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Bradley calls in 19-man roster for brief training camp


The U.S. national team has called in a 19-player roster for a four-day camp in Colorado. The short came comes a week ahead the team’s upcoming World Cup qualifier against Guatemala on Nov. 19 at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. The roster for the mini-camp is NOT the World Cup qualifying roster, or even the final qualifying camp roster. Veteran midfielder Pablo Mastroeni and MLS star striker Kenny Cooper are among the selections for the short camp.

Here is the rest of the group:

GOALKEEPERS: Brian Edwards (Toronto FC), Troy Perkins (Valerenga IF), Matt Pickens (out of contract)

DEFENDERS: Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Sean Franklin (Los Angeles Galaxy), Cory Gibbs (Colorado Rapids), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Drew Moor (FC Dallas), Michael Parkhurst (New England Revolution)

MIDFIELDERS: Colin Clark (Colorado Rapids), Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA), Nick LaBrocca (Colorado Rapids), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids)

FORWARDS: Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards), Chad Barrett (Toronto FC), Conor Casey (Colorado Rapids), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Kenny Cooper (FC Dallas)

Again, this is not the entire group that U.S. coach Bob Bradley will select his final roster from, with players whose teams lose in the MLS conference finals as well as some other European-based players being possibilities to be called in. in fact, a good number of the players on this initial roster won’t be on the roster vs. Guatemala.

What do you think of this group? What name surprises you the most? What player are you happiest to see get a call (besides Kenny Cooper)?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. What a painful thread. Brett, pretty much agree with everything you said.

    You know though – I actually don’t think this camp crew is as bad as everyone is making it out to be. These are opportunites for BB and his staff to track players in the pool. It’s good excercise and some interesting call-ins. Like others – I wouldn’t mind seeing Wynne called up for everything. The more time he has with the Nats the better its’ going to be for him.

  2. zach- eh, Davies just ended his season this past weekend….

    anyhow, he’s been on the T&T roster, he’ll be included again when the Guat roster comes out… this is merely a fringe training stint… it means nothing, except could catapult some of the fringes into the Guat roster, but i think some are to be expected: Jozy, Davies, Adu, Guzan, Torres & Orozco are most likely going to be on the roster as they’ve been on past rosters…

  3. And Nic D., you obviously haven’t been following very closely on a lot of other fronts–just because they are young and untested does not mean they will be good. That signals a real lack of understanding of the game on your part.

  4. Nic D “The Texas 2 Stepper- pls drop the Subotic talk, its getting redundant and sad… until he makes a decision, lets leave him off our future rosters shall we???

  5. im bored reading the exact same crap over and over… guys re-read, this is merely a mini-camp and not even a selection of who he might take to play guat…

    the only way anyone from the remaining 4 MLS teams will be included is if their teams lose this week (thur for crew and fire) and they are standouts amoungst the MLS… Rogers is a clear pick if the crew lose on thur…. Rolfe possibly, but with Cooper, Jozy and probably adu in the mix, it’ll be hard to include rolfe 🙁

    i see a handfull of these guys being selected…but its obvious other fringe regulars will be included…. Guzan is not here b/c he’ll be called in this weekend, not before…. Adu and Jozy most likely will be added…. Torres and possibly Orozco… etc.. etc…

    wynne is a clear surprise not to be on the list…. his team is not in the playoffs, so i would think an inclusion would be obvious… color me surprised O.o

  6. It’s a waste of time even looking at a BB named roster. He will never get it.

    next round, we’ll see how ready we are under his guidance.

  7. My Line up!




    ————Cooper——-Jozy A.————






    F – Buddle, Davies, Rogers/Rolfe (playoffs)

    M – Holden, Clark, Ashe, Mastroeni, Beckerman

    D – Marshall, Boswell, Hejduk, Franklin

    GK – Reis/ Pickens

    This would get our young guys some more experience. They will need to get acquainted to scrappy teams looking for results. This will test their mental toughness and prepare them for the mood of “the Hex”.

  8. I’m really glad to see Sean Franklin up there with the Nats. While I don’t think he’s ready to be in the final roster (but who am I to decide?) he’s a great youngster who’s shown poise in a furious spotlight and has produced. Who knows, maybe he’ll be downright amazing by 2010.

  9. Bob, get that but let’s get real with these folk. Bring in Convey. He may not be playing much but is in form and way better then any of these guys. These aren’t international caliber players so what is the point. At this point, enough is enough…Bradley should have the basic player pool. We should be deleting names, not recycling people who have shown that they shouldn’t be at the international level and adding average players.


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