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You Write the Caption: Ronaldo Rehab edition

Good afternoon folks. It is time for the latest installment of You Write the Caption.

Before we get to the new photo, I want to congratulate Darwin for winning the previous YWTC: The Josh Wicks edition.

Now, onto this week’s edition. The subject is none other than Brazilian legend Ronaldo, who is in Brazil rehabilitating from his most recent knee surgery. Here is a picture of him resting between workouts:


‘Ronaldo takes a break from practice by sitting on Abel Xavier.’

Now it’s your turn. Give us your funniest captions and please remember to keep them clean.

Fire away.


  1. Oh God, please Lord, help me to relase this deamon. Ahhhhh…. Thank you Lord, the most merciful almighty… Eh. Hold on! AAAaaaahhhhhhhhh…. those enchiladas. Thank you Lord.

  2. Proof that the fincial crisis has hit Brazil, as legendary striker Ronaldo is forced to use a traffic cone as a porta-potti during training.

  3. “Ronaldo limbers up before a long night out on the town.”


    “Doc, I don’t these suppositories you gave me for my knee are working properly.”


    Ronaldo ponders: “How did I go from 3-time World Player of the Year to coaching the youth academy for the Colorado freakin’ Rapids?”


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