week’s MLS goal of the week in the comments section below.


  1. those sayin wills goal was no good cause the defender backed off. do you realise the keepers goal was cause the keeper on the other end is retarded. that goal took no skill at all it was all cause of turf witch football should not be played on, and a crap keeper at the other end.

  2. Angel clearly uses both arms to cradle the ball with his chest before he hits it. It should have been a hand ball.

    Will’s first touch got away, but he made up for it with a sweet strike.

  3. Ok, dude who thought the Johnson goal was a bad touch that turned lucky: Seriously?

    I’m sorry to have to say this, but whatever state you’re in is an at-will fan-employment state. We can seperate from you at any time, for any reason – you understand. And, at this time, we’ve decided that our fandom needs to go in another direction, and you need to go in yours.

    I know this may be surprising to you. I’m sorry. I know there’s lots of leagues looking for fans today! Particularly hockey – if you’re in a hockey region, try it out. Some people really love it. You might make a great new future for yourself there, with hockey. Or basketball. Whatever.

    Hope everything works out.

  4. Cepero’s goal was more a case of bad goalkeeping and a bad turf bounce than a great goal

    Personally, I prefer Rickett’s volley to a number of the other ones listed here.

  5. I don’t think there is any question. The sheer difficulty ratio combined with the placement and control gives me no room for question. Johnson is not the greatest striker, but seldom do you see a better one play highlight.

  6. metrostar: I loved Angel’s goal, and as far as I care, “world class” is also applied to him. As far as overall skill, Angel takes the cake. i love him as a player. Just between the two–regardless of whether or not Will could duplicate that goal–I thought it was extremely good.

  7. A horrible first touch?

    The best definition that I have heard for GOOD first touch is a touch that allows the player to get a second touch.

  8. I don’t see why Ceparo is leading the vote on MLSnet right now, pure luck of playing on turf. Personally I think Findley’s goal in RSL’s game was better than that. Johnson all the way.

  9. In all honesty and fairness, if you think johnson’s was the best, then what do you think of Angel’s? World class control and presence of mind to shoot. Except in Angel’s case, the area was swarming with defenders unlike Johnson’s

  10. Ives–i keep looking about both goals, and while my admiration for Angel’s goal is on the rise, I can’t understand how it is technically more difficult. The rate at which Johnson’s ball is traveling and spinning makes it a higher degree of difficulty for me. That said, Angel does very well to chest it in front of himself, and pulls off a clinic in striking it powerfully and keeping it low. It is a beautiful strike. I just can’t see how it is more difficult.

  11. Fan, this is how I see his ball handling: if he shoots a one touch goal, neither he, nor anyone else, gets much power on it. He is NOT close, nor right in front of the goal. He has to shoot it at an angle that is behind and away from him. He needs to square himself up with the goal. His touch is clearly intended to pop the ball up and then turn his body toward goal, and with a much better shooting angle to slam it home. Which he does. It IS world class, as others have said.

    Hincha Tim–thanks, I hadn’t -paid attention to the GWG status of Johnson. Good point.

  12. Tim, the two goals were technically game-winning goals, but the circumstances were different. For one, it wasn’t a must-win game for RSL. If RSL had tied against FC Dallas it would be in the same position going into the last game against Colorado, needing a tie to advance. A tie vs. FC Dallas would have left RSL tied on points with the Rapids, holding the edge on goal difference over Colorado. Now, a tie could have opened the door for FC Dallas to steal the spot with a win and RSL-Colorado tie, but again, it wasn’t a must-win game.

    If the Red Bulls had tied against Columbus, they fall behind KC, DC and Colorado in the playoff race and go into the Chicago game needing a win and help to reach the playoffs. That’s what made their game a must-win game.

    Lastly, Johnson’s goal came early in the second half (54th minute) of a game RSL was in complete control of thanks to a man advantage. Angel’s goal came in the 76th minute of a game the Red Bulls weren’t in complete control of.

    We can agree to disagree but I just think Angel’s goal had a higher degree of difficulty. Both were great though, you can’t go wrong with either one.

  13. Cepero goal is something you can see almost any weekend watch 12-18 ages in recreation leagues. The only thing that makes it important is it was the first goal by a keeper in MLS.

  14. Ives,

    Johnson’s goal for RSL was during a must win game that was the winning goal also, so I don’t see the difference between that goal and JPA’s as far as importance or effect on the respective games.

    To those who say Johnson’s goal was luck, you can say that about 95% of goals if you look at and break down all the elements that go into scoring a goal, that’s why they are so rare. Some goals are more lucky than others: a deflection off a player (which this one was not), a bad call by the ref (which this one was not). Johnson did not have the best initial touch on the ball, but he recognized an opportunity and took it. There was no luck involved in that anymore than any other goal: luck= opportunity + preparation.

  15. No matter how impressive and unusual that goal by Cepero is, it won’t get my vote over a deliberate and technically sound world-class goal like Will’s. And, thank goodness because I don’t want any goal on football lines to ever be goal of the week.

    Yes, I know it happens regularly.

  16. BlueWhiteLion – That’s right, I don’t think he intended to flick the ball up. Why would someone do that when they are just outside the box and have space around them?


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