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What USA lineup do you want to see vs. T&T?


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You wanted to see the youngsters and now you will see the youngsters.

U.S. national team head coach Bob Bradley has called in a very young squad for Wednesday night’s world Cup qualifier against Trinidad & Tobago and we should see a very interesting lineup taking the field.

With no TIm Howard, Landon Donovan, Oguchi Onewu, Carlos Bocanegra and Michael Bradley, the next U.S. lineup will feature the first major national team opportunity for several players. Players such as Jose Francisco Torres, Jozy Altidore and Freddy Adu should all earn starts, while players like Robbie Rogers and Charlie Davies could also get looks.

So what lineup will see on Wednesday? Here is one potential starting XI:

POTENTIAL USA LINEUP vs. Trinidad & Tobago



————–Torres———Edu ——————-



I think we’ll see either Edu or Mastroeni will start in central defense. Both have played there before, but Mastroeni is more experienced in senior level games playing there. Michael Orozco is on the roster but I’m not sure we will see him start.

I have Kljestan listed on the right flank and think he can be effective there. He played their briefly against Cuba and is well-suited to play there. Charlie Davies could also play there but I’m not sure if he’s healthy enough to start. The same applies for Danny Szetela, who is also nursing an injury.

What lineup would you like to see on Wednesday night? Share your thoughts below.


  1. GK: GUzan

    LB: Wynne

    CB: Califf


    LB: Bornstein

    CM: Edu

    CM: Kljestan

    LAM: Torres

    CAM: Adu

    RAM: Szetela

    CF: Altidore

    It’s time for the youth movement. Bradley already knows what Beas can do. Bradley needs to give the “Young Guns” a full 90 or as close to that as posisble.

  2. mat reis—–mat reis

    mat reis——————mat reis

    mat reis——-mat reis——-mat reis

    mat reis————–mat reis

    mat reis

    mat reis(GK)

    coach: mat reis

  3. ———-Altidore—-Davies—————







  4. emilio (PARSIPPANY,NJ):

    What things do you need to improve on the most? Any chances of playing for Senegal?

    Macoumba Kandji:

    Well the things I need to improve the most are my left foot, which is getting better each year and learning my runs, which I can learn from coach and Juan Pablo and all the great players here. And there is definitley a chance to play for Senegal or the U.S. National team. Both are options and we will see what happens.

  5. ____________Guzan_____________






  6. Well it’s not often that yanks abroad scoops Ives or Goff but apparently Pablo and Robbie have been replaced because of injuries with Brian Carroll (DC United plase take note) and Chris Rolfe…so now…what does that do to our lineups!!!

  7. I Expect to see


    Hejduk –Califf–Orozco–Pearce





    Subs –

    Wynne for Frankie

    Bornstien for Pearce

    Davies for Klestan

    I’d like to see





    Davies ————-DMB




    Get Klestan in

    Szetela sub for Edu

    Bornstein sub for Pearce

  8. I began the day thinking that Bob might trot out a 3-5-1 and attempt to control the midfield… but with only two CM one of whom is Orozco who has not seen a NATS game, I can’t imagine Bradley will do that.

    As well Pablo’s knock keeps him out of the game meaning that we will likely see Sacha and Edu in the middle (unless Szeltza gets the nod and Edu moves to the back?). I would expect either a 4-4-2 or a 4-2-3-1:


    —Jozy- – Davies

    Adu – Sacha – Edu – Beaz

    Pearce Orozco Califf Hejduk




    -Beez Adu Davies

    ——Edu Sacha—-

    Pearce Orozco Califf Hejduk


    But I love M Vanns Christmas Tree line up from the previous page:


    —-Torres —Adu—-


    Pearce Orozco Califf Hejduk


  9. Randall – i posted something to the same affect when the roster was announced. I agree this isn’t an easy game by any means and it woudl be good to the Dempsey and Donavan running with Altidore and Adu and a few of the others. They need get PT together.

  10. Randall, I have to agree with you. I wish there were more solid information about the decision making process re: call-ups. Maybe then we could see a rationale. I did say “Maybe.”

    These matches are going to be very tough and I think if winning really mattered he’d have some of the more seasoned players in there, especially Ching. Just kidding.

    But why not Donovan and a few of the others who seem to be locks for 2010?

  11. ————-Guzan———-






  12. im glad so many of you have a “nothing to lose” atitude, cause we just might lose the game.

    honestly im baffled by the roster. two center backs, one of whom (unless im mistaken) has never been capped. i guess califf and mastroeni will do, but why no parkhurst? chad marshall?

    i know its important to see new faces, but if theyre not integrated- if youre throwing out a completely green team- i dont know how much you learn.

    id have rather seen wynne alongside gooch/boca/pearce in a game that mattered. id rather see jozy play 90 with donovan/dempsey/beasleyin a game that means something.

    we didnt see that, no- cuba at home is faaar too dangerous- so now we are throwing all the “leftovers” out at once? on the road in concacaf? what happened to the reasoning that gets our “experienced” guys on the pitch every game at the expense of actually integrating our younger guys?

    in any case, i expect bradley to use all the experience he has available…


    hejduk mastroeni califf pearce

    kljestan edu

    beasley adu torres


    personally id like to see szetela as much as possible, but im more worried about this team coming away with a loss. again- glad youre all so cavalier about it- id rather not lose now because we were too cautious to play the kids who ARE ready instead of playing all the kids at once. what would we learn from that?

    we were getting through this round regardless. there is absolutely no questioning that- we should have been bringing altidore/adu into the team the entire time, even if it meant a draw in place of one of those wins. we would have just won the next one.

    i just believe more in building a team than playing the one you have, and once you have the luxury holding open tryouts.

  13. ———-Jozy—-Davies———-




    Too bad all the vets will start and play most of the game giving nothing for the youngsters to play with.

  14. Could Bradley use these matches as an opportunity to call in Subotic before he commits to Germany?

    Cooper is hurt and sick, by the way…


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