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Chad Marshall named MLS Defender of the Year


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Columbus Crew defender Chad Marshall has been named the 2008 MLS Defender of the year, edging out Chicago Fire central defender Bakary Soumare and Kansas City Wizards captain Jimmy Conrad for the award.

Marshall anchored the Crew back-line and regained the form that made him a U.S. national team candidate two years earlier before concussions forced him to the sidelines. He flourished this season, serving as a steady and imposing presence capable of shutting down opposing team’s top strikers.

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What do you think of Marshall winning the award? Think he deserved it? Think Soumare or Conrad should have been given the nod? Share your thoughts on the award below.


  1. Guys, lay off kpugs. We Red Bulls fans have little but negativity left in our souls.

    But Marshall definitely deserved this. This year, he looked like the guy who I once thought was going to be a stud CB for the nats.

  2. marshall deserved thing Im looking foward to next year is Sean Franklin,one of the only bright spots in last years campaign for us,if he actually had a decent partner in the back (not roberts or vanney) and a decent goalie he would get rookie of the year I think.

  3. Orozco actually wasn’t that bad against T&T. Sure he had that elbow against Nigeria but what CB,(other than Chad Marshall),doesn’t have his aggressive moments?Onyewu had one of those moments against Ghana and it got us out of a World Cup(mind you the call was questionable) and he’s our most important defender next to Bocanegra. Also Orozco might be a promising wing back if Wynne ever gets injured. I like how he got into the attack when he played in the Olympics.

  4. I think they’re both worthy of finding out where they are in the depth chart, especially after Califf (especially) and Orozco failed to wow last time out. I like my CB’s to be aerial threats. Not counting my Subotic’s before they hatch, I’d still rate a healthy Spector and Jay DeMerit as 3rd and 4th best CB’s. But injuries happen, and it’s important to sort these things out and bring our best top-to-bottom team to SA ’10.

    Also, with Heath Pearce not progressing, it might be time to slide Boccanegra to left back, and use our relative depth at CB by finding Gooch a new partner.

  5. A.S.,

    We know both these guys could play for the NT(again). Conrad scored against Mexico,Marshall scored on his debut. Both were winning goals,Which means they played well enough to show their offensive prowess, and defensive fervor. If Neven Subotic doesn’t choose the US, and Danny Califf doesnt get back in form, Either of these guys could get back in. Anyways, congrats Chad.

  6. “Can Chad break into the national team picture?”

    Good question.

    And speaking of the national team, why has Conrad fallen out of the national team picture?

  7. kpugs,

    What the heck? Im starting to think that some of you have so much hate for the MLS head bosses that you have now developed a bias against them. Maybe to you but Im pretty sure Chad Marshall wouldnt think its a meaningless award as players, coaches, sportswriters all recognized him as a great defender and so that brings me to my next question: what more do you want the league to do in order for Marshall to get the “normal appreciation” he deserves? A parade? A statue? Give me a break!

  8. Can Chad break into the national team picture?

    I think he’ll probably have to move to Europe before Bradley will consider him in anything other than a January friendly.

  9. Conrad is so smart, great leader, and so good in the air… but he’s playing in concrete boots. Nobody that slow should be the league’s top defender on principle, but he also can’t one-on-one defend like the top defender should.

    Soumare was fantastic… but many games he isn’t the best defender on his team (Conde). Great to see Marshall battle back from his concussion problems to rightfully win this award.

  10. Congrats to another winner of a meaningless MLS award! I actually think Marshall is good, but the league is so terrible at giving out awards he is not going to get the appreciation he would normally get because of how terribly the league is run.

  11. Great post Dr., just classic.

    Hey Chad, that should give you the impitus to play in the Norweigen 2nd division next year.


  12. The man had to play in the back with Danny O’Rourke for the whole season. That is enough reason for him to win the award. Good luck in Europe next season.

  13. Hard to argue against the best defender on the best team in the league.

    Jimmy Conrad is better in the air, and Soumare will only get better with experience, but I think MLS got this one right.


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