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Kansas City Wizards at Columbus Crew: Your Running Commentary


Good evening folks. the Columbus Crew stand 45 minutes away from qualifying for the Eastern Conference final as they hold a 1-0 halftime lead against the Kansas City Wizards in tonight’s second leg at Crew Stadium, which means they will win their first-round series if they hold that lead.

If you are watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Smooth game from the Crew. Good to see Robbie Rogers on the attack all night and capped it off with a very nice goal lefty goal. Defense was very solid all night and KC looked discouraged.

  2. Crew played a great game and the attacks came in waves. There was always pressure forward and constant support coming right behind it.

    KC tried to counterattack, but their defense never held it’s shape that well.

    Now, this needs to be said: Ricardo Salazar has GOT TO GO. He’s a dreadful, pathetic, lousy referee. The fact that he’s a full-time ref on MLS payroll makes it even more embarrassing. He has no control over the physicality of the game. He’s going to get someone hurt because he can’t keep contact under control until guys are taking swings at each other, and then he over-reacts and starts throwing cards around for every little tackle.

    Put it this way – Columbus played a great, complete, entertaining and attacking game tonight, and I’m *still* complaining about the ref.

    Oh, and it was cold. Damn cold. How Schelotto played in shorts and short sleeves is beyond me. That’s one tough guy.

  3. May the best team win. That is what is good for any sport.

    It could be the Crew, Fire, or Houston. But let it be the time that plays the best.

  4. I think it would be great if KC could put one in soon to make the last 10 minutes of this game more interesting. That 2nd goal took a little life out of an otherwise very entertaining.

  5. I agree with Freddy. I don’t want to see either team lose in the semis. Overall I think I’d like to see Chicago win though, as an organization they have done a lot right lately and it would be good for the league if McBride and Blanco won.

  6. GOAL WIZARDS!! Schelotto with a great dish to Moreno on the right flank, who slides a pass to Rogers, who hits it well from eight yards out. Crew 2, Wizards 0.

  7. I hate to see a Crew-Fire semi because I enjoy both teams.

    I hope Schelotto lifts up his first MLS Cup but at the same time, the Fire have been looking good with Blanco, McBride & Co.


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